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Digital art made by @xpilar

fjell og natur 1 A.jpg

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Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

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Those mountains are just wonderful, make me want to go for some hiking

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Nice to hear, thanks @mrme1984

Trip to vacation

All the tests were completed a few days before. Today the results have been notified. All students in the class look crowded. Some are still discussing the value of the exams that have come out, there are some who keep their score secret to their friends so that they make their friends upset, some have not cared about their values, they have even discussed plans for tomorrow's summer vacation.
but all were relieved. the test results have come out either satisfying or disappointing. Now it's no longer confusing the results of the exam. all must feel the excitement of summer holidays.
The next day Laksmi got up early. He and all family members have planned to go on vacation in the mountains. They want to feel a fresh atmosphere filled with cool air and not full of pollution like in the city.
After the preparations were finished and all the barracks were put in their car, they left immediately. The friendly and beautiful shadow of the village and mountain atmosphere was on their minds. Laksmi sits on the left bank so she can see the green of the rice fields and the view of the village. the mountains and the hills they passed enough to make them happy during the trip. When you enter the mountainous area, you open a window.
"Father, turn off the AC. It's more fresh than the outside," Laksmi pleaded
Dad agreed and turned off the Ac.
Cool air and a long journey make Laksmi's eyes sleepy. His eyes slowly but surely closed tightly. Not fallow for a long time he has entered the realm of sleep.
Suddenly the car stopped. In front of it, the clouds are thick and thick. Strong winds made various trees fall. When you want to go faster there is a tree bersat robo and block the road. the tree hit the car in front. so the car the father drove stopped ...
Laksmi pulled her mother out of the car. Laksmi saw a large tree that was about to fall on his car. . because the lasmi rush slipped and fell beside the car. When the tree is about to hit him there is a scream.
"Let's wake up, Laksmi. We have arrived."
Laksmi still doesn't believe that it's just a dream.
Once he realized that all of it was a dream, his heart was beaming again.
They immediately moved the items to the hotel where they stayed.

Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

thanks for your story @rokhani

My Father (poem)

Father in this month dedicated to you, I want to thank you for so much love.

Father I want to thank all your dedication, because of all the men of the earth you are the best.

Father, you taught me to have immense dreams, the size of mountains.

Father, you taught me to believe in me, in everything I can and in that you will never leave me alone.

My Father's love is immense and perfect like heaven

Your love wraps my heart as the vegetation covers the mountains

My father is my first love, the most faithful and sincere man in the universe.

thanks for your poem @anasuleidy

Hello Mr. Xpilar, your digital image is also very good. this is amazing. Your digital image shows that the natural landscape has a beauty that cannot be reached by humans.

beautiful natural scenery is also very needed by humans. with the beauty of nature, a human who might feel himself useless, he might feel hopeless when there is a problem, even when he sees the beauty of nature, chances are he feels himself still useful. he will feel that the life of this world is very beautiful. so he can regain his enthusiasm.

Besides that beautiful natural scenery is also beneficial for human health. because the air is clean and cool, which is useful for the human body will be obtained from the number of trees. different when humans when living in urban areas. because clean air is very difficult to get. the amount of vehicle fumes and factory smoke makes one's health disturbed. This is just my description of the digital image you are displaying.

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thanks for your description @aulia1993

In this life, we always imagine a situation. For example, we want to travel to a place with a very good sea view, a sea with clear sea water and penetrate the seabed, fish playing on the water, and beautiful corals on the sea floor.

I myself really like the sea, but because I am a beach child, the sea is no longer a new thing for me. I myself often imagine being able to travel and see mountain scenery like this @xpilar image, even though this is just imagination, but who knows someday I will be there. If God wills, everything can happen.

This view of the mountains on the @xpilar image amazes my eyes and imagination. As if I have wings, I will fly there to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

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thank you so much @anroja@anroja

you are welcome sir

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That's you,
Natural and free
Soft and sensitive.
That's what you're like
A skin that falls in love
A silhouette that is passionate
That's who you are
Beautiful and elegant
An amazing beauty

thanks for your poem @jadnven

Nice pic :)

welcome :)

Hello @xpilar
your digital art is really awesome.
mountains with greenery is makes this art awesome.
Perfect combination of green mountains with blue sky.
Really beautiful digital art my friend.
thanks for share with us have a nice day..

thank you so much @tussar11

i want to live there

Nice to hear, thanks @cryptotrader84

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