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Digital art made by @xpilar

Outer Space 10 serie 40 A.jpg

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Among the stars!
Hi @xpilar, this is a very extraordinary sight. However, it always takes a lot of thought to analyze your work, hehe.
As we know that night always offers a lot of beauty, and it can not be separated from the problem, of course.


A collection of dots of starlight form a charming cluster as if it were an audio-visual screen that tells many things to people on this earth.
Why? Because there are many things related to stars filled with mysteries of life. In this case, I focus on light pollution.
Why? Because the high light intensity will cause a decrease in starlight and planetary points.

(This matches the picture you made, sir.)

Star quality is reduced due to light pollution. In fact, the beauty of the night sky is also needed to conduct space research.
In addition, light pollution is a problem that is not easily solved, because on the one hand light is a symbol of the existence of cities, but night stars are also a mystery of the universe and interesting to learn not only for scientists, but for all people who have an interest in beauty and the mystery of the universe.
In this case I emphasize about controlling light pollution associated with the mystery of the universe from the night sky. Then the iron and rope contained in the picture, I think only as a supporting element.
Thank you and always happy to share stories with you, @xpilar.

thanks for your description @seha76

We are not alone.
A group of scientists sent from the nasa to some couples to be the inhabitants of a planet that discovered that it had the same characteristics and conditions of the planet earth.
These young people were all brave and enterprising, on the way through space they knew each other and enjoyed the beautiful view that the universe offered them, when a meteor hit the rocket leaving the controls unusable, all communication with the planet earth was cut off.
They did not have how to get off the rocket, or how to pilot it, they did not have how to communicate, the desperation of these young people was immense.
The scientists did everything possible to communicate but over time they assumed that there was nothing else to do and that they would never know anything more about the couples or the rocket.
For their part, the crew accepted their cruel destiny, and tried to continue with their lives.

But one day the rocket crashed into a spaceship, the crew felt a very cold breeze coming in, the rocket door had been opened by the impact.

The crew of the rocket came out and were impressed by the conditions of the rocket, the rocket that had become their home ... All parts of the machinery filled with earth, grass and ice.


It was amazing to see how this rocket was forming plant life around them, they could breathe easily ... At that the door of the spacecraft opened and all the crew left, they were impressed that they were also human beings.
They could communicate with ease because they spoke the same language.
The crew of the rocket told him what happened and the crew of the spacecraft helped repair the rocket.
The months of silence were over and the crew could communicate with the earth.
That was a world jubilee day, the crew told their impressive story and introduced the other human beings who came from another planet.
It showed we are not alone in the universe!!

thanks for your great story @jdbs


You are right it looks like outer Space, the colors you use would suggest an organic life. Green and yellow for me always something associated with life. Seeing your digital Art I just spontaneously thought about "Aliens" one of my favorite and first of sci-fi movie , still I love to watch it on and off. Beautifully done :)

"Aliens" is also my favorite movie @stef1

Charming digital artwork

I am not sure about my thought, but when I saw this work of art I remembered a turbine in a hydroelectric power station.
In hydroelectric power station, water turbines are the main equipment besides generators. Water turbines are tools for converting potential water energy into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy by a generator. Water turbines were developed in the 19th century and are widely used for electric power generation. Based on the working principle of the turbine in converting the potential energy of water into kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy
the way it works changes all water energy (which consists of potential energy into pressure and become speed) available into kinetic energy to rotate the turbine, thus producing kinetic energy. The potential energy of water is converted into kinetic energy in the nozle. Water exits the nozle that has a high speed hit the turbine blade. After hitting the blade the flow velocity changes so that there is a change in momentum (impulse). As a result, the turbine ignition will spin. The impulse turbine is the same pressure turbine because the water flow coming out of the nozle the pressure is the same as the surrounding atmospheric pressure. All high-energy places and pressure when entering the turbine road blade are converted to energy speed
The turbine serves to convert potential energy into mechanical energy. the falling force of the water that drives the propeller causes the turbine to spin. Most water turbines are like windmills, by replacing the wind push function to rotate the propellers replaced by water to rotate the turbines. This turbine rotation is connected to the generator.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

thanks for your description @rokhani

Hi Snr. @xpilar

These is common days that when problems comes ways out is not to keep crying or keep sad without doing anything, but only way out is to stand from the fall and keep on pressing forward.

This family has two children, one of it his is a very brilliant in his education, while the other one didn't as brilliant like the first one. This family always saying no matter their children go to school, despite their financial situation, this family didn't give up.

One morning, these two children were on the way to school when one car hit her up, she was rushed to the forest, throughout the day this family keep their but this child didn't wake up, Dr told them to keep praying and hopeful maybe she may be luck, few minutes to noon of the second day, this child comes back alive, throughout the hardest time this family didn't lose hope, they believe and trust that everything will be fine and their hope was not lose.

In every condition which is not palatable for one's, given up is not the way out, but positive spirit, faith/believe and strong mindset.

Thanks for share your great work.


Hi @davidad

Thanks, I like your words here

In every condition which is not palatable for one's, given up is not the way out,
but positive spirit, faith/believe and strong mindset.

You are Snr. @xpilar

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Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. honestly I am very difficult to describe your digital image. requires a very in-depth analysis to describe your digital image. but I keep trying to show the best description.

According to the description, your digital image shows that what is on earth and in the sky has the same beauty. the green color in your digital image shows plants. plants have 2 types. trees and flowers. trees can be utilized by humans in the form of wood and can be used as home furniture. while flowers can radiate beauty so that a location becomes beautiful.

and the white color shows it is human. humans and plants bond together. humans need plants, and plants need humans so they can be cared for. and the brown one is a mountain which is a pillar so that the earth is not shaken when an earthquake occurs. and mountains are also one of the beauties that exist on earth.

while the sky, also has the same beauty as the earth. in the sky there are many things that are truly amazing. there are many stars that adorn when night falls. and in the sky also has many planets, meteors, sun, and moon. all of these things show that the sky has an extraordinary beauty.

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This work is sincerely beautiful and suggestive, but if I have to tell you what it suggests to me, I don't really give you anything to tell you, because it disorients me a little

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Today I leave you (poem)

You filled my life with torture and pain.

I had trouble leaving you but today I can say that I am tired of you

I gave you my heart and you only fill it with mojo, ice and dirty.

Why are you like that? Why did not you love me like me?

I gave you so much and you do not care, so I leave with my heart badly hurt.

But I will love again and I will be happy.

But who will love you? being so animal

Your poem this time was a little sad @anasuleidy

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