The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                 Digital art made by @xpilar 

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This is one big extraterrestrial tree-house! Wondering what life forms live up there. Maybe we'll see an aerial perspective of this in the near future?


Hi @armentor

thank you for your thoughts and description


The Story Of The Gorgundhar Pillars

Eighty-four scores of decades have passed when the tribe of Muckadore have defeated the Sons of Deathin and in the land of Remith they erected three large pillars as a monument of their victory from the ruthless rule of Deathin family. They named it "Gorgundhar" as a tribute to the price that was slained during the fateful battle against the Deathin.

Here are the remnants of those mighty pillars which through the ages never lost its imposing grandeur which once was the place where lively feasts and celebrations with the elites and monarchy of Muckadore people.

And now all that remains were a majestic stone carving and home to feathered creatures and wild bests that roam its empty spaces.


Hi @cryptopie

"The Story Of The Gorgundhar Pillars"

Like it


I appreciate it @xpilar Thank you too :D
You actually stretch my imagination and perspective over your fun talent here.
God bless you.


thanks @cryptopie

You are playing mind game with us @xpilar, you created a nice stony surface with rocks and carves but then decided to trick us out and added greens on top of hte rocks so now ouw mind of course now that is there is green colour it must be tree or whatever plant. Because the greens on top of rocks, also I noticed some people mentioning water in far behind, but again there where the rocks we imagine the water.

Am I right, that is a brain game? :)


Hi @stef1

Yes, you're right again "mind game"

What the eye sees is what we store at the moment with lots of information

3 people looking at the picture together will save 3 different information.
The information will be very similar, but when discussing the image they will see more common information and discover new things that they did not see right away.

For example, someone has seen water in the distance on the picture or not.

hehe, you're right again. There is no water in this picture.

But here comes the imagination when they write about the picture, hehe


That is why it is well know on crime scene the witnesses needed to be interviewed immediately, otherwise the information may be distorted. By the way, I was wondering if you are a psychologist by your profession, it seems you know well the human nature and can predict their thoughts, so either psychologist or priest, that is my thought ;) Cheers and have a nice evening, @stef1


Hi @stef1

No, none of them is my profession.

But the ability to read and feel other people is there.

Even if they are not face to face.

My thoughts about space and time are probably at a level that many will see as science fiction

My imagination of this picture:

Sometimes we have to be alone to reflect on all that we have passed. Whether it's just staying at home or traveling to a place where all that is seen is how time goes on in our lives.

Old buildings that are only accompanied by trees give us a view that we will be there in the future. Asked about what we have done so far in the world.

Reflecting and self-introspection is very good to shape our character which is really only a human being full of shortcomings.

One time we will be alone...

@ammachemist from Surabaya-Indonesia


Thank you for your thoughts and description @ammachemist


@xpilar, I was waiting for your post and good to see your post once again so let's hope i will push my imagination to bring something unique to come out.

Short Imaginative Story

Tomorrow i have to go for an Architectural Travel where i was supposed to read and to decode the signs and symbols which were produced by the Ancients because many believe that these signs and codes includes the secrets of life.

So I've prepared everything and I've slept and in the dream I've felled on the surface and when opened the eyes in dream, i saw that I've landed upon an Ancient Architecture.

It was too Ancient and that is because the nature was taking over it's dynasty and all over i was watching the greenery and i was trying to stand and to explore but something invisible force was stopping me.

And i try to sense all the surroundings then i felt an unusual essence and try to sense it to more deep extent, then it reflected as this Architecture was not placed on the ground but it was an Floating Architecture.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Hi @chireerocks

thank you for your thoughts and description, like it


Welcome and thank you so much. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hello @xpilar,

With my artistic keen look, I see it is the main gate of any ancient state which is made up by the unbreakable rocks to stop the opponent forces coming from the sea side.

If, I do the deep analysis then I come to know there is a sea port from the trading happens with the globe. Those green and huge trees are there to stop the floods and to control any urgent situation.

On the other hand Sky has been made cloudy and of orange color that is fascinating the beauty of this art in a very glamorous way.

  • Looking forward for more art-images from you :)

thank you for your thoughts and description, like it @salmanbukhari54


You are most welcome :)

People kept cutting trees without thinking about nature.
They were only interested in their precious wood and money.
Day by day the price increased due to the scarcity, only three trees remain.
The three trees decide not to be cut down and with permission from Mother Nature.
They decided to be eternal.
turning their trunks into stone.
To leave their legacy that they once existed there.


Thank you for your thoughts and description @criptoreview


Your welcome my friend! glad to participate.

Fuente de Imagen

Mi aporte es una breve descripción, hecha para su obra, y la titulé Fusión Digital

El verde follaje enclavado en las colinas, se refleja en las aguas tranquilas de un precioso lago, al igual que las nubes aportando sus tonalidades y a lo lejos donde la vista se pierde, se entra en contacto con la fusión de colores mágicos. Una fusión digital que nos permite admirar la armonía que hay entre ellos y como se aman en el cielo abierto; donde las nubes, entre blancas y rosáceas, son invitadas de honor, para la espectacular boda de colores en su fusión digital.

My contribution is a brief description, made for his work, and the title Fusion Digital

The green foliage nestled in the hills, is reflected in the calm waters of a beautiful lake, like the clouds contributing their tonalities and far away where the view is lost, you come into contact with the fusion of magical colors. A digital fusion that allows us to admire the harmony that exists between them and how they love each other in the open sky; where the clouds, between white and pink, are invited of honor, for the spectacular wedding of colors in their digital fusion

Hi @delvapin

It's great that you write here in 2 languages

Thank you for your thoughts and description


You are welcome

De nada

great work!
looks like it took you a lot of hovering your mouse on the pad

here's my make believe story :D

that's really a fort
it's just pretending to look like trees with concrete walls and the tiles they're really a ceiling of an intel underground facility where geeks guard the nodes for all the users of Steemit to have a comfy surfing and Steemit ing experience

okay my imagination has gone wild I guess :)


hehe, Thank you for your thoughts and description @steemmagnet

The palace in my dream is just about.
For people to live in such a palace, they just get a good look on your photos. The place is completely uninhabited, relaxed, relaxed, in my dreams.
The stories of fairy tales are not different from real life, but it is thought that when the uncertainty of real life and complexity captures our fairytale, there is hope in our mind. It just depends on us that we will not be hopeless about life, will try hard to decorate the story of fairy tales ... Your picture has awakened a delightful moment in my mind


Thank you for your thoughts and description @as-abir

Looks like it was a part of this world but wonderful work you did once again so nice to check this out :D


thank you @blazing

an amazing art


thanks @scottadskin

Resteemed and Upvote


thank you @saidul-islam

Look so natural, how do you make it? Using software like Photoshop or what? Awesome.


Thank you @iqbaladan

Here you a link, I use software from them


Thanks, for the link.

Excellent post good article very nice art i like yoyr post thanks for share
dear @xpilar


thanks @alom23


it is very beautiful art! thanks


thanks @ahlawat

and its like a little bit forest with tress or bridge of trees but thats looks so cool xpilar you are great designer 😍


thanks @hassanabid

It is amazing and amazing.... great shot


Very good picture art @xpilar, and the painting is very nice, I like your post and I want to share your post @xpilar


thanks @muksalmacro

wuao @xpilar I love how you play with imagination and you make us see wonderful images look like old walls covered with huge trees, from behind you see the sky with different colors that look like water but it is not, it is a sky like a great sunrise or sunset happy nights friend


Thank you for your thoughts and description ar @glorimarbolivar

Look so natural, how do you make it? Using software like Photoshop or what? Awesome..

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