The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

outer space rosa A.jpg

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August day.
Daniel was a boy full of illusions, very creative and dreamy... But he was born without light in his eyes, his family and friends tried by all means to make Daniel's life as happy and comfortable as possible.
Daniel went out to the beach every afternoon, because he was very close to his house, all the inhabitants knew him and greeted him, Daniel enjoyed going to the beach because he liked to feel the breeze on his body, the smell of the sea and hear the sound wave.
Sometimes he dipped his feet in the water but only on the shore to feel the water, but one day in August everything changed...
While he was on the shore of the beach he felt that the sand under his feet became very soft and that he was sinking, he could not get out of that hole.
Daniel shouted desperately for help, but no one was close.
He felt like the sand swallowed him, being inside the sand he felt like many fingers doing massages all over his body, they were like tickling or caressing.
Suddenly he stopped feeling his fingers and felt his body get wet, he was in the water, first he felt drowning but he calmed down and began to float.
Suddenly he felt ropes, like metal hoses or fingers that praise him and felt he could breathe, opened his mouth and eyes.
It was there where the miracle happened... When he opened his eyes he could see figures and colors, everything was blurry, but the light had come.


The images seen were unknown to him, but seeing was the best, he did not understand what had happened, but whatever he lived that August day changed his life forever.

thank you for your great story @jdbs

good job

What a wonderful colors on that one

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An excellent project is being carried out on the north coast, an entertainment company is creating for young and old the sensational GomiWorld, where they will be able to sail, enjoy, jump and have fun between the waters. GomiWorld is structured by large alloy rubber and plastic pipes that are distributed in the water, some sections are submerged in the water which will allow users to enjoy the fantastic marine world, the pipes pretend like big slides through which passes a current of air that will propel any object or person that is inside it.



Un excelente proyecto se está llevando a cabo en la costa del norte, una compañía de entretenimiento está creando para grandes y pequeños el sensacional GomiWorld, donde podrán navegar, disfrutar, saltar y divertirse entre las aguas. GomiWorld está estructurado por grandes tuberías de aleación de goma y plástico que se distribuyen en el agua, algunas secciones quedan sumergidas en el agua lo cual permitirá a los usuarios deleitarse del fantastico mundo marino, las tuberías fingen como grandes toboganes por donde pasa una corriente de aire que impulsará cualquier objeto o persona que se encuentre dentro de él.

thank you for your great description @jadnven

In the place where the sun and the show are meeting

thank you for your description @cryptotrader84

Monsters in the form of dinosaurs, giant platypuses and various other forms know of the fall of the meteorite to the earth. They have captured the arrival of this meteor from the moment the meteor was able to penetrate the stratosphere. When entering the troposphere layer which is the closest layer to the earth, almost all the monsters observe and estimate the location of the fall of the meteorite. They have already got information about the content of meteor which is very useful for maintaining their vitality. The content in this meteorid can be transformed into a material that is useful for forming endurance. then no wonder they really hope to get to guarantee their lives ..
When a meteor fell on a island in the middle of the sea they immediately chased it. They repel each other to get this valuable material. Giant monsters with their ferocity and youth are seen in battle. they do not want the goods that are awaited and sought to fall to the opponent.
However, due to falling meteors rubbing against Earth's atmosphere is getting smaller because most of it has been burned in the air.
The remaining meteors that are left behind are highly hunted items. no wonder they exerted all their strength to put aside their opponents in order to master this meteorid.
This fight made many monsters killed before succeeding in knowing where the meteorid was.
only crocodiles and paltipuses who then conspired to get it. They dive to the bottom of the sea and try to avoid attacks or legs of dinosaurs who could step on them at any time.
Eventually they were able to divide this meteorid in two and managed to take off and then use everything they got to mix it with other material that was prepared to make their bodies eternal. so until now we can still see crocodiles and platypuses that survived the cruelty of meteor showers and other ancient monster disturbances.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

thank you for your story @rokhani

this image is already a little more distorted, clearly I see in the upper left a gigantic sun shining, you could say that in the sky, while in the lower part in that sea so stirred images reflect those things ... a kind of snake? or something similar that move to an island that is seen in the distance.

thank you for your description @pequef

This is a wetland
The water on the ground is only 20 cm high.
Whenever the animals and plants in the water swim
Or when they change breath
These images appear on the water



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thank you for your description @cloudblade

L a combinación de colores le dan una belleza espectacular al cuadro, donde el reflejo de la luz es el toque ideal para que los rasgos y otros detalles enfaticen la representación en tan magnifica obra digital.Felicidades, bendiciones xpilar.

Nice image :)

Welcome :)

very beautiful and extraordinary digital art, my best friend

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Great colour combination,
Nice art...sir...

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Interesting picture. I imagine alien ships that leave the ocean.

thank you for your description @magnata

very beautiful imagination

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very nice and great digital-art my dear friend @xpilar

Your digital image looks very extraordinary. I really like the color.

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What is this digital art image mean?

Hi @golden.future

it's just my thoughts and imagination,
and it's up to you what you see in my picture

A building on the water with a purple sky background.

thank you for your description @elianaelisma

Wow! Very beautiful color composition.

Indeed, the sun always produces very attractive colors.

Have a beautiful day @xpilar!

yes, it's just my thoughts and imagination @pibara

Purple skies are so beautiful... A pity they're so rare. Nice art, @xpilar!

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beautiful buildings on other planets.

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thank you for your description @elia34928

Wow that's so cool in looks amazing work

Looks like an alien planet but could also be on Earth if the conditions are right. Nice digital art, @xpilar!

thank you for your description @charcoalbuffet

It looks like a beach in a planet with a sun emanating light with a close to UV radiation.

thank you for your description @marcusantoniu26

Very beautiful digital work, many warm colors and original shapes.

Great digital artwork with reflection.

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Beautiful art digital

I like your art, you have a lot of talent, you are very creative.

thank you so much @elider11

The reason of Attraction in this imagination is colour.

Stunning images, attractive color composition.

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I like your art Mr. @xpilar looks like a view from a microscope.

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, The Weird World.

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hello @xpilar your post is very nice to have beautiful art i like to see your posts

I think this is a bridge in space.

thank you for your description @rihonkeugata

very beautiful posts have extraordinary art

Good morning @xpilar, what beauty! that mixture of colors is really an impressive and beautiful art.

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