Drawing Diary - "The weird fantasies of the godhead!" # 4

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PL058823 (2).jpg

This drawing was inspired by a talk by Alan Watts. I really like to listen to his talks. He has a very open idea of reality which is what I like about his work. Youtube offers many talks by him and I listen to them often, yet I have not heard all. Enjoy his words here:

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Lots of Light and Love <3


hi @yoganarchista, how are you dear ! you are a brillient artist. this artwork is so critical. more then women body art in one man face shape ! super art ! w't do you want to mean to this artwork ?

Interesting, actually it is not just female but also male bodies in the face. Our fokus is very one directed in this field. People are very much used to the female nude in art. The man face shape was not choosen because of the gender but just to give it a more funny look in the bold and strange eyes with long lashes style. I don't know if there is a critical dimension involved in this work. Possibly because the anger about sexism is hard to push away but the intend was more to joke about our obsession with sexuality and the tabuing of the same time, about a god head that is making this things up in each one of us, just to make us play the game in this weird way we do. That we rather talk about stange sexual practices than about the nature of reality. That the tabo of sexuality is not really existing if we compare it to the tabo of questioning the dogma of seriousness. These are some of the thoughts, or my understanding of the thoughts, that Alan Watts expresses in his talks. Thank you for your comment.

I agree with you too.Nudity is an art.Nudity means women's body, this idea in our male society.

There's alot of openness in the way you draw, it feels like its very freeing to you.. it instantly reminded me of dalis photo setting up for a peice.. that one.. your style is also very daliesque hehe if i can use that word

Sehr abgefahrene Skizze!!

Dankeschön ;-) Gestern nacht hat mich die Muse in den kleinen Zeh gebissen :D

Zum Glück! Das "sie" gut gemacht... ;-)

mmmm -
Every time you surprise me with new details - you are incredible

Naiiissss :)

Thank you for sharing my friends @yoganarchista. 😊

I liked the art of your hand, thank you for sharing it among us

Awesome drawing and video. :)

Your drawings are nice, lovely artwork. Love the way you where able to make all those people form a face, that is creative. Thanks for the post

Thank you for your nice comment :)

Good video .. I support you .. greetings !!

Your posts are interesting and funny maybe when you post other interesting things you will succeed in steemit

many people think all should not be funny, sometimes we think people fighting can also make us laugh

Amazing art, follow me and vote me.. hehehe..

Nothing to say about your art. Keep it up.

many people laugh at something that has never been seen before

things that make people laugh when they see something strange

Das ist ja mal was ganz anders, gefällt mir :-)

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