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Digital art made by @xpilar

hav og øy 1 A.jpg

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island reclamation

An atoll that will be made into residential blood by doing island reclamation. The desire to fulfill the need for shelter eventually forced the government to make a big decision by changing the atoll into a series of islands that would become residential areas. engineers and experts are mobilized to minimize the adverse effects of reclamation. this is in response to the protest of environmental activists who feel the actions of the reclamation plant will change the composition of the oceanography and biota in the atoll ecosystem. After the marathon talks, finally the environmental activists were able to accept this reclamation program. The plan, reclamation
will be carried out with a combined method of polder and heap systems. reclamation with a Polder system is to dispose of water in the reclamation area by using a water pump. Previously, the executor of the reclamation first built a waterproof embankment so that the pumped water did not return to the reclamation area.
The polder land is divided into several plots with a moat to drain water into the main moat. The water in the main trench will be pumped into the sea. This reclamation method usually uses a backhoe dredger and a cutter suction dredger. While the reclamation process with the embankment system is carried out by hoarding coastal waters with land to surface above the water surface.
Implementation of the heap system is done in two ways:

  1. Hydraulic-fill, i.e. by making the embankment before taking the fill.
  2. Blanket-fill, i.e. the land filling process is carried out first, then the dike is made in edge excavation.
    with this combined method will make the implementation more effective and efficient. The involvement of all parties in the process of implementation and supervision so that the reclamation is not too bad.

thank you @rokhani for your great story

Sunrise time

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A light chases me.

Today is August 15 my life changed completely, a few days ago something very strange happened to me and although it is hard to believe I was kidnapped by strange beings.
I can't say it was the worst thing that happened to me, on the contrary my life changed for the better.
My physical health is perfect, I feel a new man, younger and stronger than I ever was.
But now my mental health is totally different I feel the paranoia that persecute me, that they monitor me, and I assure you that nobody wants to live this.
Today I decided to change my life, move and move away from this park where everything started.
In a small suitcase I put all my dreams, my years of work, my clothes and some memories.
It is not easy to continue so I say goodbye to my past life, my routine and this beautiful park where I lived so many beautiful things, where I connected with God and nature.
And what better way to do it than here, on this road where my past life ended, where I found that tree, where those beings left me.
Daniel lay down on this hillside for a while.

Seduced by the sweet melody of the water that surrounded him and by the subtle song of the birds he fell asleep, a few hours passed when he was already awake at night, fixed his gaze on the beautiful sky although he had never lasted so late there, he felt so much peace I forget for a moment his fears of persecution... But a sudden light appeared in the sky, where he came from and his heart beat very fast, it was from the ship that had kidnapped him.
Daniel took his suitcase and ran, ran as hard and fast as he could, could escape the light and never returned.

thanks for telling great story @jdbs

A very interesting picture in light of rising sea levels, @xpilar. Even the mountains get swallowed up by the ocean.

thank [email protected] for your description

Your daily digital art in honor of Mother Nature is incredible Mr. @xpilar, simple and conveying peace.

thank you so much thank you so much

Little by little my path lights up
is the light that's coming into my life,
a sweet sensation runs through my soul
is the gentle wind that transpires from the sea,
everything changes and renews energy
is the full nature of a day of joy.

Poco a poco se enciende mi camino
es la luz que va llegando en mi vida,
una dulce sensación recorre mi alma
es el viento suave que transpira del mar,
todo cambia y renueva la energía
es la naturaleza plena de un dia de alegría.

thank you @jadnven for your description

Hi @xpilar, seeing your beautiful sky, I thought about my painting yesterday, I thought to do such evening glow with a bit of dramatic sky. But it was so dominant that my whole architecture lost its main character. I was very frustrated.

But seeing your sky, I love that mild transition from very light color into slight intense but even then it is not overwhelming and gives the stage for the green hill and water dropping reflection of sky.

Very well balanced in colours picture :)

thank you @stef1 for your description and kind words

yes, if the sky is too dominant the focus of architecture will be less seen.
It's not easy to get that balance in digital art either

You changed my life.

My boring life, alone is under a shadow

I can't find reasons to smile or get up, I feel alive on my own island

But one day you arrived filling my island with sun

You arrived and you illuminated everything, with your smiles and love you filled me

You changed my life and my direction, you removed the shadow with your light.

thank you @anasuleidy for your beautiful poem

Nice image, thanks

Welcome :)

This digital image of you shows that the hill on the beach is the most attractive place to relax. the hill is not too high. but by being on it, one can see the beauty of nature widely. I like to see the view from a high place.

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an amazing digital work

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Very nice and great imagination

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Epic View Point.

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A ray of sunshine that divides the world. Nice digital art, @xpilar.

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Beautiful cloud from imagination.

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Thank you for sharing your creativity, sir, very beautiful and wonderful art, I really like it.

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Nice art good scene for afternoon

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Beautiful image friend @xpilar, a place pleasantly quiet and with excellent view. I would like to spend my vacation in a place like this. thank you for sharing.

thank you so much @adeljose

Very good image

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Looks like Mars when it had water

thank you @marcusantoniu26 for your description

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Beautiful view of land on the water.

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Views of hills with little grass without trees under a yellowish sky.


thank you @elianaelisma for your description

Thank you for sharing your creativity, very beautiful art.

great job
its beautiful

It's looking natural, nice work

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Beautiful orange sky on the hill.

The sky set this on fire so amazing :D

The natural peacefull earth below the glow sky...

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Wonderful image to be admire to

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Good morning @xpilar, from the depths of the sea springs a small island, where you can go on vacation and spend some wonderful days away from the noisy city.

thank you @leca for your description