The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 49)

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Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

You join easily,

You post your story with my picture on your blog.

Yes your blog

and you also post the story in the comment box
here on my blog and with a link to your post

Those who choose to write a story and publish it on their own
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spaceworld 8 A.jpg

See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

Here you see a bit when I create the image in
the 3D program before I put on effects and colors

spaceworld 8 vise 1.jpg

spaceworld 8 vise 2.jpg

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
Be creative when creating the story


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Un determinado día, Albert, decidió recrearse de otra manera a la que
usualmente acostumbraba. Al ir en medio del mar dijo a quienes lo acompañaban en la lancha: “quiero experimentar de otra manera como llegar a la costa”. Y asi procedió con uno de sus amigos. Tomó una especie de balsa que llevaba en la la embarcación, y, “manos a la obra” en su aventura. Recorrido unas cuantas millas, y, debido al imprevisto del tiempo, comenzaron fuertes oleajes, que los lanzaron al mar.
Albert, y su amigo actuaron como dos grandes héroes. ¿Por qué?, porque se aferraron a la vida y tuvieron una fe inmensa de que saldrían airosos. Y, aunque los equipos de rescate al saber la noticia, e incluso gracias a la tecnología (con la ayuda de satélites artificiales). Al ver solo la balsa, perdieron las esperanzas. Sin embargo, Albert y su amigo, después de siete horas de nado fueron localizados por los rescatistas. Gracias a Dios, al equipo que lo localizó, y a su perseverancia llegaron a la costa. Ah, y con una nueva experiencia en cuanto a su visión acerca de la existencia, y la fe en una fuerza superior celestial.

thanks for the great story @brismar

My story is about the underwater kingdom. Not everyone is destined to go down to the bottom of the ocean, but those who are lucky can meet a ring at the bottom - a portal to another uncharted magical world. This is a portal ring of incredible beauty and an unusual glow, a gentle azure light emanates from it, which passes through the ring and in another dimension, it will see all the beauty of the fairy-tale world from which he would not want to return.

A UFO invasion.

Many years ago some friends had a lot in common, they believed in love, in friendship, in ghosts and in UFOs ... Their friendship was from a very young age, a strong and solid friendship.
As they believed that the world would end by a UFO invasion or zombies created a fort, so powerful and large that many in the city only made fun of them.
But one night everything seemed normal and friends talked in the fort, this was their favorite place in the world.
When suddenly the sky is filled with very large and horrible extraterrestrial ships.

The friends hid in the fort, lit their protection and closed the door very well.
They knew they were protected and that the UFO invasion could not defeat them.


very meaningful the beauty of an image in this imagination

Hello @xpilar, I've made an ad using your image, this is the link

I hope the story is to your liking, thank you.

Hi @amart29

You are very good at your stories, you are in a high class.
Your good abilities as a writer can also make your stories into a movie script


Awesome things in the Ocean

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I would say an ocean in outerspace somewhere

Thanks @xpilar for another contest
This is my post

It's about space traveling in search of a new planet

Hi @daniella619

thanks for the great story, see "Episode 2 loading ..............."

Thanks, for posting and staying active on the site

Saludos de nuevo querido amigo @xpilar, felicidades por tu nueva imagen, en ella veo todo un mundo submarino con mucho material para escribir, ahora mismo me pondré a trabajar en ella. Abrazos amigo.

Ya comencé el relato me emociona cada palabra que escribo! @xpilar

Thanks for,,,,,,,,,,,
sharing this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, with me and ,,,
manushya ,,,,,,,,,you very much ✨✨

Hi friend @xpilar

Life is a journey between birth and death, may be shortened and may be prolonged and it depends on the will of God. When do we be born and when do we die? Something we have no choice in, we are born and we do not know that we were born, and until we understand that it has been quite a while, then we are surprised that we will leave. It is must to leave, there's no one's left. This is my imagination for your nice picture

Thank you @steeimran for your opinion on life and death.
Many deep words that make sense and reflection here

Thank you @xpilar, but your picture is much deeper, where you can create several stories according to each person's perception.

Hello @xpilar, I had some time and I allowed myself in this opportunity to create two chapters with the same image, so as not to make one so long. Heh heh this would be the second one:

Hi @josevas217

thanks for the great story with part 2

Hi @lisfabian

Thanks for sharing your dream before you were interrupted by the alarm clock. hehe, I would have turned it off and dreamed further

truly fantastic this seems so cool :)

Saludos amigo @xpilar felicitaciones por tus maravillosas creaciones, realmente son de otro mundo! gracias por la convocatoria a la que rspondo con esta entrada, espero os guste:

Hi @renataboreal

thanks for the great story,
I lived in it like I was in the movie
Thank you for your great imagination


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