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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

in #art5 years ago

Several days ago I started to follow your publications. Your previous image was super good and this one can't be left behind. Once that convinced me of the talent you have. This image implies many things, but I'm a little intrigued to know what you think every time you make this kind of creations! Greetings once again from Venezuela friend! Blessings.


Hi @yetxuni

Thank you for loving the photos I make.

The pictures I make come to me from the thoughts I get.

Sometimes it can be pure imagination and sometimes it's something more concrete behind it.

I can not draw or paint on a paper, but on PC I can make digital art using 3D programs.

Well, I congratulate you one and a thousand times more because what you do doesn't make anyone do it! Blessings! I hope to continue seeing many images like this one! :D @xpilar

thanks @yetxuni

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