The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                            Digital art made by @xpilar   

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A boy who threw stones at a lake, decided to throw an object that was found on the way to the river, I throw it with all his strength to see how far he threw it, but it turns out that this was not just any coin it was a small spacecraft that with the impulse of the child he could fly, that circle around him was the portal to the magico-space world unknown to the child that opened for the spacecraft to return to its original world.

Thank you for your thoughts and a good story, I like it @jdbs

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Here are the clouds, they show that there is something burning
Over the hills there, look! the trees are all scorching
Californication the source of desolation
The climate change had made these kinds of destruction

Trees and homes burned with grim uncertainty
I don't know if we could start again and solve this for humanity
But the future is as black as the skies overhead
We just all hope that some force hear and heal us for our stead


Thank you for your thoughts and description @cryptopie

As always nice to see your creative difital art. My first impression was a shield with celtic pattern, that could be a space ship because we see nice reflection on the surface bellow and far in background there is a horizon, with the sunset that probably the moment of solar eclipse the amazing phenomenon that happens only once in many years and the space ship came to observe it and may be to collect some data for their science :)

Hi @stef1

thank you for your thoughts and description, like it

Hello @xpilar!
This is the photograph of a UFO that is leaving the Earth's atmosphere, it flies as fast as it can because it must leave the earth before it gets dark.
For his lights and motors were damaged when he participated in a war defending his land.
I hope I have enough strength to get away in time because your flight is not so strong.

Goodbye OVNIS!

Thank you for your thoughts and description @elider11

your image makes me imagine that a flying saucer flies over a passive lake, calm and crystalline, so clear is the water that reflects the image of the flying saucer, It has so many energies that transmits that power with light.

Thank you for your thoughts and description @anasuleidy

beautiful picture, high imagination,
I pictured the UFO when I first saw this picture, perhaps at some point like this is a picture of future transportation.
Good job @xpilar
Regards @longberry

thank you @longberry

You're welcome! dear @xpilar.

wonderful , thank you for sharing :)

you welcome :)

impressed @xpilar
very difficult to make
takes a very long time
think about it
success always with your artistic work

thank you @andesilesteem

New generation art it's looking outstanding @xpiler

Friend is very creative, always looking for ways to help and motivate the community, greetings!

thanks @teresah

@xpilar well its upto the imagination of viewr what he thinks of the image.I think It looks like u nuclear launcher or some spaceships.nice art.keep sharing.

Hi @rohit786

hehe, yes there is some kind of energy there in the picture

extraordinary picture art @xpilar


Your art is great.

thanks @ahlawat

It's very abstract image @xpilar, but I would like to description for a little :)

It's like in a different dimension, I don't know exactly what it is, but this picture is very abstract in my mind, as seen when we are between the entrances of another world, ah ... Your image is really abstract at all @xpilar, I can't imagine something visual :D

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Hi @ericha

You're right in that it's in a different dimension

Yee.. Huray.. Thank you @xpilar :)

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Another awesome creation of yours looks so beautiful the little details are just amazing

thank you @blazing

Very good image, a lot of creativity.

thanks @betaniaj

This looks like some futuristic airship breaking the sound barrier. I would love to see these "leviathans of the air" make a comeback.

Yes, it would be fun to see them again @evernoticethat

Excellent art really amazing i like your post thanks for share dear @xpilar

thanks @alom23

I admire your imagination and creativity is a wonderful art @xpilar good work
good night

You are very excited about art. Thank you very much for sharing these posts among us

Nice to hear, thanks @as-abir

This is strange, this image feels likes it's familiar, but i cant pin point why.