Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #193 'Pipsqueak'

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Hehehe... Let's first start with a definition on this one. I snatched it over at https://www.urbandictionary.com/

Top definition
A puny, weak, frail person; someone who can easily be defeated. This kind of person should not pick fights with a larger, stronger person.
Little guy: You're an a-hole! Let's take this outside!
Big guy: Don't f with me or I'll break you in half, you f-ing pipsqueak!
by Laura March 18, 2005

Thank you, Laura, for your kind contribution. A background story follows. There is a flower shop to close where I live. It is also a sort of a gallery. The owner is Mr Šekoranja, who, I believe, designs the place himself. His artistic designs are full of interesting ideas and I like many of them. He changes the setups frequently and it is always a pleasure to walk past his shop windows. I've not met the guy and we've never spoken but I believe that much of his stuff is created from the same weave dreams are made of. Maybe I'm wrong but one doesn't find stuff like this outside a calm dreamy mind. :D

This is about the eternal fight against a much powerful oppressor. Be it your corrupt government running your life, pharma companies making profits on your health, food companies on a daily pursuit to make you eat chemicals, corporations with imperialistic tendencies, education system killing all creativity in children and every other place where a single weak voice of the oppressed cannot be heard because of the loud music coming from the other direction.

Sacry red accent in the mouth and the yellow one of the trumpet and the mouse are both standing out, wrapped up in a neutral surrounding. A weak natural light coming from the outside adding drama to the background. The angle is deliberately slanted. I did that to put the balance in question and also to achieve greater dynamics. Will the mouse fall and be eaten or will someone hear the trumpet and come to rescue? That, my friends, is the real question.

The little pipsqueak with a trumpet hanging up there is an individual, a person brave enough to tell the truth, a whistleblower, hero of our days. The sad fact is that even when the truth is out there, not much really changes...

Enjoy! :)

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In my opinion, a strange composition.

You have made me proud to be a pipsqueak! I've ended up here at Steemit because I am a serial pipsqueaker, and evidently corporate (corrupt) America has a low tolerance for honor, integrity, and transparency. Be that as it may, I'd much rather be on the pipsqueak side of the equation. The fresh air of a clean conscience is much easier to breathe, don't you agree? :D

i couldn't agree more ;)

hello velimir the story you made is so awesome and i really enjoy it ..
so many feelings I feel when reading this paper ..
very good..
I found you in art.
best regards from me @muhdansani please vote hehehe

I understand the principals behind the piece of art, but the whole time I'm reading through the post, I'm wondering "what the heck creature is that?" I was wondering if it was a bear...fictitious creature.. werewolf...dinosaur. The picture just doesn't quiet show enough of it to tell.. I know the picture is technically irrelevant to what it represents about whistle blowing, but I had to ask...

It was a huge wolf. Human size :D

Yikes! I wouldn't want to be around that. that's for sure lol

I must admit i was once a pipsqueak, but when i learnt that those at the bottom of the food chain can also get a chance to be at the top of it, i stood up to whoever tried to bully me.
It turns out that most of the bullies are also scared if you stand up to them. Ever since then my life has been going smooth as i can voice my opinion wherever i go. Thanks for the reminder bro.

Bro i do love your daily updates on your art series, but i would love you to support my new technology series launching today. I was inspired by your motorcycle and art photography series.

Here is a link to part 1 of the series.


Please i really need you support in upvoting and resteeming.

I really admired people who are brave enough speak the truth even if they know that their enemy is big and powerful. I maybe a pipsqueak now. but big things comes from small things. if you know that what your fighthing for is correct tne fight for it.. dont surrender defeat comes when you surrender. thankyou for opening our eyes because many of us rightnow are pipsquek and afraid to fight what is right because our enemy is big. Cant wait for your next article. :')

thank you! I admire them too! :)

I enjoyed browsing your blog and checking your photo's.
Can i use some for may cartoon style artwork?

You can see some examples i did for fellow Steemians at my blog.

Sure you can. But, do give me a credit. :)

Thanks! I will browse your blog to find the thing that speaks most to me!
I'll let you know if i manage to make something worth posting.

I used a photo of your bike in a road trip cartoon picture.
Hope you like it and if you do, please follow and i'll do some more.

Here is the link to my blogpost:

Hmmm... I will tell you something @velimir, the most amazing things about pipsqueaks is that they know they are fragile and most times petite in nature but they just can not stop to talk, speak and follow the truth. They know that one day they would be heard. That some day someone and probably people will hear the sound of their trumpet, whistle or what have you and make a move too.

I consider them brave and fearless, even when they know that their life is as stake, they continue to hang on and patiently waiting just like it was depicted in that amazing photograph above.

@velimir this is a very relevant photo :)
To some extent, it is the symbol of a person who "plays with fire." But apparently this man is smart and knows what he is doing :)
Our life is an eternal struggle with anything and we have a choice. Take the fight, do everything in your power or proginore. The choice is always yours
For everyone this photo can be perceived in its own way, but for me it has its own special meaning
Thank you @velimir

hmmmm... very good

Wow!!! Nice one @velimir. There's so much wisdom in your post and so much to learn. I'm so proud following because each day I learn so much from your post. I'm really your faithful follower.

The image looked scary at first.
I kinda feel like pipsqueak's are on a decline.
They have been subdued into oblivion

you made an amazing post but life not be like that which you imagine.Everything will never be perfect but a small helpgiven by us to someone will made a change in our world.If i am able to fill my whole family stomach with 3 time food.Then i have to donate some food daily to those who doesn't afford 3 time food.If i have a decent job and i have a well known position so i have to give minimum 12 jobs per year to those people who doesn't have.We have to think like a whole world as our family and care others like our own family.

authorities and people often forget the people below, and it's a lot to happen. do something to his own advantage.
Maybe you can help me to suppress them by peaceful means?
thanks @velimir

So refreshing to read your post after a long tragic absence of mine from steemit.
Very nice depiction I thinks...
My friend @faisal007 had made an art work based on the same idea.

browsing through your blog really made my day

In life we have to be ready to face challenges nothing good comes easy. Even in the storm we still stand firm. Amazing art work so much wisdom in the art.


Wow great job Art is Art wherever you go those are some beautiful pics,I invite you to go through my wall to FOLLOW AND VOTE, I already did.

No matter how small you are ! you just need the courage to fight any hill.

Thats an awesome interpretation on the photo :) the mouse with a trumpet looks funny.

can I ask you :
How can I benefit from #adsactly support ?

Funny and creative in the same time lol i adore it 😍

interesting and amazing can even be an inspiration for the reader, but even more interesting there are words be yourself all. thank you

Good post with interesting stories you People who are creative and innovative ,, best regards friends Steemit All ,, me (@jacl)

Voila, an interesting piece of art specially for people like me who are keen observer. A good start of my day indeed.........

great done
carry on your activty sir
resteemit done

nice, enjoyable blog.

Thats a great art and photography..
Thanks for sharing...
Keep it up...
Resteemited ..🌼🌼🌼

Funny. I will contact steemit as many as I can.

A simple way to ask complex topics!

a publication of a brave

your photos are always good I follow you friend

very informative post...
thanks @velimir

hi @velimir, best regards, thanks for sharing

Hello! I'm new at this. I liked your publication, I also like photography. Sid eseas review my profile and give it like first publication would be great.

I really liked this picture. Up!

@velimir en español, una traducción posible es "cero a la izquierda", alguien sin valor-

Definitely an artist @vledimir, what spectacular is this original photo.


Very nice and good

Very creative picture between a rabid mouse and fabulous beast. @velimir

Sometimes the alternative path takes bravery... amen to the pipsqueaks of the world.

very informative post

Will the mouse fall and be eaten or will someone hear the trumpet and come to rescue?

All hope is not lost. A helper is coming.

Interesante articulo, no entendi muy bienpor que el traductor no es muy bueno que digamos pero me gustan tus post

Very interesting,continue with tis, I really liked it,good luck. @velimir

Nice shots! Very inspiring to beginners in photography like me.

Nice post. Good read. And nice to see someone giving us small people a voice. Will upvote and follow

Waoo impresionante imagen se ve que hay mucha creatividad alli , saludos.

Wow,Amazing work.Carry on

I think you are one with one view, it turns out you see all aspects of life today, interesting to reading your article.... awesome

YOU HAVE many votes but no reward at all...i dont like it.. although i have low vote value too but i upvoted you with the hope that you will get more from steemit.good luck.

Sacry red accent in the mouth and the yellow one of the trumpet and the mouse are both standing out, wrapped up in a neutral surrounding

Wow I love the part. You caught a interesting one.

what a great @velimir nice photography.photography is a good art and skill everyone is can not do

This is such a beautiful photo! Im a photographer too! Feel free to visit my blog!

Thank you for the definition of the word pipsquack

There's a lot of cool stuff you can build within a post. I've done some creative things, not to blow my own horn. There's a lot of guides now so I won't worry writing more.

Wonderful photo thanks for sharing

Wow! this is good

wow.. excellent photography skill found on your clicked pictures . Keep it up.. and thanks for sharing . Hope a shiny photography life for future

Wow! Very nice and interesting post @velimir. I will keep on reading your post.


very creative this is what we call thinking outside the box

wow nice capture..it like a painting sir..different colours add beauty to it :)
very colourful..i totally agree with you..

Beni bir pipsqueak olmaktan gururlandırdın! Steemit'te bitirdim, çünkü ben bir seri pikapçuyum ve açıkça kurumsal (bozulmuş) Amerika şeref, dürüstlük ve şeffaflık için düşük toleransa sahip. Olabildiğince olursa, daha çok denklemin pipsqueak tarafında olacağım . Temiz bir vicdanın temiz havası nefes almak daha kolaydır, değil mi? : D

Wow! So much wisdom in one piece. Your intelligence speaks volume.


Hey Pipsqueak has got some talent! Will he/she take requests? Love it!

amazing photography...Steemit has a good community of artists and art lovers and I am sure you will enjoy it. Liked your paintings a lot. Looking forward to your posts!

what you post is really a dream I am very interested in your dream story anyone who read your story will take it in the eliminasi it is really amazing. i will follow your post with other story

Creativity on point.... I love this!

Well structured and lovely

Nice post
Anyway, i just made my introduction post and not many people have read .
Can you check it on my blog please

Thanks for sharing your photos. They're well-framed and everything looks natural. I really like them. Cheers!

I consider them brave and fearless, even when they know that their life is as stake, they continue to hang on and patiently waiting just like it was depicted in that amazing photograph above.

i was attracted to your pic - at first i thought it was a set up for photoshoot.. great pic bro

You always come up with amazing works

a very good post, please follow me

OMG, very impressive

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