Art of Religion - Act II

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Works from local and foreign artist that dates back from 1603 to 1980. Here are just some of the artworks that could inspire, captivate and stir your imagination. Take a short walk with me again as we go along and appreciate the works of masters inspired by Saints and Angels.

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Art of Religion

Art of Religion - Act II




The Conversion of St. Augustine in 386

A portrayal of the Saint hearing a voice which says, "Tolle, Lege, Tolle, Lege (Take up and read, take up and read)." He then reads a passage from the Bible.

Oil on Canvas
Augusto Fuster from 1903


The Baptism of St. Augustine in 387

The Baptism of the Saint by Saint Abrose the bishop of Milan Italy. On the left is his son Adeodatus and on the right is his friend Alypius who were also baptized.

Oil on Canvas
A copy from the work of Tito Troya
painted by an unknown artist


St. Augustine and St, Monica in Ecstasy 387

Saint Augustine and his mother in Ostia Italy awaiting for the ship going to Africa. In the state of ecstasy while exulting God.

Oil on Canvas
Augusto Fuster, 1903
From the original work of A. Scheffer


St. Augustine Presents His Rule to his Friars in 391

"Sit vobis anima una et cor unum in Deo. (Have one mind and one heart in God.)" The writing on the book that was presented to St. Augustine as a monk. The ideal Augustinian community life.

Oil on Canvas
Patiño 1952



The Last Supper

The original painting was stolen during the British invasion in 1762. A second copy was destroyed at the time of World War II in 1945.
This is an interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's work "The Last Supper."

Oil on Canvas

Created by L. Diacobe in 1980



The Seven Archangels

A representation of the Archangels and in the middle is St. Michael vanquishing the devil. You would see on the left side St. Raphael holding a fish. On the right is St. Gabriel pointing up to the Sacred Lamb. At the back are the other Archangels Sealthiel, Barachiel, Uriel and Jehudiel.

Oil on Wood
Painted by by Alonso Vazquez in Mexico between 1603 - 1608



A lot of pieces was lost during the horrors of war. Those that survived and recovered is a reminder for us of the beauty, talent, faith and phenomenal imagination of mankind.

Thanks for joining me today and may you dream of paintings and angels tonight.

Have a pleasant evening Steemians.


All information sourced and photos shot from
San Agustin Museum


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All photos are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 and 12-32 mm

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I would love to see some of this art in real life. Such beautiful pieces of work. Thanks for putting it all together in an easy to view post

If ever you ever visit Manila Philippines let me know and I would point you to the right direction.

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Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing these photos of religious artwork. I enjoy the older ones better than the more modern ones (I'm guessing that the first photo is the modern one?), but that is a personal preference!

You are correct the cover photo is the latest one. I also love the older ones makes me romanticize about the past which has been thru a lot for centuries now.

Really great to see all these artworks. Although old we can still marvel at the skill of these artists today! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Thanks for walking with me and I am very glad to have discovered my appreciation for artwork. A lot has been lost but these will remain to be enjoyed by everyone for the years to come.

A wonderful collection of paintings. Inspires the creation of something interesting))

You are an amazing artist and I am glad it has inspired. Will be looking forward to it.

Nice collection of artists and artwork!
My kids and I have been reading about the Renaissance and discovering many artists and works of art from that period. Super interesting stuff! :D

Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and many more masters from that era. Works which I only dream of seeing one day. Probably would bring me to tears if I came face to face with one of their works.

So true...
It would be truly amazing to see their works in person! ♥

Looks like Alonso Vazquez believed in the prevalent belief that Archangel's have one set of wings.

Nice images.

Namaste, JaiChai

Yes a belief that dates back 3000 years ago. That particular painting was a donation by one of the richest family in our country. A donation that is appreciated for us to marvel at the archangels.

wow... ang ganda nmn dyan... kaso ukhang magliliyab aq jan hahahah....anyway great stuffs you got in there...naenjoy q tlga ung mga pictures lalo na at may obssession aq sa mga sinaunang bagay...haha...ill follow you to see some more of your amazing photographs and blogging skills...chiao and goodluck

Maraming salamat kabayan. Your obsession is a beautiful thing I too somehow has an obsession for a lot of subjects now. Like you I adore things from the past. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my other contents.

ang ganda ng last supper... para siyang totoo may mga nkahanda talaga..


Sayang yung dating nanakaw and nasira nung ww2. Sana na enjoy pa din natin.