The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

stenøy 2 A.jpg

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Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

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Sometimes imagination seem unreal but when hearI follow up his/her desire things become more real.

There was a young man who married early in his life but so unfortunately he lost his wife during her first born delivery, the wife dead while the boy survive.

This man decided not to get married again, whenever he returns from work he went straight to river nearly to his home, whenever he got there he always observed that he felt someone was there with him. Going to this river to relax has become part of his routine every day, he returned home one day and it was almost darky he went straight to the river and met a beautiful lady bathling, he was shocked and exercise some fear, he wanted to return back home but this lady told him to wait, she get dressed!

They both started chatting, during their chatting this man got really feeling towards her, he wanted to share his story but this lady won't let him, they agreed to meet same place next day, when this man got to the place at the river he couldn't find her, he waited for some minutes but couldn't see her, he almost fed-up of waiting in vain he saw a river soar up at the center in between this lady touch him behind he almost faithed; this lady reveal her true identity to be mermaids from the river!

The young man agreed to marry her, he took her home everyone was surprised where he found such beautiful and unique pretty lady! They are staying together for like three years but they had problem of conceive, family members of this man embarking on a traditional consultations; they finding out that this lady is not ordinary being, they decided to looking for way to send her off! Before they return home, this mermaid already knew their plan she left unnoticed when the man got back from work and heard of the scene, he raw to the river waiting forever but couldn't see her again, he went home sad.

Well-done Snr. @xpilar for the great art work!!!

Thanks for share.


Hi @davidad

Thanks for your thoughts and an incredible story

You are Snr. @xpilar

Glag the story is interesting to you too..


I am a captive woman, I fell in love with the King of my nation. The Queen, a cruel woman, locked me in a tower in the middle of an island so I would not have any closeness with the King.
The saddest part of my story is that the King does not know that I am a captive.
I can only wait for my cruel death in this cell.
The only thing that keeps me alive is to think about his face.
The only thing that makes me dream is to look out the window of the tower and imagine the King arrives on his ship, that I sail these crystalline waters, so calm so that my King has no setbacks and comes to me.
I only ask heaven to be clear so that my King will soon return to me.
And that on this island of stones makes me very happy.

Hi @anasuleidy

Thank you for your thoughts and description

The king comes and finds you

I see this picture looks like it is reality and not a design of imagination and your design is wonderful

Hi @isabellalucas

Thank you so much

this pic is amazing, i like it

so beautifull imagination art

Hi @danielsamuel

Thank you so much

Great art work.

Combining elements of water, stone and sky. the soothing beauty of the eyes. The calm color makes us feel calm seeing it. I just make a comment with this word. I hope you accept it

The blue glow of the sky looms on the sea water
beauty that gives coolness and makes it better
clear you can see to the bottom
pleasing to the eye is more calm

Strong coral towering high
gaze at the beautiful blue sky
waiting and breaking the waves
so that the beach remains safe

I want it like a rock
tough on the sluggish world
I'm sure the wheels will always spin
until everything gets better again

Thank you @xpilar
thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

I love these thoughts so pure, a landscape full of tranquility, clear waters, clear skies, stones that reflect in the water and that are like a fortress ... It makes me feel that you are a being full of calm, of good energies. Continue your excellent work!

Hi @jdbs

Nice to hear,
Thank you so much

I love this creation makes me imagine that I move to an island paradise and fantasy, covered with unique stones that embellish, and that I can walk through its transparent and calm waters.
It gives me peace.

Hi @teresah

Nice that you like it, thanks

There is no praise that I do justice due, beautiful that image of truth I congratulate you <3

Hi @josechemi17

Nice to hear, Thank you so much

So wonderful nature. if I get permission here, then I will settle down in my house. this talent has given you a gift from God @xpilar

Hi @anil566

Thank you for your thoughts and description

You are allowed to have it in your house. :)

@xpilar Already you are a genius in every sense of the word imagination seems to be very beautifull

Hi @jessicaalex

Thank you so much

the beautiful your work.
wonderful digital-art @xpilar

hi @love-peace

Thank you so much

wow another wonderful digital art @xpilar .
it is looks like water is so clean and we can see the rocks in side the water . the reflection of the sky can see in the water clearly. This is making this art beautiful. the half golden sky tel that it is golden hours.. in this art you explain the nature beautifully..
Awesome digital art my friend..

Hi @tussar11

Thank you so much

@xpilar you are blessed thats beautifull art your professional

Hi @danielsamuel

Thank you so much

A lot of creativity, good work... congratulations!

Hi @elider11

Thank you so much

This photo is very imaginative and truly amazing.

Hi @razel

Thank you so much

Welcome @xpilar your posts are really great!

Great job thank u beautifull art @xpilar

Hi @michaeljack

Thank you so much

O rock, you look leafless and fruitless.

you look so barren to look at.

but you are willing to burn the heat of the sun, there are only clouds that protect you.

every day hit by the waves.

and when the waves of sunami come crashing, you are the first to hit it, that's when all beings realize how meaningful your existence is.

Thanks @xpilar

Hi @longberry

thanks for your thoughts and description

the story begins many centuries ago when two knights stopped being the best friends to conquer a beautiful princess, "land" and "sea" were always the best friends, "land" was strong as stone and "sea" was crystal clear as water. Since they were little they always played together, they walked up and down together...until one day a beautiful maiden called "sky" appeared she was very pretty, both in the day and at night, just "land" and "sea" they saw her was like love at first sight, the two knights wanted to conquer "sky"...but nobody imagined that this would unleash one of the most terrible battles. That's how "land" and "sea" fought each other, "sea" tried to sink "land" and try to drown it, "land" defended itself by growing, filling each space with "sea" and trying to dry it. While "sky" when realizing this battle that the two knights had for their love, by day it was not as beautiful as before and at night cried a lot, which caused the strongest storms for their tears.

So many centuries passed, the battle was repeated day after day, until "land" and "sea" realized that "sky" was no longer the same, literally was destroyed by the battle that was executed by his love and was at that very moment when the knights decided to stop, quickly "sky" change and returned to be what was before that magnificent resplendent maiden.

So far, they are best friends and even stronger than before as they are now THREE. "sky" "sea" and "land".

Nature in its maximum splendor, this is how your image created with imagination shows it.

Hi @pequef

thanks for your thoughts and a nice story

One day as the cruise ship was sailing along the crew caught a stow away who was wanted but rather than be caught the stowaway jumped over board and he had grabbed a lifesaver from the side before jumping so he managed to survive for a while than finally he found a deserted rocky island!

There was hardly any grass and no trees, by this time he wished he had got safely to prison, but he thought of a idea instead of waving and tiring to be noticed, he took a large pile of dead sea weed and spelled out the words help across the island.

The next day someone on a local island who saw the sign on google maps called the local police and they saved the criminal, luckily for him the police decided that he didn't need as long a prison time since, he said he had been on the island for a week and a half...

Three years later the once stowaway had gone honest the lie was his last!

The end.

Hi @megamovie

thanks for your thoughts and a nice story

I said to my girlfriend: Do you want to drink coffee with me?
she answered me: no but I want to be with you alone in a beautiful and natural place where we can sit on a rock and watch the beauty of the sweet sea and the sunrise!
I replied to my girlfriend by showing her @xpilar's photo: this place ?
She said : yes exactly.

Hi @redouanemez

Thank you for showing my photo and liked the answer you received from your girlfriend

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. today you are displaying digital images again. according to my description of the digital image you are displaying, this shows an ancient building in ancient times. the building is a fortress of heroes to defend their country while fighting. previously the bull had a short distance from the sea. but with the passage of the sea the water continued to be close to the fort so that it made the fort sink.

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Hi @aulia1993

thanks for your thoughts and description

the photo you show is impressive, it must be spectacular to be in such a place, where you breathe peace, tranquility and you can observe and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the sea ... if you were there, I congratulate you, you are fortunate.

Hi @rafaelj25

thanks for your thoughts and description
hehe, it's just my imagination

Winter, cold, frost, everything is covered with ice.
But spring is not far off!
Even now it can be seen that the ice is already melting.
So the time is not far away when we go to these wonderful places to swim, sunbathe on the rocks and admire the unusual fantastic stone constructions there...

Thank you @xpilar for this great image!

Hi @ir3k

thanks for your thoughts and description

What a genius you are, this depicts much more amazing pictorial view. The earth is indeed a beauty to behold.
Keep the nice shot coming

Thank you so much @enriskado

Since I can't even draw a straight line I can only admire those who have the skills. And you my friend are one of them.

Hi @mindtrap


I do not have the skills, therefore I use a program where I create 3D drawings

That was crystal clear in the first place my friend! But that doesn't make you less of an artist ;)

thank you @mindtrap

This one is real i just can't imagine how incredible this looks out of words right now

Thanks @blazing

I must start by congratulating you @xpilar, you did an excellent job... It surprises me beyond the technical aspects (textures, finishes, renderings) the "balance" of that image... You managed to recreate in your imagination a space that involves freedom, harmony and Peace... Congratulations again...

Hi @lahp

thanks for your thoughts and description of my image

Beautiful image, imagine vivvencias and memories of trips to the sea ... you are blessed by that gift to make such beautiful drawings.

Thank you so much @lvyr

Ammm i thinking about taking vacation now...

thanks @mrme1984

H [email protected]

Thank you so much

Wooow! It's amazing! I really like all of your posts. You are so tallented and have a sence for this tipe of art. I really like everything on this photo, the theme, colors, it looks so realistic. I really miss summer and beauty weather because here in Serbia is snowing. I can't wait warm time and thank you for remind me on that. I hope you will keep up with your great posts!

Hi @nesni996

thanks for your thoughts and description

hehe, i also wait for spring and summer

Wow so very much beautiful this art and imaginatiom @xpilar..
I will support your valuable post..
And I will wait for your next post..

Hi @beautybox

Thank you so much


It is a beautiful image.
a fine work of art

Hi @kwonpro

Thank you so much

That's a great digital art and I appreciate your post..
Keep it up..

Hi @sign-up-steem

Thank you so much

That's great imagination this is actual post to provide in this platform..
Carry on your activities..

Thank you so much @shucona

I like your post..
Cause your creativity just amazing .
Go ahead dear..

Thank you so much @farhana-yasmin

I like art and this art so very attractive and this post so very extra ordinary..
Thanks for sharing..

Thank you so much @mn-najmul

Wow that's a great art keep it up..

Thank you so much @mira-moni

Thanks for bringing us the scenery from exotic winderlands. As much innocent
water which mortals do not even dare to step in for fearing to breach any slice of silence.

Hi @helloroger

thanks for your thoughts and description

I appreciate your post dear @xpilar..
Thanks for sharing..

Thank you so much @malibeauty

It's amazing, it looks very real. I'm an artist, and I'm really amazed at the quality of the image. Congratulations

Thank you so much @moulinsart

Stunning art work, a wonderful post, thank you, this made my day.

Thank you so much @blockshine

Ohh really you deserve a great round of applause keep it up man
Who thinks same .. 😁

Hi @ankitkholia123

Thank you so much

I'm just speechless, even though the image is not that high resolution yet it tells a story

Hi @crypto-simple

Thank you so much

hermosa obra de arte, me hace recordar un sitio que visite donde hay casas que los pilares o simples estacas o casas en el agua, son construidas sobre cuerpos de aguas tranquilas como lagos, lagunas y caños, llamadas palafitos considero que tu obra es un palafito al natural hecho por la naturaleza en escultura de rocas, me encanta saludos!!

Hi @oscar80

thanks for your thoughts and description

That's some photography out there. Great job sir/mam :D

Thank you so much @crusty2222

Peace and serenity. Love it. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you so much @fredm74

wow! very nice pic.

Thank you so much @raushanraj it...

Thank you so much @jawwad

Nothing could be more real, more natural, this isn’t just fabulous. Applaudise, you deserve lots of accolades

Thank you so much @toyimika

Such great art! How do you make that?

Thanks @toptens

I use e-on software vue infinite 5

Thank you for the advice you gave us, and I will try to find the best content in your contest @xpilar.

thanks @khalis

That looks like an exotic vacation spot

Nice to hear @tubo

nice artwork, looks really realistic!

Thank you so much @ryan1000

fine ;)

thanks @yovannyjvv

@xpilar this picture as amazing

Thank you so much @funnylover


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Hi @yunaiker

Thank you so much

That's an upvote from me! :)

thanks @ivankallman

Los invito a ver mi post🙋


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la creación de algo bello, nacemos con esa diferencia entre lo que consideramos bello y no tan bello,de hay la creatividad de nosotros mismo gracias por la imagen refresca los ojos y mi mente

Thank you so much @xadeti35

That is beautiful digital painting of a coast, nice transparent water with incredible rocky ground that you can see through the water surface. Love the way you created the rocks on beach, the way you made some of them to reflect the wet surface of rocks and the front rocks reflecting sun with nice golden color. I believe it is a time for me to do again a sea motif, thank you for inspiration :)

Hi @stef1

thanks for your thoughts and nice description of my picture

Yes, you are skilled with marine motives
Can't wait to see it