The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                   Digital art made by @xpilar   

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...Many years ago it was eruption of furious volcano and the planet was only a hot, moving, red spot because of lava. The sky was black as the particles of erupted smoke polluted the atmosphere, and it was dark like a night. Many thousands years past, the planet slowly cooled down, the lava cooled too. There were only rocks and mountains, one day the clouds cleared up and blue sky was looking through the little holes of the clouds, and then one day it was some rain that poured from sky on the thirsty ground. it was not long when the surface of ground was covered with nice juicy green vegetation. It you look now at this picture of green surface and blue sky you never can imagine how lifeless that place was in not so far past. But now the time of the new life arrived, but will it last long?...


Hi @stef1

Thank you for a great description

I hope that it's not the people who destroy their own planet, but take care of it

a volcano waiting to explode
oh wait .. that's the price of Steem in the market
uhmmm... probably the whole crypto world
going to moon again?
he he


Hi @englishtchrivy

Yes, according to my estimates, we will see the crypto market rise sharply in November and December.

Steem will double and triple its value in that period if I see it right, hehe

We have just climbed the mountain peak.
Oh, this is mighty mountain!
And what a wonderful view is opened below!
Thick beautiful forests stretch to the horizon,
blue lakes among green trees sparkle as bright blue spots...
Forest rivers are bent by fancy bends.

The endless sky with fantastic and beautiful clouds stretches above all this splendor!
We admire this magnificent beauty from the mountain peak, we unable to look away...


Hi @ir3k

Thank you for a great description




Short Imaginative Story

I was heard about the mountain of all view and most of the time i was just imagining about this mountain all the time to explore it and to reach it's top. And one day I've got the opportunity to reach their but literally saying this mountain was just not mountain inturn it was reflecting as Great Stone Structure. And in my opinion whoever will watch it they will going to love this view because it's just out of the world.

And as soon as I've started the mountain exploration, i saw that the environment all around was really healing and all the way i felt the very pleasing grass and plants which was reflecting as they were planted to welcome everyone. And it was difficult exploration but for sure i really enjoyed it and after reaching the Mountain Top i took deep breath and received an refreshing essence.

@xpilar, Hope that you are doing great.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Hi @chireerocks

Thank you for a nice story


Welcome and thank you so much. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Hello @xpilar, nice to see you again. :)

digital images that you display are amazing. I have followed your digital image for about 1 week, and the digital image that you have shown is the one I like the most. in my opinion this digital image that you show shows like a thick mountain with lots of green trees, and below it is a forest. this is only from my vision.


Hi @aulia1993

Thank you for your description, nice that you like the picture

By looking at this image over and over again I can see how perfect nature is! The blue sky is incredible. The majestic mountain makes it almost impossible to describe because of how perfect it is. I never tire of admiring how beautiful this land is. I would love to know exactly where this beautiful image was taken! Blessings!


Hi @yetxuni

Thank you for your fine words.

The image is produced on my PC and made out of my thoughts and imagination.

It may take up to 10 hours for me to make it before I am happy with the picture


From the depths of my heart I tell you that I am amazed at your talent. It is impressive the work you do and more if it is from a pc. I see that what you do is done with passion and with all your heart and that's where we see the difference of everything. The best of the successes, I'm surprised! @xpilar


Thank you so much @yetxuni

Wao this is very beautiful and wonderful mountain art. You are an artist @xpilar. I like this very beautiful digital art.


thank you @mind-magic

oh this is a true art with a great imagination @xpilar, this mountain seems to be a volcano but pure green grass with several paths to walk and see how beautiful is the nature with a clear blue sky really this work is seen amazing


Thank you so much @glorimarbolivar

How nice........dear


thank you @tjannat1997

It looks very similar to a place where I was some time ago in the mountains. I would never guess that this is digital art! Great job


Thank you so much @danielapetk

Wow awesome digital art dear friend..
This is look real nature photography...
only one word for this Digital art "Awesome".


Hi @tussar11

Thank you so much

You have a very fine art presentation.


thanks @ahlawat

Excellent post good article wonderful art i like your post thanks for share
dear @xpilar


Excellent post good job my frend great image


thanks @momoriso

The mountain in the pic so nice. After all really amazing photographies.


hi @market-updates

Thank you

Excellent digital art to check out looks like a great view :D


thanks @blazing

It look like some ancient place undiscovered and untouched by the modern man :D

I would love to explore something like that :D

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a picture of a calm nature, harmony between heaven and earth,

the mountain that we see towering turns out to be very deep in the earth, like a nail just the head that looks attached to the wall.
it is the mountain that is the stake of the earth so that to this day it is still round.

Thanks @xpilar


Hi @langbær

Thank you for your thoughts and description

@xpilar great digital scene is a wonderful art, it is a very beautiful mountain dressed in green with a splendid sky, congratulations for your art friend, happy nights


Thank you so much @betaniaj