Pencil drawing of Tony

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Today's Update is a pencil drawing I made for Tony. The girlfriend called me asking me if It were possible for her to get a pencil artwork against his birthday. I told her yes and We agreed to certain terms and I started the work. I'm glad that it came out good. She loved it, Tony loved it and everyone loved it.

Unfortunately I couldn't go for the birthday to witness and to take pictures of the emotional moment. I totally regret it because I would have gotten some contacts and made some new friends. Quite unfortunate.

It was an urgent work and because it was urgent, I couldn't get much progress shots. Below are few progress shots I took.

Shots were taken with my Samsung galaxy A7 smartphone.







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As always, stunning work my friend!

thanks so much @@@lynncoyle1. I really do appreciate your nice words. It has actually been a while. Hope everything is ok ma'am

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Impressive! It looks like a black and white photo. Thanks for sharing your backstory as well as the process, I always find that a big plus.

Good vibes all the way from Portugal, from a creative on a hiatus

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Wow so nice to see stop by. I really do appreciate this. thank you thank you thank you

You're welcome and you deserve the praise :>)

This is beautiful brother.... I really love this..... Wow

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thank you so much. I really appreciate this

You are so much welcome brother. You are really talented

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Thanks so much @art-venture. I really do appreciate your support