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Digital art made by @xpilar

ounder water 4 A.jpg

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dredging the ground on the seabed

The project to install piles to build wind power plants on the high seas has begun. Starting from dredging the ground on the seabed so that it allows the pile can be plugged in. Dredging the 30-meter-deep soil is done to ensure the strength of the piles that will stick in the subgrade. Maybe today the installation of 5m and 6m diameter steel pipe poles has been widely used in wind turbine power plants at sea. but this time piles will be used with larger diameters to guard against the possibility of collapsing by the waves from the Indian ocean waves. This analysis appears to anticipate events before the harbor that has collapsed due to heavy loads and large hurricanes.
In fact, on a pier with a large load such as 5 tons / m3, with a pole distance of about 6 meter x 5 meter, and depth of -14m and deck height + 4m, required a steel pipe diameter of 900mm x 16mm thick, that alone can collapse because of the strength of a very powerful typhoon . So for a depth of 50m with a soft layer of 20m, then roughly the diameter of the pipe will be 10 meters with a thickness of around 180mm. To set it up, a giant Piling Barge is needed very large and with a 150m stake, equipped with an XTR type Hammer, such as the creation of a giant bridge connecting Panaitan Island and Xerxes Island.
This activity uses experts from the land of windmills, the Netherlands, which has been known for advancing underwater construction technology since colonial times.
With the supervision of very strict experts, it is hoped that the construction of wind power plant construction on the high seas will succeed and become an environmentally friendly alternative energy source.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

thank you @rokhani for your great story

The gods place

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En una zona minera(hierro) un grupo de hombres especializados en dicha actividad detonaron explosivos para desprender rocas. Una vez obtenido dicho mineral lo procesaron y pusieron a trabajar su imaginación en cuanto que hacer con el referido metal, ya que su objetivo era crear, y, se les prendió el bombillito, es decir les llegó una genial idea, ¿cual? ; la de erIgir catorce hermosas armaduras de forma casi piramidal, para la posteridad.Felicitaciones xpilar, me induces a poner en movimiento mi imaginación. me encanta. EUREKA, jejeje,

thank you @brismar for your great description / story

The Story of the Extinct City

One a upon a time there was this city called gemcity and it was thriving with lots of treasures they call gemini stones and they use it as their currency.

One day a big asteroid containing lots of water and ice had struck their planet and cause a great deal of devastation. The ice in the asteroid had melted and caused the gemcity to go under the water.

The city never recovered and now it is under water yet to be discovered by another civilization @xpilar

thank you @cryptopie for your great description

When governed with love.

Daniel and Eva are a young couple who love each other with sweetness and sincerity, their love is the greatest of the entire Villa Real.
Although they are very young and still go to school their innocent love is committed to an adult couple.
Many oppose this relationship but they do not allow anyone to oppose .... Well there are tougher circumstances that manage to oppose.
A terrible invasion of digital warriors arrived at the Villa Real.
They were metal warriors who entered the Villa through the water, sowing terror and despair.
They summoned the men to be part of the resistance, Daniel joined that force, although he was not of the corresponding age, he managed to be part of that army that would defend the town.
Eva felt crazy, she didn't want Daniel to fight, she was terrified of losing him, she is so young and doesn't want to separate.
Daniel assured him that he only did it for her, that he wanted to protect her, that he was a man and that as a man he would protect his queen.
They cried and hugged, I swear to return, she swear to wait for him.
Many were present in this oath of love, the inhabitants applauded and cried few are the loves that big, that strong and eternal.
Love spread to everyone, including digital warriors, who functioned for the hatred and cold of hearts.
The warriors could not continue, they were paralyzed and became a chunk of cold metal, which could not advance further in the sea.


From that day on Daniel and Eva became King and Queen of Villa Real.
They ruled with love, justice and humility, their motto is that a Villa with Love works better.

thank you @jdbs for your great description / story

The great shields of Warcraft to defend from weapons.....

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thank you @golden.future for your description

Your Ideal Door.

Life is a blue sea of ​​opportunities

You decide if you drown or fight

You decide if you swim and enjoy the trip or float without hope of light

In this sea of ​​life there are millions of doors, you just have to look for yours

That door that happened to your eternal happiness

So remember nothing, live, enjoy and open doors.

Do not stop fighting because you do not know when it is your ideal door.

thank you @anasuleidy for your description / beautiful poem

It looks like an art inspired by an ancient extraterrestrial cemetery submerged and forgotten in the sea.

thank you @teresah for your description

This digital image of yours looks very good. and very good also to be described.

almost all parts of the world know steemit. because of that steemite has a strong foundation to always remain standing. but because of the long decline in steem prices, causing one of the foundations to be damaged. even though so steemite still has many foundations. and still stands firm.

a damaged foundation must be repaired immediately. because it causes the balance of steemite to be disturbed. and the way to repair the damaged foundation is that people have to do a lot of spud. this is also what you say and @streetstyle

this is just my description of the digital image that you display.

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thank you @aulia1993 for your description and kind words

Wow beautiful digital art work

In my opinion this is an underwater building. Have a nice day, Sir.

thank you @elianaelisma for your description

pictures that are full of interesting imaginations,

an image with creative art and imagination

So so beautifull

I love this very interesting picture of imagination

I love this very
Interesting picture of

                 - juliana035

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good post, it has very beautiful art. I like to see it

Beautiful scenery in a place surrounded by sea and forest.

thank you @rihonkeugata for your description

Very beautiful image, thanks

Welcome :)

Digital shivling

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Beautiful artwork about burial areas in the ocean.

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Its really beautiful

great work
keep it up

Great and excellent improvisation on that

I like his art, a lot of aquatic creativity.

Interesting underwater structures, @xpilar. Looks like they'd damage any ship sailing through.

thank you @charcoalbuffet for your description

Looks like underwater missiles waiting to be launched, @xpilar. The enemy wouldn't even know what hit them. Nice art!

thank you @numpypython for your description

how beautiful your digital work is

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indeed your digital work is amazing and full of imagination

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Your daily digital art is incredible, simple, modest but interesting, the detail that is submerged in the water makes it more beautiful and strong as metal details.

thank you @solangeh so much

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Underwater Hidden Dynasty.

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Just aswame art,,looking so gourgious..

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beautiful and nice post

Though I am not good in interpreting images but I believe this is amazing looking

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wooow,,,beautiful digital art sir @xpilar

Good day @xpilar, the thousand and one doors, is a magical place where your homes show only the doors because their walls and ceilings are invisible to prevent them from being Vulneradas.
It is a community where peace and harmony reign.

thank you @leca for your description