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                                        Digital art made by @xpilar  

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Hi @xpilar your work this time is very impressive, I have to think extra to describe it, I will try to imagine the @xpilar image this time, hopefully @xpilar likes it.

Maximum Speed.

Maximum speed is sometimes needed when we are in a short working time, but not always maximum speed is the best solution in a job.

Not at work, the maximum speed is often needed, even though maximum speed is still a priority, various supporting vehicles of high speed technology are now present in the world today, but again on two sides of the coin, there are good and bad. Of course there is a risk, but that does not mean we cannot use it, only our wisdom is guided.

H @ ericha
Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like [email protected] ericha

Hi @xpilar Is think this is an abstract painting that is very extraordinary and contains a meaning that is difficult to translate.

This multidimensional abstract painting in my eyes, there is one meaning that happens to the earth that we live in. In the picture above, it appears that the earth beneath it has a buffer so that it can survive the destruction Whereas in the picture on the left and right side there are two wings which are painted abstractly which tell as if the earth will fly far into the blue sky.

This is the reality and condition of the earth today if we are able to keep it, the earth will continue to survive and we can live forever on this earth and if this earth cannot survive then destruction will arrive.

That is the message illustrated in this extraordinary abstract painting. it could be that my judgment was wrong but in my eyes it was what was depicted from this extraordinary abstract painting.

Really, this is a very good painting.

Hi @catataniranda

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

Thank you @xpilar. I'm happy if you like it

It is very difficult to describe any elegant art design either in building or art which is why they are regards as Elegance because their expression is just too high to what a person define.. this a great design Snr. @xpilar really you keep showing us amazing things coz you are an amazing man too.

Let me describe this a bit with a funny story.. elegance is something beyond human compression, a man was at home relaxing after busy working week, looking outside from Windows seen a amazing division of colours, he came out of the house wih only boxer on forgetting to put on clothes so he could see this amazing nature before it fade away, he keep starring over and over couldn't resist it, few minutes later he barely could the nature again due to blockage from a giant tree in his compound, he rushed downstairs to continue appreciate this nature, when people see him they shouted wow!!! And this man realized his was only on short boxer early in the morning he covers uses his hands covers up the front and rear back inside hehehe... Very funny, when you see something you never see before, you will be amazing and almost forget yourself hehehe..

Your digital art is really great Snr, @xpilar thank for share with us..

Re-steemed your great work and excellent digital art skills..

Really appreciate your skills...

Hi @davidad

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar

Glad you Liked what I described about your amazing digital art..

Hope you have a great today!!

The Story Of The Un-Friendly UFO

Long long time ago there was this planet we call planet Plumbnum.
It was doomed to extinction and the elite citizens thereof devised a way to escape the defiled and dying planet as it was ready to deplete its atmosphere from the nearby star Ecrozin.

The people from the planet Plumbnum are vicious people, they are always rowdy and mean to each other and they fight and fight until the are reduced to half of their population from the spacecraft they are using to search for another habitable planet.

Soon they reached the planet Tenorrimiz and they saw that the people that lived there are happy and cheery and kind.

So they got surprised by such people and they felt comfort living with them. Because the people of Tenorrimiz keeps on feeding them with delightful foods.

Soon they changed their ways of living, they went from being unkind and mean to being like the people of Tenorrimiz which are the kindest people in the Rewoerinz Galaxy.

But little that they knew that they were just being lead into trouble because they are just being fattened up so that they can be the food of Tenorrimiz people.

And then the Tenorrimiz people ate them one by one until none was left and after that there are no more unkind vicious people anymore as the last of them are eaten by the Tenorrimiz people.


Hi @cryptopie

Hehe, this time the story became a little scary but also with humor

thank you

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. I have seen many digital images from you. and I am truly amazed by the digital images you make. the reason I'm amazed is that the pictures you make are all good. from the color, and the shape. and as long as I'm on this platform, only you are the person I found making digital images
and the digital image that you display is also very good. because the color of the digital image you are displaying is like gold, I will make a funny story from this digital image.

there is a man named mamad. He is a stupid man. and he's a man in charge of cleaning the university's place. and at one of the universities a lecture on religion was held. in the lecture said, if someone goes straight to the commandments of God, and gives a little sustenance to the poor, then God will give it more.

he listened to the lecture, then he went straight home. he asked for a little money from his parents and intended to give to the poor. but because his parents were not at home, he even looked for money in the wardrobe. because his parents often save money in the wardrobe. but there is no money in the wardrobe. all he found was gold. then he took the gold and gave it to the poor.

After giving to the poor, then he walked straight as said in the lecture. he always goes straight. whenever there was a barrier in front of him, he never turned, he climbed the fence house, tree, so he can walk straight. he did that so he could get more gold from God. Hehehe

what he did was a mistake. even though the purpose of the lecture is, one must obey God's commands. such as giving his sustenance to the poor, it is likely that God will provide more sustenance.

Hi @aulia1993

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

It reminds me of a “time cut”, when, like in a time machine, we can simultaneously see the different stages of our life and go there!

Hi @ir3k

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

@xpillar a pleasure to greet you, see your digital creations is amazing I saw it on the big screen and really your imagination has no limits, the contrast of colors and mixed shapes is incredible, digital art is a way to be at the forefront, the modern is done present, it's amazing how there are a thousand ways to express art and you achieve it in a great way.

Greetings from Venezuela!

thanks @jennimorillo

On the big screen you will see a lot of things that appear in the picture

Beautiful colors of gold and that turquoise green. I thought about the motor bike that was riding through the Egypt desert. There is a pyramid, that immediately make a person to think about Egypt :)

Hi @stef1

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

Hi friend! This fabulous image makes me feel like I am inside a video game in which I hide from the arrival of a mysterious ship that seeks to invade the planet. before the sudden arrival there is a lot of multicolored rays that embellesen place, although for the unknown we hide.

Thank you for your thoughts and description @anasuleidy

The little image is that it shows the beautiful imagination you have, the beautiful colors and light colors show your beautiful personality.
I think with this magen that it is a pleasure to meet you in Steemit, Greetings!

Thank you so much @jdbs

Short Imaginative Story

From long time there is an news about the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). But before it was very mild level news and talks and it was not an big subject. But from recent days we started to hear about more and more news of UFOs and many are reporting about the UFO Sightings and many were speculating about the invasion by UFOs. But one day wherever we have Pyramids there we saw Giant UFOs and it was shocking to see.

@xpilar, Hope that you are doing great. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

thanks @chireerock

Welcome. 🙂

@Xpilar Hello. Your digital image is amazing. with very good colors. I like your digital image. in my opinion your digital image is like the dimension of time. the reason I say it is the dimension of time, because it shows a glass beside it. and because there is a circle.

hi @chaira

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

It's looks like a spaceship which is showing its image in mirror and flying on the Egypt pyramid sky. Just fun. Thanks.

Thank you for your thoughts and description @amitraj

Nice post on imanigation

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thanks @deepak0018


That's looking tremendous in a different dimension completely :)

thanks @blazing

waw it's very nice design art

thanks @momoriso

wow very good, unique as it looks 3 dimensions..
hi @ xpilar regards from me😊

than you @anitacarolina

You are welcome😄

wow. what a beautiful art really i love your post. thank you for sharing with us.

thanks @alimuddin

i turn upside down my phone,still i don't have an idea what it is :)

it is a ring or something i can't explain 😊😊

Hi @bien

hehe, this picture should be viewed on a big screen in full size

i understand friend,my phone only 3" screen :)


Wow that's a awesome digital art and design. is very beautiful. .. #upvoted )))

thanks you @imamulkhan

Wao very beautiful and fantastic digital art design. I like it @xpilar

thanks @mind-magic

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