The pictures are made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                       Digital art made by @xpilar 

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This is part 1 of this series of pictures and part 2 will come soon

 Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture   

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                       Part 2 of this picture series can be seen here

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@xpilar, Good to see your post and hope that you are doing great.

Short Imaginative Story

There was a man who was too much believer of the Apocalypse and he thought that there is an planet called as Plant X which will destroy the planet earth.

And everyday he was reading about the Planet X articles and watched videos and this way this subject became his primary thought process and all the time kept he focused upon this subject only.

And due to over research and too much stress he was unable to sleep and for some days he continued his life with the Sleeplessness and it was hurting him.

One day he kept away himself from all these research and he took an deep sleep and in his dream he saw that, an Golden Planet X crashed with the Golden World and after the crash it created many Golden Architectural Structures.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Hi @chireerocks

"Golden Architectural Structures." I like it

Thank you for your thoughts and description


Welcome and thank you so much. 🙂

Here is my contribution @xpilar to your digital painting, I love the series, that makes us to create a story :)

...Once upon the time there was a planet that was wealthy and well regulated, no major problems was known and people were happy and satisfied. In order to prevent to be seen by other species from other planet it was a protective shied built up that was masking the planet and from outside it was just looking an empty abandoned planet without life.

But as everywhere there was a young boy who wanted to learn more and to discover other worlds. To escape the planet was difficult but he was very clever, pretended as a smooth ball on the top of shied and next moment when the shields were recharging just jumped through and broke the shield. “Freedom!!! he shouted and felt for a moment really free. But then a strong hand caught him and the dream of freedom disappeared. That was a shield that noticed an escaper and brought him back to “paradise” that also partially controlled by artificial intelligence that thought doing the best and is a protector of the inhabitants. The city with prosper and wealth but without dreams, the “Golden Cage”...

Cheers, @Stef1


Hi @Stef1

"Golden Cage"... I like it

Thank you for your thoughts and description,


Thanks, I was in a mood of creation today, what I thought we human never happy with what we have. I think now I would be glad to be in a "Golden Cage" and freely move to that city , it is just we want what we do not have :)


Hi @stef1

Hope you are in creation mood when the next series of pictures comes from "Golden Cage" ... hehe

There was once a town where a huge golden ball fell.

This ball that came from the planet nectaniato was loaded with a gold nectar that turned into gold everything it will touch.

It was so that this town became all gold and all its inhabitants lived in abundance and the riches of gold forever.

is the end.


Thank you for your thoughts and description @teresah

Daniel received a valuable prize as his contribution to the discovery of new lands during his boat trip generated great wealth to Queen Elizabeth.

It was a golden crystal ball, with a silver ribbon in the center that was engraved with the Queen's personal gratitude...
An unbeatable prize of great value.
Daniel was proud and did not want anyone to touch his prize.
He put his prize on a table to find an appropriate place, but...
It made a strong breeze and the crystal ball rolled!!!

falling on the ground!!!
oh no!!

merging into it and distorting the prize that Daniel with so much sacrifice and courage had won.


Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it @jdbs

I compared your art to a life.
Man is a creature He can be bigger in another's power. In his power, he adapted himself to nature by presenting himself to him in nature. Just like your art. Roundtail alone in the first movie Roundabout is spreading in the second picture. The time has come to come all the time. Meaning, people have been in front of everyone.
Paste my valuable opinion from your art.



It's Really too life


Thank you for your thoughts and description @as-abir

I am very impressed with these pictureshg.jpg


thanks @momoriso

Hello @xpilar, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


thank you @creativecrypto

very good your images friend xpilar and very true what your title says, you have excellent publications ..

wow another awesome post to check out today it was great and i will wait for the second post :D


Nice to hear, thanks @blazing

amazing to see so beautiful art together, the ball looks like a golden trophy illuminating the whole world with its beauty and the other image looks like an island covered also with gold is a wonder if the world were like that we lived happy great work and imagination @xpilar


Nice that you like it, thanks @glorimarbolivar

I admire your ability of the imagination you perform fantastic art this is really amazing everything seems to be covered in a brilliant essence that scattered the great golden ball fantastic @xpilar


thank you @betaniaj

These photos are really cool!

Excellent post good article very nice art I like your post thanks for sharing with us dear @xpilar


thank you @alom23

Awesome post and i like it thank you to share with us rom_og_tid_5_nr_6.jpg


Hai @xpilar
this is very beautiful and you do it very perfectly.
Upvote and Re-Steem


thank you @kimki

For a good friend. In which you can create data. It works like a steemit.


thanks @ahlawat

Postingan yang sangat bagus @xpilar ,saya ingin mengikuti anda Dan membagikan postingan anda,,mantap ...


Hi @teukumuksal

Nice to hear, thanks for sharing my post

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