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Hi guys! First of all I'd love to say a huge thank you for all the support I recieved on the last post, that's absolutely awesome I am very happy that you like the content that I create :)

Now onto today's post, for the past few days I have been working hard, drawing everyday, getting pumped and motivated to draw even more. I think I can already see some tiny tiny bits of progress in my figure drawing so I'd love to share my experience with you.

But I want to warn you first! These are figure drawing so there will be some nudity in these! If you don't want to see any of that please don't scroll any lower!


I drew this yesterday in 25 minutes, this will become important later on when we will compare it with what I've done 3 days ago.

Now if you didin't see my last post, here is what I'm doing : I use site the line of action (a site for artist that has a bunch of reference pictures and class modes with time limits) everyday and draw for at least one hour. And I'm looking how much can I improve :D


These are 30 second sketches, they are superb for learning to just capture the movement of the pose. In the las 3 days I think I drew 8 pages or more full of these (pages on both sides because im cheap :D ) .




Now these are 5 minute poses. You can probobly see I'm counting them as I draw them. That's because I've promised myslef I am going to make 100 diffrent poses drawings and then compare the very 1st one with the 100th one. And I will be really able to see if I improved much or not :)
I am also only counting poses that I spent drawing 5 minutes or more.


I drew this on the second day and I think I can already see some improvement eh :D


This I drew on the third day. Both of these last two were 25 minute drawings.

Now I'd love to campare what I've done on the 1st day vs the 3rd day.

progress .jpg

I think I can definately see some improvement. Mainly I see more confidence in my lines and shading isn't as messy as it was on the first day. I feel like I also became way more confident in my proportions. On the first day, I erased and erased and I barely fit into the 25 minute mark thats why my shading was so chaotic. But yesterday I was pretty much finished with my drawing in 20 minutes and used up the last 5 to be relaxed and shade the cloth more, which I think I overworked in the end hahah :D

This experiece so far is really fun for me and I can't wait untill I hit the 100 poses mark and then I will be really able to compare and analize my progress ^^ So far there is more sketching to do tonight and have fun ^^

Extra stuff!!


In between the poses I drew this apple and leaves...didin't go so well haha :D


And this happy dead dude in a hat. Wanted to draw something different so I can have more varied stuff on my art plate :D I also tried to snap the pictures just like the instagram stars do, I think I did and alright job!

Wheeew that was a long post huh, thanks for checking this out and see you next time!


Very cool and interesting sketches, @wilnonis. Great work! 😎

Thank you so much I'm glad you like them! ^^

These a great as usual, good to see you keep posting.

I tried my best! Thank you for supporting me along the way! :)

So nice sketches! Well done! From the figure of day 1 and the figure of day 3 I see many improvements!! Really well done ^_^

Thank you very much! I'm really glad other people see improvement too, it means it's not just me hahah ^^

Yesssssss, love these so much, @wilnonis ! I am happy that you are posting regularly again on Steemit <3 <3 <3

And those exercises are so good ! I think I can see improvements too, amazing :D Seems that you are already showing deeper understanding of shading and anatomy :) Wonderful !

Love that you are sharing these with us, it's always so cool to see an artist's journey <3 <3 <3

And that skelly fellow is very dapper :D !!!

Thank you so much @veryspider ! ^^

Hehehe yep I guess I am improving a little bit already :D

I'm glad you like what I'm sharing, other people art journeys always inspire me so much, so I decided to make my own :D

That's because I've promised myslef I am going to make 100 diffrent poses drawings and then compare the very 1st one with the 100th one.

Repetition is the key for success, 100 times are definitely going to make you a really really good artist. Just by the 1st day against 3rd day comparison I can see improvements, and I'm not very good with art, it's normally all the same to me, so if I'm telling you this it's a really good indicator of progress!

Keep working hard! I'm sure that one day I'll buy a drawing made by you for me office xD

Thank you! Now I'm reassured that I'm not imagining my tiny tiny progress here by myself haha :D

That's gonna be a great day then, when that day comes please remind me to create you something extra special haha xD

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You are really progressing very well! I really like that you documented your artistic journey because this kind of posts motivate me further :D.
Keep on it, you're doing great ^_^.

These kind of post motivate me a lot too! That's a part why I started these on my own ^^

Thank you, I sure will keep on going! :D

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I love doing life drawing, haven't done it in a bit, but the shorter poses always help with line. When you've only a minute to get a pose it trains you to find the importance of line.

Great job @wilnonis

Thank you! I'd love to do some life drawing with live models in the future too, but for now it's reference pictures for me hehe :D And yes, the short poses help me a bunch, I was never the one to be very good at capturing the movements of the pose, I would always jump into detail. Just like you said, I am learning how important a simple line is :)

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