The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

outer space 2 A B.jpg

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In order to use the pictures in other context
you must have permission from me

And the permit is only given to post at STEEMIT

Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
and maybe you get a good upvote from me


I have two things to say here.

First, I see in the last two posts from sir @xpilar there is the writing It's must be related to my picture. This is something new in my opinion, as well as a warning for commentators to give an objective and creative opinion and imagination rather than just praising this art for winning votes. I agree with this.

Second, about digital art this time, I see that the ball seems to be on sitting place in space, please see on the left side, you will see the same color as the place of ball in the right, it can be like a stair to next level. Well, the possibility is this art talk about steem movements that are getting better now, if the ball is steem then steem is currently in two choices, first going up again to the next level (the art on the upper left) or staying on the current position (the place of ball in the right) or can plunge back (the empty space below). So, If this talk about life, then digital art is likely talking about position and determination. Where do you see it? look at the ball again, the ball is on the heavier side to the left in its place, maybe there is a rotation in that place and but its must be only there, a little spinning means creativity but always in that place means consistent.

Its only my opinion, the truth only know by owner. Thanks sir @xpilar, @sultan-aceh and teams

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Hi @khaimi

nice that you understand

First, I see in the last two posts from sir @xpilar there is the writing It's must be related to my picture. This is something new in my opinion, as well as a warning for commentators to give an objective and creative opinion and imagination rather than just praising this art for winning votes. I agree with this.

And thanks for a great description of the image I have made

Dear @xpilar,

Great hug for your entire steemit community, and thanks for giving us opportunity to share our thought, through your digital art.

In this art you just make a beautiful space landing station, but it look like another beautiful world in our galaxy. Here is my thought through your post.


A Green Planet In Our Galaxy:

Now a days science are doing fantastic, we are discovering various planet in our galaxy, because of our curiosity, there have a great probability of having another Green Planet like Earth, it's my imagination, but science are trying their best to discover another Earth or another suitable placed for living.

If there have no any science, if there have no any civilization, if there have no modernization, The will remain same as like it's before. Now a day's we are collapsed by the pollution, deforestation making our Earth unsuitable place for living. So that we are searching for another another planet in our Galaxy where we can live. Hope we found another Green planet in our galaxy and it very near to the Earth and it's very easy to shift there, What will be plan for it, we will make a perfect plan for making another civilization there, No deforestation, no pollution. We will Escape every destroyed thing what we are doing with our Earth.

It's really quite very difficult to find another Green planet in Our Galaxy, So that we have to all thing for our planet, what we will do if we found another Green Planet.

Hi @shadonchandra

Thanks for your thoughts and a good description

You are most welcome sir, you are really doing hard work for supporting us and making a community.

thank you

Dear sir, i also share my another thought in your previous post, it was late but, hope you will like it.

The green planet is quickly wiped out by human civilization.
So we have to return to nature

That reminds me more cyber world rather than anything else. The colors cold blue tones and such geometric shapes correct shapes and lines. Actually intentionally or not but we live in cyber world and depend so much on it, it is everywhere and we slowly getting used to it. Like your design and color choice :)

hi @stef1

thanks for your thoughts and nice description

Fantastically beautiful picture @xpilar

Try not to sleep at night
And look at this path
Take a look at this star road
I wish I could walk on it
Among the cosmic lights,
I would like to walk on it a bit.
And it remains only to dream
How cool it is to walk
On this cosmic path.
And it only remains to live,
Look at the sky and love
And obey the mad tact.

thanks for a nice description @serkagan

Above the earth's orbit,
After countless years,
There are countless space cities,
a self-sufficient space fortress,
Based on millions of people,
Maximum capacity can reach thousands of millions people,
From the picture, you can see that each side is 1 space fortress.
And the city below the distant place.

Hi @cloudblade

Thank you for your thoughts / description

Far from being in space, a super-sophisticated aircraft controlled remotely by a planet's population is crossing a planet that resembles Earth. The aircraft is mapping the planet that resembles the earth to be able to invade and seize power on the planet. Not far from Earth-like planets, there are ring-shaped planets such as planet Saturn, but the rings are thicker. This ring-shaped planet has a twin next to it.

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And my opinion is a bit similar

Hi @anroja

thanks for your thoughts / description

You are welcome

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Hello @xpilar, how are you today? I hope you are healthy. today you are displaying digital images. I really like your digital image. according to my description of the digital image you are displaying, this shows that the earth is the best planet created by god for all humans. the earth has gravity so that humans can stand in balance. different from other planets that don't have gravitational forces. earth is the most beautiful gift given by god to all humans.

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Hi @aulia1993

thanks for your thoughts / description

I really like this one
It's given a feeling of out space and future

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thank you

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