Remembering where I started from

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Hi everyone, how are you all doing? ^^ I haven't posted anything for a few days, don't worry I didin't dissapear anywhere like I used to do previously :D

Last few days were tough for me. First I was having trouble with my figure drawings, they didin't seem to come out right no matter how hard I tried. Then I got sick, usually when I'm sick I use the extra time reflecting on all kinds of things. This time because I was having such a hard time 'arting' I decided to reflect on my art journey and take a look on the old stuff I created or stuff I never got around to finishing.

pupper sketch.jpg

At this point and time in my life, I am proud to say that this is the quality of illustration that I can create with no probem. But the journey of getting here started a long time ago and it was not a fun time hahah :D

I'm rather sad I lost my very first digital works, but I looked around and recovered most of my old art attempts.


This I created 3 years ago and this wasn't even the worst looking thing I ever did, the worst so happened to dissapear...probobly couldn't stand to look at it and deleted it right after I made those hahah :D


I have more unfinised pieces of art that I am proud to admit, truth is I was extremely unmotivated and regretfull 3 years ago. Because I spent 200 euro on a drawing tablet and I sucked so hard no matter how much I tried :D


Because in my eyes nothing good was coming out from my efforts I tried a lot of different styles of drawing and techniques and I think it only crippled my learning experiance even more at that time.


Oh look anime....


Oh look a more advanced anime drawing. Still abandoned it, even though it could have been rather good. Back then I was really interested in anime style, but overtime I shifthed apart from it for one reason. Anime style is a...well style, a very exaggerated style similar to caricature. I realized if I waned to make good anime drawing I first need to understand how realistic human body works. Basically I need to learn the rules and then break them and not the other way around.


Overtime I started improving but still abandoned around 80% of all my works because I didin't believe anything good can come out of me.

assigment 3.jpg

With time and a lot of determination I made some really good stuff and got a lot of confidence from it....but it didin't mean very much for long because...


Because right after a good go something like this happens :D

boi with het.png

Then I create something better than the last one went. And again something worse than the last one.

ciri 09 29.jpg

I still tried a lot of diferent things, but still had a huge habbit of not finishing things even if they didint look bad.

Looking back on all the things I made and reflecting on it, now I see that progress in never linear. It has ups and downs. It can boost your confidence one day and crash you down and demotive the next.

Because I'm having such a hard time with figure drawing the past few days I think I'm having a low moment in my progress. Knowing that makes me feel better :) Even if everything I do now is not looking too good, it will get better. I probobly will have a huge spike of progress in a few weeks or days and then again I will witness a low point in my progress as if I have gotten worse than before.

That's how life happens ups and down all the time. But while those ups and downs happen, you are getting so much better at what you do, even if you don't see that yet :)

Have a great day! And never let a low moment in your progress unmotivate you!


It has helped me a lot to do 1 min gesture drawings... and in top of some, make tiny studies of muscles, basic anatomy. You can make 40 mins daily. Or less. Like these:



Although I have to say I'm now more interested in stylized stuff than realistic, but you're right about knowing the "rules" in order to break them. Helps a lot. And I have to admit... it's been a long time since I studied properly D: I feel the rustiness. Just stick to study daily. You'll do greater!! Cause you already do great :D

Oh yeah I've been doing a little bit of these too, they are definately great for learning ^^ But these do get a little bit boring and repetitive after some time thats why I try to do some small illustrations in between :D You should go for it, draw some stylized stuff but at the same time also do these figure studies, that should be a huge win win situation for you!

And thanks for the nice comment! ^^

But these do get a little bit boring and repetitive after some time

Yeah! That's how study feels like hahaha. But we've to be diligent __φ(..;)

These are all great studies, Wilnonis :D. But that doggo with its flipped ears, gwah, so adorable <3333333.

Thank you! Oh yeah that puppy illustration is my pride and joy. I almost flex with that adorable thing :D

excellent jobs friend.

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Very good stuff. Good work!

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Thank you! :)

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