The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

isvann og isfjell A.jpg

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good job👏🏽

That so freezing

thank you for your description @mrme1984

A Cold Loneliness.

Wandering on an unstable road, goes the old wanderer plunged by the incessant cold of a hostile solitude, extreme conditions let flow in his narrow walk. Frozen walls cover his gaze, a slight cry moistens his soul more and more, there is no feeling only a sad emptiness that does not let see light in his path.

Una Fría Soledad.

Vagando sobre un camino inestable, va el viejo errante sumido por el frio incesante de una soledad hostil, condiciones extremas deja fluirse en su estrecho caminar. Paredes heladas cubren su mirada, un llanto leve humedece cada vez más su alma, no hay sentimiento solo un triste vacío que no deja ver luz en su camino.

thank you for your description @jadnven

It is easy to write that the picture looks great, good, excellent etc but insteem it that is surely not for your snaps, but for normal or other casual photographs. We need to find some special words to describe the quality and essence of photos that you used to post here. That is one of the reason even I find your post in my feed I leave it without posting any comment.

Good morning from my part of the world. Have a good day

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thank you so much @angelro

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you. Your digital image shows that there is a road that must be taken. and this is great for making a story. I will make a short story from your digital image.

a young man who is always happy. whatever problems are being faced, he always behaves as if there were no problems. but he was often scolded by his father. his father was always harsh on him. his father demanded that he get maximum marks at school. even though he had struggled hard to study. but the value is still bad.

and one day when he wanted to buy a book to study, suddenly on the road he had an accident. and finally he passed away. the whole family was sad and his father deeply regretted his actions.

from the story I tell, in my opinion the settings for educating children must be changed. children will not be able to learn all subjects. there's no way humans can focus on all the lessons. it is impossible. but what parents have to do is, look at one of their children's most prominent talents. if he likes to paint, give him all the painting tools. give him tutoring to learn to paint. and most likely he will become a professional painter and his life will be successful.

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I agree with what you are saying here @aulia1993

I will win

In the sea I found the horizon of my life

In the salt water I found the taste of being

Swimming I go between sweat, tears and seawater

My path may be dark as night but the light shines brightly

The journey can be full of rocks, iceberg, cold currents or whatever, but I will always win.

thank you for your poem @anasuleidy

Hello @xpilar, it's amazing to see how the iceberg stay in the Atlantic, Antarctic or other waters of the planet and stay for several years before melting, that's how wonderful your art is and hopefully it will last in time.

thank you so much @leca

Nice imagination, @xpilar. The water must be really cold but it looks so beautiful one would want to swim in it.

Nice image, thanks a lot

You are welcome

ha ha ha ha this image reminds me that it is getting too hot right now and I would like to be in that sea in the middle of those two gigantic mountains of ice, so I would refresh myself a lot and at night be able to admire those stars that shine constantly in the dark sky.

thank you for your description @pequef

beautiful digital art picture, it looks like the sea between icebergs.

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Just Mindblowing..

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Very beautiful image with a variety of color variations

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Wow what a beautifull creation .i wish i can see this real😅😅😅

Very nice digital art my dear friend

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What a beautiful creation, it is a very clean job, I like it.

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I just see this digital art image as the sea between Ice mountain.

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thank you for your description @golden.future

A smooth path between two icebergs under the moonlit sky... beautiful image, @xpilar. Calm and serene.

thank you for your description @charcoalbuffet

Who is coming for a night swim

hehe, all steemians @cryptotrader84

Beautiful view of the iceberg in the ocean.

Another great imaginative work from you. Thanks for sharing.

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His daily digital art in honor of nature and the sea is super beautiful sir @xpilar

thank you so much @solangeh

Good creation friend @xpilar, may be related to climate chaos.

Beautiful place I am seeing here through digital expression.👌🏾

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interesting to see this one came out amazing

This is a very cold corridor, like an ice corridor ... An elegant and exquisite sample of a part of the night sea.

thank you for your description @teresah

Very beautiful . As if I were in the Atlantic Ocean on a huge liner and we are trying to make the way between huge icebergs.

thank you for your description @magnata

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I imagine it's ice in the ocean.

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@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Breaking The Ice.

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Beautiful sea ice, can only be seen in the picture.

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So tremendous imagination, Thank you for showing such a picture.

Beautiful ocean with icebergs on it.

very good post I like seeing your post, this is a beautiful and beautiful art

very good post

Wow amazing digital art 👌