The Blitz

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The Blitz, my most recent 11x15 watercolor. Completed right before I ran out of watercolor paper.

IMG_20190509_182957_875 (3).jpg

Since I have been more open about posting my sketches lately I thought I would include the original sketch. It started out as just a little three inch idea. I will draw ten, sometimes twenty little compositions before I find the one that peaks my interest.


Unfortunately I only started taking pictures when I was about half way through. Sometimes I just forget or get too distracted by the initial creative burst.


This idea of creating the landscape and figures entirely out of layers has been in my mind for some time now. This was the composition where I decided to finally try it.


It was tedious, and to make things worse my hairdryer kept turning off randomly, so I had to wait the old fashioned way.


However, tediousness in art is always followed by a deeper kind of satisfaction in my opinion. When you put in the work and zone out, then come back to reality and there it is, well, there's nothing quite like it.


While I was waiting for the layers at the bottom of the scene to dry I turned my attention to the figures above. They were bland, and I decided I should give them some depth. I got the sense that their march had become more of a trudge. They had taken damage and the layers were starting to fall away.


The Blitz


Thanks for viewing. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Tell me what you think the story is here. Other peoples interpretations are my favorite :)

william syrus for posting.jpg


So beautiful, @william-syrus :D

You create such a distinctive signature with your layers, and I love the composition, as always ! Lovely how you set up the foreground with the rabbits, and I love how they are more well defined than the far away elements, it creates a sense of anticipation for the giant figures that seem to be coming towards us ...slowly but surely :)

Really neat that you're becoming more open about your sketches too, cuz it's awesome to see how an idea began and how it finished, and the journey it has to take between those two points :)

Gorgeous work, you~

hi @william-syrus
nice painting !! a profound theme. usually what inspires you to decide what to paint? It seems to me that there is an air attack. men have been hit, they have holes in them, but they try to escape even if with difficulty. the other forms closer to us seem to me to be rabbits, which perhaps with the animal instinct stopped to understand what is happening. The fact that there are more dimensions and that these rabbits are close to us involves us in the painting itself as if we were there with them. but we know. run away, run away, we scream. but it is not enough: the inevitable will happen.
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

Movies, video games and photos are my inspirations. Music and coffee are my fuel. I love your take on the painting. It actually gave me chills. Thank you for the kind words and support @road2horizon

giving chills is a great result !! but my description got a little closer to what you wanted to convey?

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Oh this is amazing, specially the close up shots, that Tedious shot shows those layers so clearly, it must be tough and work of patience. How much time does it take to create something this pretty and details with water colors?

Thank you :) This painting took around 10 hours to complete.

thanks for responding :)

My goodness. I know why curie chose your post. Your work is just superb. Conceptually and in execution. I could see this hanging in any gallery. It would also be an extraordinary illustration for a story, poem, or novel. Bravo, William. Please don't ever stop drawing and painting:)

Thank you :) I'll try my best to keep it going.

Hi william-syrus,

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Thank you once again for the support :)

that's all are extra ordinary
if you take these photos from
your starting then it will more
fun for me, i enjoy you are art..
keep it up..

Thank you. I'll do my best :)

So much texture and depth, I love the aesthetic. cool to see your creative process, it looks like a lot of time and materials to make the art possible.

I've heard from so many artists that they were so into their work that they forgot to take pictures :) So I guess it's not unusual. I sometimes forget to take pictures when I travel. When I'm in the moment that I want to enjoy taking pictures doesn't seem so important anymore :)

It's a great painting. I like the depth that you created by putting the figures in this way. I also like the coloring of the sky. It looks dramatic but not too dramatic :) The lighting coming from the back is spot on!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Your sharing the process of HOW you created this amazing image makes it that much more meaningful -- not only do I get a sense of the bleakness of the situation the beings in the picture face, and what it must have been like to live through the historical Blitz, but also of the work that went into creating such an image ... a little bit like watching Picasso create "Guernica"!

Honorary mention for detail ... the target painted on each figure... such a stunning reminder of the human toll of war on civilians!

Very impressive painting. It lingers in one's mind. It reminds me of so many stories of darkness engolfing light, of death approaching life.
The blurry vision of an airstrike reinforced by some sort of humanoid creatures approaching some former colorful and peaceful place of wild life that seems utterly helpless can be something any of us has dreamed about.
Our feelings of impotence or inadequacy in the face of obstacles may turn different shapes in our dreams, but they must trasnmit a similar eerie feeling.

PS. I've also learned the Blitz was a famous german attack on Britain. Thanks for the historical reference.

I can fully understand you forgetting to take photos. I draw sometimes and do the same. I'm so focused on doing the best that I forget to take photos.
I love the details on this watercolor, you must have spent a lot of time perfecting your art as it looks excellent. Well done!

This just looks so different and like how you showed how you went about doing this. The time this must have taken and the detail is impressive.

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