The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                     Digital art made by @xpilar

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Looks like a warzone to me... the pixalated images make it look like a blast wave destroyed it all. Very cool picture!

Thank you for your thoughts and description @brian.rrr

Every actions and behavior will definitely bring results, which we usually called end.

But the Earth is just one planet in the solar system, the Sun is just one of hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy, and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe.

Every star will die, nearly all matter will decay, and eventually all that will be left is a sparse soup of particles and radiation. Even the energy of that soup will be sapped away over time by the expansion of the universe, leaving everything just a fraction of a degree above absolute zero.

In this "Big Freeze", the universe ends up uniformly cold, dead and empty. God created heavens and earth, and make man to have dominion over all creatures in the earth, man live and multiply, but the time comes when human no longer respect the creator, human go against the rules and regulations given to them, they decided to do their own wish and satisfaction, the creator was patient with man, thinking human will change from their bad ways and follow instructions, its got to a time creator get tired of man behaviour and he decided to rewards their actions according, the wrath of God came down from heaven to consumed man, the beast, Birds of the field and everything therein, after the destruction a new set of generation come into existing and man begin to flourish and multiply again, but disobedience is risen again and again but we are under grace, thinking about the end make me worried what might happen in our day, corruption, killing, murder and perversion of justice full in our day! I wonder and fear what could happen to this generation.

Hope we would be safe in this generation, this your pictures call for deep thought, what would be end in this generation, I was thinking about your imagination art, but I concluded that "let everyone watch his/her steps, whatever that has the beginning must surely have End.

This called for thought one day End will definitely come, let everyone know, we are here on temporary and permanent.

Thanks for share

Hi @davidad

Thanks again for a good story with wise words

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar

I agree with @brian.brrr that looking at this picture you think about destroyed civilization and that probably happened already centuries ago and only reminder is the steel frames of the constructions, that covered with rust and slowly sinking in raising water surface. The only hope is that the people who live there had enough time to leave this place. Nevertheless, no matter what we human do the nature stay beautiful as it is, the same beauty of sunset and evening sky can't be distorted by the destruction :)

Hi @stef1

Thank you for your thoughts and description

Short Imaginative Story.

There was a place of Emptiness where no one was allowed to explore because some says that it's an ancient place where lot of treasure and other precious stuff are kept. And some said that this is the secret Alien Base and it's reflecting in destroyed form so that no one can understand what it is. But one day I've decided to explore this place because i hold lot of Enthusiasm towards the stories of aliens or Treasure Hunt. And I've reached to the entrance point of that field and actual structures were miles away. So I've started my journey to reach their and literally speaking that Environment was awkward because everywhere there was unbearable silence and Emptiness. But at the end I've reached the point and literally speaking everything was myth and literally it was an Ancient Structure but hold nothingness and deep silence and other than that nothing was there.

@xpilar, Hoping that you are having an great time.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi @chireerocks

Thank you for your thoughts and a nice description

Welcome and have a great time ahead. 🙂

Hi @xpilar, I love your imagine work!, ok I would tell My Little imagine about your art work.


We live in a world surrounded by disasters, not infrequently disasters are also caused by human activities that have greedy nature, the exploitation of various natural resources that are excessive to enrich themselves and corporations is one of the disasters for humans, and we will all suffer the consequences of humans the mental class.

When the rainy season arrives, flash floods occur everywhere, this is one of the impacts of unstoppable forest exploration, as a result the flood cannot be avoided, disasters devastate residents' settlements, rice has become porridge, when we begin to realize, but the disaster is already first come.

Hi @ericha

Thank you for your thoughts and description

Yes, we humans must learn from the mistakes that we have made to our world and nature now

My pleasure and I agree with your opinion :)

hi @xpilar, i like to imagine life in another world after seeing three pictures that you show. a very interesting illustration.

of course, every gab has its own meaning but is still in a series of stories from one episode to another.

I hope the illustrations I give are not too excessive in viewing the photos that you display as if they are full of secrets inside

Hi @zadaalzena

Yes, my pictures may have secrets and meaning.

But I try to let others take part in my pictures and thoughts to write a story

There have been many good stories from my pictures in 2017/2018

in my opinion for the description of this digital image. looks like after a tsunami.

That is because the other buildings have been flat and left behind only 1. and there is water below it. so this digital picture describes the situation after the tsunami. this is only from my vision.

Hi @aulia1993

Thank you for your thoughts and description

Several days ago I started to follow your publications. Your previous image was super good and this one can't be left behind. Once that convinced me of the talent you have. This image implies many things, but I'm a little intrigued to know what you think every time you make this kind of creations! Greetings once again from Venezuela friend! Blessings.

Hi @yetxuni

Thank you for loving the photos I make.

The pictures I make come to me from the thoughts I get.

Sometimes it can be pure imagination and sometimes it's something more concrete behind it.

I can not draw or paint on a paper, but on PC I can make digital art using 3D programs.

Well, I congratulate you one and a thousand times more because what you do doesn't make anyone do it! Blessings! I hope to continue seeing many images like this one! :D @xpilar

thanks @yetxuni

if the strongest building's pyramid has been decapitated, maybe the earth is no longer worth living in.

there are religious song lyrics that have been very long and famous in my country.

more or less translations in English like this.

"peace in peace,
peace in peace,

many people love peace but the war is getting crowded

many of their buildings were erected and then destroyed".

the first time I saw a picture, I immediately remembered how severe the damage was in Syria and other places due to the war.

damage is landed and sea due to human hand, until disasters such as earthquakes and sunami occur.

peace is needed by the earth that we inhabit.

let's reconcile as one form of maintaining the continuity of the earth.

Thanks @xpilar this time you share a terrible picture with a thousand meanings.

Hi @longberry

Thanks again for reviewing my digital photo

I saw like the collapse of a royal palace building located on the seafront.

if seen implicitly, the photo means, that there is no eternal in this world. everything can collapse as time goes by.

and everything is also not easy to get. but must be struggled to get it.

That is my opinion from the three photos.

Hi @catataniranda

Thank you for your thoughts and description

Nice post on own imanigation.

thanks @vipin99


That's beautifully epic what a great work you did once again such a treat to enjoy

thanks @blazing

First when i looking i think its a real pic and place. when read the article then i understnd its your digital art. Really its looking as real. All the best dear.

thank you @tjannat1997

wow grate imagination of beautiful architecture..
It is looks Real dear friend.
only one word for this this type of great imagination "Awesome".

thanks @tussar11

wahhh you are good at making digital images. I like digital images like this. this is like a disaster

thanks @post-healt

This seems to be a photograph taken at the sunset of a city destroyed by a war, which caused part of its structure to fall.

Hi @elider11

Thank you for your story, that's right

very very nice and great desing my frend

thanks @momoriso

Nice art sir,,its new thought ........digitalart ,you done a great job .

thanks @kanika-44

Nice post wonderful art i like your post thanks for share dear @xpilar

thanks @alom23

Wow wonderful post.your post is very beautiful

Hi @urme33

thanks and thanks for re-steemed

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