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Digital art made by @xpilar

fjell og natur 3 A.jpg

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Sedimentary Stone

Hi @xpilar, this is an extraordinary and extraordinary job to talk about.

Maybe some people consider it a mountain but I see it from the other side.

Still very clearly reflected in my head about 'sedimentary rocks' when I ate benches in middle school.😀


Speaking of land, it cannot be separated from what is called stone. Yes, solid and hard objects that we often find around us in various sizes, shapes and colors also vary in their names. One of them is sedimentary rock which is the center of our conversation today.

Sedimentary rocks are rocks formed from deposits of material carried by water or wind so that they form beautifully as seen in your picture, sir.

Apparently, the amount of sedimentary rocks is very large and spread throughout the surface of this world.

These sedimentary rocks have various textures. There are very dense and hard silica sedimentary rocks.

Sediments such as rocks generally have many uses, especially for building materials for decorating homes and buildings.

This is a glimpse of information about sedimentary rocks so that we can distinguish these rock types from other rocks and their uses.

@xpilar, thank you!

You are welcome, Sir. 🙏


Endless steppe surface with prominent rocks, something reminds me American Wild West. As a child I always dreamed to travel there and may be to look for the treasure. Have you heard about the treasure that was hidden there by Millionaire Forrest Fen, it seems he left some hints in poems or so. If I would live in America I definitely would go for treasure hunt. Just a little link if you did not hear about him :

Hi @stef1

thanks for the link,
exciting and some fun reading about his hidden treasure

The desert is so big and wild

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Back to your home.

The knight Daniel spent years in battle defending his kingdom, risking his life for the sake of his countrymen, fighting a war that others had begun but for honor should fight.
He was walking on his horse, walking with his wife's handkerchief between the cuffs of his armor, thinking of going back home and taking her, resting in his arms and feeling peace, peace that he had lost in the battlefields.
One day after weeks of fighting several men were victorious, on their horses they had to return home, falling the night they decided it was time for their horses to rest, on the top of a mountain in the distance was seen among so many roads and fields their kingdom.

What stood out most was the imposing castle of His Majesty King David but they knew that all the small shops around were their home.
They could not take so much emotion and they started their trip again, they could not have their loved ones so close and stop to rest.
It was a long journey but the beautiful sight filled them with strength to continue.

I imagine the uninhabited planet, where after the global warming the sun dried up the entire planet and it became unsuitable for existence, the population left it. There was only a small part of the buildings reminding that once there was life

Inclement solitude that embraces my senses.
I only feel the emptiness of memories
And a gust of wind that haunts my tranquility,
Dirty soul has become mine
Cursing the hour when my heart turned to a piece of stone.

Hello @xpilar
Another beautiful digital art my friend.
this art is looks like the landscape view with mountains.
The blue sky with clouds make this art amazing.
this digital art is Perfect example of landscape view.
Beautiful art. thanks for share with us..
have a nice day..

Hello sir xpilar. Your digital image shows that there are many people who are climbing a hill. in my opinion, they climbed the hill to see the location of the area they wanted to go.

they made a long journey in the desert area so that there were no road directions for them other than climbing the hill to see from above. they brought a lot of preparation. from water, food, and preparation for camp. and the most they bring is water. because the fluid in the body is very much coming out because of the heat of the sun and there is no shelter when in the desert. this is just my description of the digital image you are displaying.

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I agree with @seha76 explain about the image, it is about Sedimentary rocks, the rocks are formed from a process of rocking or lithification of the results of weathering and erosion processes and then carried away and deposited.

Freezing rock or a solid substance that experiences an erosion process in a certain place and settles and then becomes hard is the process of forming sedimentary rocks. Generally the special characteristics of sedimentary rocks are layered horizontally.

Reminds me of the Badlands in South Dakota.


It's nice to hear @aur

Here we return to much more real landscapes, indeed, I am convinced that somewhere in the world such a place may actually exist, it could be livable and livable, we can see the green here and there, synonymous of life.

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digital works that are amazing and very inspiring

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very beautiful and amazing image,

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Thank you my God (poem)

Facing this natural immensity

In front of so many mountains that surround me

It is impossible for me not to open my arms and shout: Thank you Lord.

Thank you so much that you give me

Thank you for so many wonders

Thank you God for putting so much magnefficiency in front of me

I am such a small being before so much bonda, I just have to shout Thank you for so much my God!

thanks for your description / poem @anasuleidy

I have never visited the great canyon but I imagine in you you were inspired for this digital work!

Yes, have seen it on movies and pictures
hehe, so i tried to imitate this @elider11

Nice contrast between the canyon and the shadows, @xpilar.

Very beautiful paintings about nature.

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Very nice, @xpilar! I imagine this to be how a spaceship landing on Mars would look like.

Very nice, I like the effect of the shadow covering the mountains little by little, it makes me think what is happening, what object can make a shadow like that.
Great job!

Nice to hear, thanks @teresah

Hello @xpilar, how are u doing? I like your picture. I think it's a barren mountain under the blue sky. Very beautiful. Have a nice day, sir .

very beautiful, like a building made of stone

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Beautiful view of the reserve land.

Very beautiful pic :)

Welcome :)

So detailed this sunset.
Almost looks real.

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@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Where The Truth Hides. Stay blessed.

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Amazing views drawing nice aria looking good.

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You are creating great skills with that mindblowing :D

It's a beautiful Image, did you edit it as well?

If you would like, feel free to check out my photography and curation blogs on my @Ma1neEvent profile. I support new Steemian authors and create 100% original content on Steem. Great job on the photo @xpilar!

thanks @ma1neevent

I make the picture from the start in a 3D [email protected]

What an adorable image

Very good work friend, you bring a natural image very similar to the city of Barquisimeto here in Venezuela. Thank you for sharing.

very nice and great digital-art my dear friend @xpilar
great work

Hello @xpilar, there is an arid climate where the vegetation of the mountains have already dried due to the lack of rain that refreshes them and makes them green.

thanks for your description @leca

beautiful image .. greetings

That's a great imagination and I appreciate your post..thanks for sharing.

I really like your posts, have beautiful art

Very good posts, there are mountains covered with beautiful clouds.

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