Old Sketches #5

in #art3 years ago (edited)


Hey everyone,
here are more of my old sketches. I am happy to read that you like those old doodles. Today I had a long day at work(I work in an ice cream factory now) and I just had a beautiful swim in the river Dahme. This is one of the pleasures of summer. I hope you are enjoying yourselves as well.


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Lots of Light and Love <3


Very nice! Keep them coming, excited to see more :)

Cheers :) I am happy you enjoy them :)

This art is very nice, are you an artist.! My cute friend @yoganarchista

Old sketch but great :)) auf diese idee hat man erstmal zu kommen. Im ersten foto schaut es aus wie eine sanduhr. Dann diese recht zappeligen bewegungen der pferde-mensch gestalt. Super creative like always. Pin ich zu mir.

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