Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


loved the step by step... by the way it's almost Sakura time here, last year I made a post about cherry trees and I intend to mimic some of the pictures again, time to collect cherry bloom petals when it rains pink!

Me too @yidneth I cannot wait for blossoms in the trees. Though it is a later season for we New Englanders. We're finally getting some Rain to chase away the last of the Snow and the trees limbs are pregnant with buds, but it'll be another week before anything begins to even think about starting to open.

I love Spring!

They are blooming now but I'm afraid there are some cold storms on the way :), seasons are a bit topsy turvy here :)

Oh! That would be a wonderful post for me to look forward to, Priscilla ! I will definitely check it out when you publish it :)

ooh, that's so beautiful, lovely result... I've already watched the video but haven't tried to do the painting yet and I would love to join you in the Steemit Art Class so I will make sure to tag you when I do.

yaaaaaaaaaay, i will be sure to look forward to your tree, @alphaccino.art <3 <3 <3

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aaah thanks felix :D :D :D

Proszę Spideroo!!!!~

This is a great step and step. I also appreciate the pointer to the classes. I plan to have my daughters check these out as part of their homeschool art.

Proud member of #powerhousecreatives

Thank you ! I hope your daughters will enjoy :D :D :D

Great work sweet Spider! You progress in working with watercolor very much, it's so great, I'm so happy for you. Very beautiful tree! <3

hugs! :)

Thanks, Saddy :D You are very sweet <3

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Video title for art newbies: Watch a cherry blossom magically happen within 5 minutes.

It's actually beautiful, I still don't get how watercolour allows such drawings to happen but maybe I'll just sit aside with my popcorn while watching the magic happen...feast to the eyes.

Hahahah what a great comment <3 Thank you so much :D

Looks pretty good to me Spidey.


......oh well, we artists are insufferable like that sometimes, hey~

That is really beautiful. You've got some talent.

Thanks so much ! You are very kind <3

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Dang that sakura tree looking so good, anime characters wanna confess their feelings to each other under it//no

so romantic! i was thinking anime people will be killing each other near it or sommit!

well, maybe they can confess, then they can stabbity afterwards??? XD


I have to say that this one is a hit with me! I am biased because I favor trees so much, but you really did a fantastic job with this piece. I LOVE IT :-D

The colors are slightly more muted that that of your teacher, but I prefer it that way. Not everything in nature is vibrant, we are just used to altering the photos on our phones to appear more dramatic then they actually are. Beautiful Spider!!

Thanks, Brad !!! You are very encouraging :D :D :D

@veryspider I was hooked by the title and the SAKURA TREE (((:

Wow, I really also hope to be a student alongside you under @shibasaki, but I have lots of things now already on my plate. Hope to make time for it! ((:

I love the final result! This is beautiful, I always wanted to learn how to draw but never really got to it. Keep up the good work :D

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Thank you @raoufwilly :D Yeah, time is hard to find these days, I hope you will one day find the opportunity to learn also :D

I remember following a tutorial from Mr. Shibasaki last year, and I asure you, your result looks so much better hahaha. His technique of wet on wet is really cool but it's hard to me to get used to because I always wait hours and hour for each layer to dry.

I love sakura trees and in watercolor they look amazing.

Thanks for sharing!

The waiting part is such a troublesome thing for me, as well ! I get impatient and then I'd ruin things x __ x but I'm getting much better at it by having another thing to do whilst I wait....

I'd like to see the result of your attempt ! :O Is it on Steemit???

Yes, I did it almost a year ago. It's really nothing impressive hahaha but it shows, as I see it, a little progress. https://steemit.com/art/@siucatti/a-wish

edit: a little progress on my art.

Oh! I think you did well?? :D :D :D Maybe you overcomplicate things by doing more than one tree? :D

You should try again, @siucatti! I love the colours in this one :D Very nice animated gif, too <3

Oh absolutely, looking back I see lots of things I would do differently. Thank you, spidey!

It may have a bit less contrast but the pinks are still nice and it’s still a very pretty tree, and now you know more tricks for next time 😄

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Thanks ryry :D Learning and stumbling and yeah, finding out more tricks for next time so I dont stumble over the same obstacles (which I will totes still do, I'm sure XD)

I think you did a wonderful job on the sakura tree, even though it was your first attempt. I can't watercolor to save my life though lol.

Thanks so much, @artbyclark :D I still prefer penciling and inking myself, but I'm trying to grow as an artist :)

I fail every time with water paints. But you make it look so simple. The style is really original too.

Aaah, you might be too harsh on yourself?

Thank you so much for visiting and for kind comments <3

No. Lol. I am really not. I don't think I am too bad at art in general, but it is water paints specifically that I have literally never been successful with. Nothing turns out the way I intend when using them, and painting over the top isn't an option either..

Shombori bombori! The sexy brushstrokes never-equaled-by-digital. Verycool spidah, verycool. Sakura trees are always so atmospheric and moody. I imagine blossoms must smell delicious.

Congrats on your crescent curation duties also. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ hugx.


Sakura trees are great to get drunk under :D :D :D

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ hughughugs <3

Wow! Never thought of getting drunk under a sakura haha. Must be... magical. I need that before I die.

Great job!!! Watercolor is so complex. 👨🏻‍🎨

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Thank you so much, Matteo ! Coming from a master painter like yourself, I feel honoured \o/ !!!

I really love your result of that sakura tree! I think it's time for you to put up your own youtube channel too and feature all your art there. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

Thanks very much, @sgbonus :D I do have a youtube channel but I hardly ever update it because I'm a dummy XD;;;;

Thanks for the reminder to tend to it, though <3 Really appreciate it ! :D

I like your sakura tree a lot, spider! I think it represents the joy of outdoor and the peaceful aspect of nature. The colours in your painting might not be as vibrant and attractive as the great Shibasaki, but they are comforting and gentle, in a way they offer a different kind of beauty :).

Really nice sakura tree, gj gj.

Thank you, @scrawly ! I like YOUR tree .......... a lot !!!! <3

that's so beautiful @veryspider.

Upvoted PHC, well done your sensei is teaching you well. I'm impressed by your watercolors. A tree is perhaps easier than an apple.

Thanks! Yes, having a good sensei helps a lot :D And maybe you are right, a tree gives a bit more freedom than an apple.... maybe :)

I love how you shared the progress of the painting until the end. The final result looks beautiful and is wide angled due to the way you shaded the background which is great for horizontal landscape paintings like this =)

Thank you, @yashny! :D Such a lovely comment * ___ * I appreciate it <3

Well, @veryspider you are coming along so nicely. I LOVE the colour combination of the pinks/lilacs/blue such a calming palette.

Isn't it wonderful we have so many willing teachers online and here on steemit? Well done all round.

A spider is slowly getting better and better \o/ ????

Thank you, Donna ! And yep, it is wonderful to have so much resources and helpful people at the tips of our hands :D For sure !

Gorgeous!!!! great job spidey!!! <3

Thanks, melo!!!!! :D

🎉 Congratulations @veryspider! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

ı am gonna make one too😊😁

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Awesome! Tag me when you do!

Batifull... goog result.

Thanks very much :D

Really good and fast progress and beautifully composed blog post. Chapeau my friend 🙏

Thank you, Jan !!! You are so nice to me * ___ *

I think you are getting better watercolors!
I think the part of "the shadow of Sakura" is very real, Nice drawing!😀

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Thank you, Ryo :D Having a good sensei helps a lot :D :D :D

This is my first time seeing your work @veryspider ♥ You inspire me to want to watercolor :) You're really good! I appreciate the way you share your process...makes me think I can do it, too! Nice.

Hello, @lizablove :wave: ! Thank you for such beautiful comments! I do hope you join ! Arting is for everyone and I am glad to hear that I might have inspired you <3 !

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