Pablo Picasso"Actually I don't draw For chickens".

in #art3 years ago

Someone criticized the famous painter Picasso by saying, "You seem to not improve the drawing, you know drawing only these lines and overlapping colors"

Picasso taking a pen and he painted a grain of wheat on the floor, it was like the real so that one cock tried to eat it.
The man was amazed and said to Picasso": Why do you insist on these strange drawings and you improve the drawing in this wonderful way?
Picasso answered quietly and confidently: "Actually I don't draw For chickens".

The result: I am not obligated to explain to you what your mind has been unable to understand ...
The grains of wheat do not need to be painted, it's very familiar

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😟Note: My son suffers from an ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) disease due vaccine.
vaccine that was supposed to protect him from diseases, killed his dreams and ruined everything beautiful inside him. 😟

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