A few Ideas for New Steemit Artists on Promoting their work:)

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I am seeing a lot of new Minnows trying to promote their work in ways that might be considered counterproductive. While I get the feeling most mean well when going over their blogs, some are getting flagged as spam with no explanation as to why.

To keep new Steemian artists from being alienated, I thought I would give them a few ideas on how to promote their work in a way that will help bring them closer to the artistic community and the curators that support them. If anyone has other ideas; please suggest them in the comments. I can use all the help I can get myself!

First: make a GOOD introduction post using the # introduceyourself tag along with related tags that apply to your post. I failed in this; I just posted some of my art and one paragraph: don't be like me.

Make GOOD posts. Sometimes an artist can get a lot of upvotes for an image posted with no text; but if you have something to say about it people will be more likely to engage with you. I am lazy, I do not always do this: don't be like me.

Tag tag tag your posts. Curators actively search the tags, as do people who have a particular interest. Use proper, descriptive tags; do not just use the popular tags. I go through the #painting and #drawing and #illustration tags more than the #art tags now because it is now full of things that have nothing to do with art. I have heard tales of posts being flagged for being improperly tagged; so don't just pick the most popular ones.

Comment and enjoy others posts!!! When you build relationships with people they are much more likely to check you out and follow you, especially if you have something interesting to say. When people post links to their work under my post however, it sometimes hurts my feelings a bit, especially when I find out they have been doing this to other posters. Do not do this; even if you honestly like someone's work and just want their opinion; it is considered spam and someone will flag you.

Join contests!!! You might not win anything, or see immediate results, but you will be introduced to an extremely supportive artistic community. The artstyleart contests by @aksinya , @art-trail by @paolobeneforti and the colorchallenge organized by @kalemandra are just three examples. Trust me if you follow the rules and join one you will not regret it:)

There is are also chat sites you can join on discord and steemitchat (click the three lines beside your profile picture and scroll down to steemit chat) You can go on there to get to know people and build relationships, and you can also promote your work on various post promotion chats. Make sure you read the rules to the chat sites you visit and you post links in the proper places. I just recently gained access to a computer so I can utilize it. I am Twirble on there.

Finally, sometimes people have threads where they welcome people to link their artwork: like this one: Please feel free to post links to your artwork here and I will check it out:)

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Some great advice here twirble,
I'd also say resist the urge to add Your entire body of work in the first few days. If your posting 10 posts a day, it makes it harder for us support and reward each piece with our limited voting power.


Good advice! I post 2 to 4 times a day and that might even be to much. Also, people might resteem more selectively. I have made this mistake in the pass. If I go on someone's blog I want to see their work, so I imagine they would say the same to me. Thanks You:)


And seeing as shameless self promotion has been encouraged on this post here is my piece of shameless self promotion :D https://steemit.com/art/@phoenixmaid/sunken-steampunk-mixed-media-journal-cover-work-in-progress


Nice! This is the kind of content I like to see:)

This is sound advice from someone who's been doing it the right way here in steemit!


Well...I do not always take my own advice lol. Thank you.

I absolutely agree! I think artists can leverage Steemit to benefit them, but just posting a picture of the work is not going to work most of the time. Let's try to take people inside our world and show them what inspires us, our work in progress and our stories!


Yeah, I mean sometimes a picture is all you want to post. The other day I starteda long post for a particular image, then realized the story behind it was too painful to discuss, so I just posted it.


Of course, there's no harm in that! I think it's perfectly fine to post a picture or finished result when it's part of the bigger story of your blog :-)

Thanks for the tips and advice... I'm always hesitant with my tags, but I think I'm going to narrow them down a bit more so people who are serious about art will be able to find them easier... :) Upvoted, resteemed, following!

Great advice @twirble :)

Thanks for the advice

Fantastic advice- Thank you

Greetings! Great post! I am relatively new here and looking forward to sharing a ton of my art projects as I go.

Some for you to enjoy:
My steampunk mini-hat pop culture mashup collection
My yoga mat to steampunk top hat tutorial
My current animation test project

Lots more where that came from :D

Dear @twirble, thanks for this post! I am new to steemit and I am happy to learn how to use this platform as an artist. Definitely I will recommend steemit to my friends who engage in art, as I think it's an awesome tool to connect to others, give and receive feedback on works, and maybe even earn something while enjoying the rich variety of the steemit community.