The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

ounder water 4  A.jpg

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When we were in our other house we have their an old Map that shows the Terschelling an island in the northern Netherlands, one of the West Frisian Islands. On that map the area of sunken ships. The map is in our corridor and every time I have to stop and think about those people who were on the ship.

Seeing that digital Art I thought about such place and that is my story:

It was many years ago so that nobody knows exactly when, but it was once a majestic blooming golden city, with happy people, good harvest and it seems like the God has his protecting hand over those people. But time started to change and it was more rainy days then sun, so people built up bigger buildings like two pyramids that would be protecting them, they stay inside and forgot about everything outside, even have not noticed huge water mass that completely drown the city. One night, the windows gave away and the whole water went into the buildings and people drown in their sleep, peacefully, did not realizing what happened. The souls of the people left their bodies but did not want to leave the city, they decided to stay there, it was no matter if there is water around or not the souls were ghosts. The city became ghost city, but still happy ghosts that is why their were shining that lively light blue colors of their clear souls, caught in the eternity of deep water in their golden city...

Hope you like it :)

Thank you for your story @stef1,
yes I think they became ghosts


great work👏🏽

The lost city underwater

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thank you for your description @mrme1984

The girl from Atlantida.

Daniel spent hours on the computer writing in chat with a girl who called herself Atlantis.
This friendship grew and grew until it became love.
Daniel and Atlantida were undoubtedly loved each other, but Daniel was no longer satisfied with hours in the networks and photographs, he wanted to touch her, hug her and wanted the distance that separated them to end.
On the other hand, he could not see it, because he had hidden many truths from Daniel.
Daniel's insistence was so great that the girl had no choice but to confess that she did not live on earth.
That she really lived in the lost city of Atlantis in the middle of the sea, that her name was Ariel and that she had the means for him to visit her but she couldn't go see him.
Daniel impressed by everything he said, he still didn't understand what the girl was saying, but he wanted to see how far she would take him with this new story.
Ariel explained that with a roll of conveyor belt he could get there and meet her for an hour.
Daniel, full of intrigue, accepted that trip through a roll of conveyor belt, and he was in love and having his girl for an hour was something he needed.
The agreed day arrived and through several strange steps I arrived at Atlantis, through the roll of conveyor belt was thrown into huge pyramids under blue water
Among the pyramids awaits Ariel, the most beautiful woman he has seen in the whole earth, the time they shared so fast, the blue light gave him the signal that it was time to leave, but Daniel did not leave, he decided to stay forever next to that girl from Atlantida who fell in love.

thank you for your description @jdbs

It's your fantastic job, a city with pyramids gives it an old touch, but that blue presence gives it a galactic touch and that this underwater gives it a sensational touch, all this together is very creative.

Nice to hear, thank you @elider11

The ancient underwater civilization. Given how little of the ocean we've explored, there's a possibility they're actually out there. Nice art, @xpilar!

thank you for your description @charcoalbuffet

in this image what I can see in a small town under quite crystalline water, the gentle waves as the sunlight reflects on them. Some species of pyramids with arches on their sides that seem to reflect a blue light while the floor "sand" seems to be made of glass.

thank you @pequef for your good description

Amazing, very beautiful image


An attractive image, to combine a color requires a strong imagination.

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Hello xpilar, in my opinion, this digital picture shows that in the ocean there are many things that cannot be found by humans. the ocean has many beautiful natural scenes. and inside there is also a beautiful object.

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thank you for your description @aulia1993

Wow very good work

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, The Artificial Pyramids.

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His daily aquatic digital art is great. Applause for you sir @xpilar

I saw the full story .its really good

very beautiful digital works

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Beautiful art. I imagine myself in an Asian fairy tale, where beautiful palaces are connected by a magical bridge called "fulfillment of desires."

Nice to hear, thanks @magnata

It is an art that reminds me of Atlantis, it looks great!

It is an underwater palace.

thank you for your description @elianaelisma

very fantastic work

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Heavenly machinery below the flying clouds

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thank you for your description @golden.future

That's an interesting structure under the water, @xpilar. Could be for energy generation or even just to produce clean drinking water. Nice imagination :)

thank you for your description @numpypython

Truly a very beautiful work of art about life under the sea

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Each of your digital art is worth watching.!

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So beautiful imagination, it's looking like puri Temple of India in odissa

thank you for your description @anil566

Aswame colour combination...
nice design,like 3D effects.

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thank you so much @nevlu123

digital art is reaching new heights so cool

Nice port on sea site .

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thank you for your description @csharma

Very beautiful, like small temples that adorn around the sea

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I want to ask one question @xpilar

yes, just ask @anil566

Genial,magnifico diseño digital, asemeja un muro de agua que por capricho de la naturaleza se levanto en el mar y quedo estatico para deleite de los que en algunas casillas estaban a la espectacion de lo que sucederia despues. Felicitaciones

thank you for your description @brismar

Beautiful view of buildings in the ocean.

Good day @xpilar, this image is as if the pyramids of Egypt the hibiesen moved to the bottom sea to cool the so hot climate that exist around her because in this country the climate is very hot.

thank you for your description @leca