The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

Outer Space 10 serie 16 A.jpg

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Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
and maybe you get a good upvote from me


The Perfect Crypto Moonlight (Poem)

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
My picture is perfect, And so are you.

Orchids are white, Ghost ones are rare,
Arms are wiry, And so is your hair.

Crypto prices grows, With buds like eggs,
Your air is thin, And so are your legs.

May BTC reach, Up to the skies,
Your trout is brown, And so are your eyes.

Foxgloves in hedges, Surround the greens,
The diet is fat, And so are your steem.

Daisies are pretty, Daffies have style,
The picture is pretty, And so is your smile.

Your artwork is beautiful, Just like you :D

Hi @cryptopie

thanks for your beautiful poem

I am so proud to
know you make a good poetry
feel free to enjoy.

What a poem about crypto moonlight.. the dream you express by your rhythomic picture may it come ture as soon as possible.. the rate of BTC may touch the skies and the rate of the steem also touch the moon..

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Wonderful metaphor/contrast poetry

One day Daniel was walking through the mall and saw a beautiful young woman, although he was always shy this time he felt a force that attracted him to this young woman.
Without thinking he approached her and asked her name, she answered that her name was Elizabeth.
That day they walked, they laughed, they talked when they said goodbye Daniel came over to give him a tender kiss, Elizabeth corresponded to that kiss.
And so while they kissed, they felt that they floated, and if they floated, Daniel was very scared because their bodies went up and it was a force that took them to a spaceship, Elizabeth told her to calm down that she was the princess of planet 32, and that she had been sent to earth to get a brave man, to give her their first kiss of love and that together they could free their planet from a curse.
Daniel could not believe what happened until they got to the spaceship and Elizabeth asked him to pilot the ship, Daniel sat down in front of a kind of steering wheel and Elizabeth at his side.
Driving between the stars, and the planets was something incredible, with a woman so beautiful that she told her story and what she needed from him.
Daniel felt a dream.
Until they approached plant 32 giant rings appeared and disappeared.

These rings had a magnetic force that drove the controllers crazy and the ship went out of control.
Daniel feared that they could not overcome this force, these rings appeared and disappeared.
until he concentrated and remembered the video games and so he could go through the rings without touching them.
They reached the planet 32 ​​safe and sound.
Daniel was waiting for the incredible life he had to live next to Princess Elizabeth.

Hi @jdbs

thanks for your great story

I will never lose hope

No matter what is going on life, no matter how life seem hard or uncertain, there is a says that, there is always light at the end of tunnel.

There was a time, when life seem unreal and everything within or nearby seem hard to move closer to or think of try it, there were lot discourager who will always try to pretend one from reaching its goal or dream.

Dag and wood was a best friend, Dag live in a comfortable environment , he was well recognized as one of the youngest successful bussinss man in his place, while wood is a young farmer who hustle everything minutes before he could put something into his mouth, one day they both decided to go out, Dag bought some food for wood, they are enjoying their Lunch, but sadly when Dag saw a lady coming towards where they are both sitting, Dag told his friend to excuse him and go sit outside for him till he through the lady, wood felt really bad, because of a lady, wood went outside and started weeping.

When Dag done discussing with the lady she met, she went to find wood outside, but wood already left the restaurant and went home, Dag decided to visit the lady in the fllowing day, without mindful of checking his best friend wood, instead he went on a date with this lady, while wood back to his work (farming) while he was working on the farmland making ridges to plant agricultural products, his hoe was mistaken hit something in the soil, when he checked it our, it found out to be black clay pot, at first he was afraid to open what is inside this black pot made from clay, but when he later opek it up, it was money which were kept in this black clay pot and berried, wood shouting for joy.

While he was taken out the money from this clay pot, he found another small pieces of precious stone (Diamond), wood also later became a successful farmer in his time, he married, built homes and continue doing his business, the first day Dag will meet wood after the embarrassed scene was when both of them attended the bussinss meeting, the entire house (at the bussinss venue meeting) stand for wood when he was coming, Dag saw him and felt disappointed and displeased, throughout the meeting he doesn't get itself well, Wood waiting to see his friend Dag, but, no one knows how Dag got disappeared from the venue.

In life, you never said never, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Let always try continue to be good to people.

Thanks for share your great digital art with us.

Hi @davidad

thanks for the well-written story

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar thanks for your positive reply.

Hi @xpilar, this is my description of your image.

Come on ... move... move...
The captain loudly commanded his troops to immediately enter the spacecraft. They must move quickly, because based on reports from the Radar Center, there is an enemy plane approaching. And from the thermo sensors they use, it is detected that they from the planet Agya complete with their troops want to attack this planet, Ayla.
The captain had to hurry to get to the front of the battle so they could land quickly on their planet to formulate a battle strategy.

But there is a silly thing that just happened. One of their troops just finished taking a bath, so when he left the house he used a costume wrongly. He uses his wife's costume, so that the chest part is protruding and the crotch pants are narrow. When he ran towards the space fighter, he saw his hands often pulling pants on the buttocks.

The captain who saw the behavior of his men from a distance seemed unable to hold back his thrill. Soon the captain headed to the space fighter to lead this battle.

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Hi @anroja

thanks for your good story

the troopers and the commanders are against the enemy. This type of commanders is the best because he lead an not just give command.

A tape recorder of the Universe.

Many years have passed since the origin of our world and therefore many are the things that have happened in it, since creation there have been changes in man and those changes are somehow being recorded from any place.

The development of humanity is weaving a great deal of history that can only be recorded by a universal recording system that is beyond our reach, and flows with the celestial bodies that surround the galaxy.

Xipering is a small galaxy capable of distributing itself by each planet including ours in order to safeguard and analyze all the events that derive from them and store them in the form of a crystal tape. It is not known yet for which it realizes the task only it is known that each time in greater and greater and already it includes a third of the planet Earth in size.

Una grabadora del Universo.

Muchos años han pasado desde el origen de nuestro mundo y por ello muchas son las cosas que han pasado en el, desde la creación se han dado cambios en el hombre y esos cambios de alguna manera están siendo grabado desde un lugar cualquiera.

El desarrollo de la humanidad va tejiendo una gran cantidad de historia que solo puede ser grabada por un sistema de grabación universal que se encuentra más allá de nuestro alcance, y fluye con los cuerpos celestes que rodean la galaxia.

Xipering es una pequeña galaxia capaz de distribuirse por cada planeta inclusive el nuestro para salvaguardar y analizar todos los acontecimientos que en ellos se deriven y las va almacenando en forma de cinta de cristal. No se sabe aún para que realiza la tarea solo se sabe que cada vez en más grande y abarca ya un tercio del planeta Tierra en tamaño.

Hi @jadnven

thanks for your thoughts and description

The Blend of Light and Sky Filled With Stars, This Is Awesome Artwork

Sometimes a dark night makes beautiful things difficult to see. Even though it's not always like that, we can only see beautiful stars in the sky at night.

As in the picture that I saw above, the best artwork is a star-studded sky created by the creator.
Then @xpilar had a creative idea by utilizing the scenery, and succeeded in making beautiful light artwork. @xpilar makes brilliant artworks by projecting geometric patterns into sky views and exploring the connection between geometric light art and sky views. Only by using projection media to create artwork.

There are so many stars in the universe, in the naked eye, the stars in the sky may look similar, their appearance is nothing more than a tiny light in the sky. But in reality, the stars have amazing mass, color, composition, spectrum, and size.

Hi @nandaibra

Thanks for the feedback, nice to hear

That is a mysterious ribbon,
It is the trace of the gods walking,
In the dark universe,
A god flies,
In the no stars in universe,
God Left its brilliance,
Come fast, go fast,
it Hard by photographed,
It was photographed by the space satellite.

Hi @cloudblade

thanks for your beautiful poem

La Carretera Virtual

Fascinante ha sido el avance de la tecnología, tando así que se ha ido construyendo una via de avanzada en el espacio la cual podrá funcionar para los vehiculos modernos gravitatorios.

La carretera está siendo construida para conectar el mundo terrestre con la atmosfera espacial a traves de una especie de lienzo que le permite mantener a las naves plegadas a ellas, las mismas abastecen oxigeno y calor ambiental deseado.

Los humanos tendrán el gran reto de poder viajar por el espacio sin ningún cientifico de intermediario, la carretera generará un campo magnetico de atracción y repulsión por si se presenta algun inconveniente en el manejo por parte de los humanos, sin embargo, se tiene pensado automatizar completamente el sistema de control de las naves espaciales que circularán por la carretera virtual.

The Virtual Highway

Fascinating has been the advancement of technology, so that has been built an advanced way in space which can work for modern gravitational vehicles.

The road is being built to connect the terrestrial world with the space atmosphere through a kind of canvas that allows you to keep the ships folded to them, the same supply oxygen and desired ambient heat.

Humans will have the great challenge of being able to travel through space without any intermediary scientist, the road will generate a magnetic field of attraction and repulsion in case there is any inconvenience in the handling by humans, however, it is planned to fully automate the control system of spacecraft that will circulate along the virtual road.

like your description, thank you @adeljose


This three-dimensional image makes me imagine that I can slide like a tobocan, feel the adrenaline and the breeze ... I remember when I said to get to heaven in the park and with your creation it is literally playing in the sky.
Thanks for sharing your creation!

Nice to hear, thank you @anasuleidy

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. today you are displaying digital images. and in my opinion your digital image is very good to describe. according to my description, your digital image shows that the sky has an extraordinary beauty. it is proven by the presence of many stars, moons, planets and others. and I'm sure besides the beauty of the sky, there are also many phenomena that have not been discovered in the sky. maybe in the future there is a unique phenomenon found in the sky. I am very curious myself. this is just my description of this digital image that you are displaying.

thank you @aulia1993

this image is quite abstract, my imagination doesn't come up with much this time, it's as if in the first person you came to a spaceship at the speed of light and only saw the flashes of light in front of your face

thank you @pequef

Space trip

thank you

the digital image that you show is very good @xpilar. I am amazed by you. very many digital images that you have presented. and everything looks good

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thank you @chaira

great and very nice digital-art my dear friend xpilar

thank you @momoriso

This time the image is quite strange.

hehe, thank you @velasyuru

Digital artwork perfect colour combination my imagination just like a Strom .

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thank you @csharma

Hello friend @xpilar , back here after a month without electricity in my region. I like their image, you can say that they are like stelae of the Gods.

thank you @adrimonte

Hello friend @xpilar! very creative, I love his work, the colors are in balance and it is an image that transmits energy and happiness.

thank you @teresah

Buena imagen , muy bien diseñada. lo felicito @xpilar

thank you @piscis

It is an incredible spatial view, as if entering an unknown dimension.

thank you @elider11

as in enjoying a dream, your imagination is indeed extraordinary

thank you @ustazkarim

I imagine it is a picture of the roads in space.

thank you @elianaelisma

Very good picture, I like to see it

thank you @muntaharaceh

Awesome. Buddy which software do you use creating these arts?

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thank you @aftabkhan10

i use e-on software vue infinite 5

Welcome my friend.

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It's looking like milky way galaxy

thank you @anil566

Good to see some incredible detailing great one !

thank you @blazing

excellent digitalart sir,look a very amazing sir @xpilar

thank you @rezacontri

With a good color combination, simple but looks elegant.
Like digital art @xpilar

thank you @chehkuna


Hey @xpilar congrats for another imagination post and I appreciate your all post cause I am the good one and lover of imagination .
Xpilar I am lover Imagination skill developer. And this upload photos this is my own collection and this photography collection in my village and this is my village activities and this village looks like of one imagination ground actually I love my village fluently and this village of photos to capture near my home and every day my all friend playing football and I enjoy fluently actually this time to create twilight also and just that's twilight of sun looks like blood colour..

This play ground looks very green and colourful situation create always and some people visit this place also actually this ground near another have country just name India and India look in to my country..

Hey @xpilar thanks for sharing your activities in this platform just yours for great opportunity our contribution ..

Keep it and Carry your [email protected] I will wait for your good another post..

Beautiful photography. thanks for sharing this post..
I like it this post..
I appreciate your valuable post..

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Beautiful art. thanks for sharing this post..
I like it this post...

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