The image is made of own imagination and thoughts part 2

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Digital art made by @xpilar

Look closely at pictures in the picture this time
I'm excited about what they tell you

Outer Space 10 serie 23 A.jpg

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In order to use the pictures in other context
you must have permission from me

And the permit is only given to post at STEEMIT

Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
and maybe you get a good upvote from me


Imagination is a source of scientific discovery and development. Not only that, the existence of imagination makes us free to think of anything without knowing the limits of space and time. Even a scientist once said that "imagination is more important than knowledge", because knowledge is limited in nature, while imagination is unlimited.

The imagination is re-creative and creative. re-creative means imagining phenomena that have happened in the past, and never happened before. like fly to the moon. While creative imagination is imagination that can produce something like planes, boats, and so on.

Imagination is the source of the birth of creativity. A distinctive feature of creativity is the ability to process something into high value. So there is no need to find a certain law to be called a creative person. just enough to change it into something of value and that is enough.

But the name is human, everything is lacking. He will continue to think and change it into something more valuable, again and again, and so on.

As well as a digital image from @xpilar, I myself cannot really describe what is implied by this image, only @xpilar knows. But whatever our description, we must have our own imagination.

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thank's for your feedback @anroja

You're welcome sir

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4 strange beings.

Daniel was kidnapped by some aliens, his life since that day changed completely.
He can not stop thinking about everything that happened, in the experiments and exams they did with him. His life was exposed to the madness of 4 strange beings.
He was afraid to go out at night, to take his dog for a walk, that's what he thought.
He felt that his life became monotonous, locked in his fears and in his home, he did not want to work.
His only company was his faithful dog, but one day the dog ran away ...
Without hesitation, he went out to search for her and it was dark in his search, a chill ran through his body as he passed near the bushes where the aliens were hiding.
He ran to get away but collided with a very beautiful woman, the woman I seek conversation and joined the search for the dog.
During the search they saw some lights that left them blind, a loud noise that was known, they wanted to flee but they felt chains that paralyzed them.
It seemed a lie but it had happened again, Daniel was kidnapped now with the woman he met that night.
Although it seems a lie, the woman had also gone through this and this time they kidnapped the dog.
They were chosen by these 4 strange beings after the experiments and studies carried out to be part of a spatial community that populated with the best and fittest human beings.
They took them in a spaceship to this space community ... They went through a tunnel like a snake, they were invaded by colored lights, shapes similar to balloons, chains and discs, things that floated, it was so scary but beautiful and colorful.

Daniel and the woman held hands, lowering their heads praying that everything would end well, although they did not know each other well, they were two human beings who had to face this hard situation and were for each other and nothing else.
When they reached the community they were placed in a wooden room, which would now be their home.
Now Daniel, the woman and her dog would be part of a daily experiment that changed their lives completely.
Time passed and they were adapting to this space life, they met other humans who also lived the experience of the first rapture by the 4 strange beings and the second rapture was always the same, somehow they united them.
Daniel and the woman at the time fell in love and lived happily in space.

thanks for your great story @jdbs

A terrible night to Coronation

Alex is happening to be a kind and generous loving guy, due to the fact that he hailed from the king background, barely one you identify him whenever he was this as results of humility. He doesn't like it when people calling him Prince, he prefers his name calling as Alex rather than Prince.

Shortly after the king death, all the chief and community elders meet together to put Alex on the throne to succeed his father, they summoned him (Alex) you are the next person to be the king in the land, but, he forbear.

Few days later, elders and chiefs set up committee to meet him and convince him to be the next ruler in their town. After few hours of discussion with Alex, he finally concord to be the next King, chief and community and elders were so happy about his agreement to become the next King.

They set a date for coronation, but before that day, one of the Late king younger brother who was no where to be found for many years return home, when he heard his elder brother son will soon be crown as the kind of the land, he got annoyed, he should be the one to be crown since he returns back home after many years, he went to meet Alex warning and threatening him to quit the kingship desires.

Alex got very angry with his uncle behavior, he decided to quit despite it is just few days left to be crown and become king. Elders and chiefs assure him nothing will happen to him, they promised him they were solidly behind him, but Alex kept on panic, four days before coronation, elder and chiefs meet again and they came up with the ideal of security for Alex, they brought few security join the one in the palace to make them more stronger.

A night before coronation, preparing was going, all the rirmtes and rites of their town were been perform and observe, the environment was full of colourful and elegance decoration, while the traditional dancers were entertainment the invited guests from others cites, a group of gangs with a powerful rifle came around, started firing up and down and disturb the peace of this place, people raw away when the ruffle has escalated, it was left security alone and those gang's, they fire at each other for about 30minutes, many securities lost their precious life, this gang's went In and kidnapped Alex.

All the Chief's, Elders, community leaders and security began to search for Alex, but their efforts was fruitlessly eventually, sadly, the customs of the land doesn't allow a king tarry for long after rites and rituals performing, they have to get new person from king family to succeed the late king on the throne.

They later choose younger brother to late King to succeed his elder brother, they set the date for new coronation, but some days before coronation days Alex uncle passed away (dead), second day Alex escaped from the kidnappers and walk in to the palace. Without wasting much of time, Alex was finally crown as the new King.

Hopefully you like the story in describing your digital art.


thanks for your great story @davidad

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar


The Ways Of Life.

Many unexpected things happen when you least expect them, and that's how life is for the unexpected. Everyone can take a path but that path can bring a lot of surprises, it's like a slide where you slide and during the journey you can go well or maybe you can fly out the side. Some roads can lead up or down, some have obstacles and others are simply prisms of light that can deceive those who walk.

There is nothing written, our destiny is marked with every action and decision, the ideal is to enjoy and learn from the experience that is obtained walking along each road, perhaps the life of many opportunities but to take advantage of them must be prepared circumstances that can be found in the paths of life.


Los Caminos De La Vida.

Muchas cosas inesperadas ocurren cuando menos los esperan, y es que, así es la vida de imprevistas. Cada quien puede tomar un camino pero ese camino puede traer una gran cantidad de sorpresas, es como un tobogan donde te deslizas y durante el trayecto puedes ir bien o tal vez puedas salir volando por un costado. Algunos caminos pueden llevar hacia arriba o para abajo, algunos tienen obstaculos y otros simplemente son prismas de luz que pueden llegar a engañar a quien lo transita.

No hay nada escrito, nuestro destino lo marcamos con cada acción y decisión, lo ideal es disfrutar y aprender de la experiencia que se obtiene transitando por cada camino, tal vez la vida de muchas oportunidades pero para aprovecharlas se debe estar preparados las circunstancias que puedan encontrar en los caminos de la vida.

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thanks for your description @jadnven

It is the second circuit of the space race, each one is evaluating the strategies to obtain the imperial prize of the most important competition of the galactic world. The Jerendown circuit is very complex, its big curves and obstacles are the elements to study in this occasion, the control of the speed in the routes of ascent and descent will be indispensable for greater performance of the ships. Triumph
will be again the hard pilot to gnaw, his great handling capacity make him see unbeatable in the galactic tracks of any galaxy, all prepare to turn on the engines of this important competition, hopefully the outcomes.


Es el segundo circuito de la carrera espacial, cada quien está evaluando las estrategias para obtener el galardon imperial de la competición más importante del mundo galáctico. El circuito Jerendown es muy complejo, sus grandes curvas y obstaculos son los elementos a estudiar en esta ocasión, el control de la velocidad en los trayectos de subida y bajada serán indispensables para mayor rendimiento de las naves. Triunoman
será nuevamente el piloto duro de roer, su gran capacidad de manejo lo hacen ver imbatible en las pistas galáctica de cualquier galaxia, todos se preparan para encender los propulsores de esta importante competición, esperemos los desenlaces.

thanks for your great story @adeljose

This is the DNA of an alien creature.
The results seen after the ultra-high magnification microscope has been magnified 100 million times.
They have 370,000 pairs of chromosomes.
There is a combination of nine Dalian.
So the children born to them will have the possibility of nine species.

thanks for your great description @cloudblade

A world of illusion or mirage may be creating my mind, I do not know whether to believe what I see or simply not observe it, it is my heart that decides but my eyes want to deceive you, it is love, passion or unfortunately a whim I feel when I see you, emotions come and go but I can not decipher the message, is a mental crossroads what I suffer. I am losing my mind.

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. today you are displaying a digital image that is different than before. so many of your digital images that I like. and your digital image is very good to describe. according to my description, your digital image shows that humans will not be able to live without socializing, and interacting with other human beings. humans will not be individual. because all humans need each other. just as buyers need sellers, as well as sellers, need buyers. this is just my description of this digital image that you are displaying.

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thanks for your description @aulia1993

So abstract picture today

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Wow that a mind blowing imagination creativity @xpilar I appreciate your every post cause imagination picture creatiing subject is my favorite really this absolute beautiful and I like also @xpilar.

This your part 2 now post and part 1 done and your part 2 very beautiful than previous imagination picture..

That's a great idea of providing in your digital art keep it up and Carry on your activities..
Thanks for sharing..

I imagine a person trapped in a room, tied to his insecurities, chained inside, wanting to escape what he feels ... A person desperate to leave where he is.
Thanks to who knows where this could come out of so much madness.

in a different reality in a new dimension taking at it all :D

thanks for your description @blazing

Good night sir. Your digital image shows that there are many things that humans don't know about objects in the sky. the sky is full of mysteries. and lots of things in it. I am very curious what is in the sky. I want to go there even if only in a dream.

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thanks for your description @chaira

Interstellar tunnels Drivers with hypervelocity, all the ships move from one place to another, they carry out their activities and travel to their destinations.
Very creative his art @xpilar, greetings.

interesting art,nice picture sir @xpilar

I tried to decrypt the photo but I can not get lol, all I can say is that my mind tells me that I'm seeing a creature that looks like an octopus, a digital octopus :)

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Regards @Redouanemez

@mukhtarilyas, this time the photo @ xpilar is very challenging. Very abstract so I can't describe it. I say the results of your work are always interesting. Always successful for you

images that have very good art, I was interested in seeing this picture with perfect shiny colors, this picture, Mr.@xpilar

Another perfect imagination from you. This looks like a tube which made from another planet

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A work of art full of imagination, I see an object like a beautiful color spectrum. Maybe a space object. I enjoy it.
Thanks @xpilar

What a beautiful friend! This image has a lot of graphic details that stand out, congratulations ...

interesting image. I can not determine what it is, but as always it's something very futuristic

Space station for UFO.

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thanks for your description @csharma

I love this image, it is full of energy and seems like a DJ in full activity.

very nice and amazing digital-art my dear friend @xpilar

I love this daily digital art, this colorful picture transmits many emotions and energies, this wonderful.

this seems something difficult, like being trapped can't reach something expected, I think and think how to get to the right point?

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Wow. And it look great it is

It's say that, how to digitalize. Digitalize advertising

good pictures I rarely see pictures like this, Mr. Xpilar, thank you for showing a good picture, Mr. Xpilar

I imagine a snake-shaped building in space.

Good day @xpilar, the sea, the sky and modern architecture are intertwined, plus your ingenuity to form a spectacular image.

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it's surrealism picture ! it's like you dance on diamonds by naked feet .