Sunken Steampunk Mixed Media Journal cover (work in progress)

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Like a lot of people I often think I'd love to write a book but when I'm honest with myself I know I'm just not disciplined enough to actually sit down and write one (yet). So I decided I'll make one instead and send it to a friend who I know will write a book one day to keep her notes in.

@Merej99 this one is for you lady! As well as the liquid proceeds of this post which I will be sending your way to help you get to steemfest.

To speed things up I've cheated a little, I had a beautiful little book that was a bit worse for wear. Well it had been well read over its 138 years on this earth, pages had been torn, ears had been dogged, but the cover was in a fairly good condition so I decided to honour it's Victorian roots with a steam punk make over.


After gutting the book, I decoupaged the cover with scraps of antique papers, glued small piece of thick string to the spine then created the design using a chipboard frame , charms, beads, texture paste and several types of glue before adding a couple of coats of gesso to prime the cover for painting.

It was time to start adding colour, I know It looks pretty garish here but this was the first layer of acrylic and ink that will add depth and variation to the layers that follow.

I kept Layering mostly using Inks and a Gold stone ink spray. At one point I started to panic it looked more like someone had glitter bombed some troll vomit than the from depths of the ocean patina I was aiming for.

I didn't get pictures of the next few layers as my phone mysteriously vanished once the children got home from school.

Once I was happy with the cover I cut a piece of bronze faux leather from a tatty old handbag, darkened it with some brown paint and the gold stone ink spray. Then began gluing it to the spine, I quickly discovered I didn't have enough hands for this so grabbed some twine and another book to make it easier for myself.


Ok I haven't worked with faux leather before so I'm not sure if I cut this piece wrong or if the pulling and tugging when gluing the piece down has distorted it some how. So tomorrows crafting session will be spent fixing or hiding those wonky edges, before i cover the inside and sew in the signatures.

There is still quite a way to go to finish this project but a lot further to get @merej99 to steemfest, any sbd earned on this post will be passed to meredith so please upvote, resteem and pop over to show her the love on her posts.

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I love Steampunk! You really got talent.


Thank you. It's such a fun style to play with.


Oh yes, I always wanted to make something in Steampunk, but I didn't find the time and material.

Greetings, fellow steampunker! Incredible work on the book! This would look amazing on my shelf!
I do some steampunk art as well, mostly in the form of hats and masks done in foam. Feel free to check them out!
I'm gonna snoop the rest of your posts now for more great art!


Thank You darxide "This would look amazing on my shelf!" has to be the best compliment from a steampunker especially as this is only my 2nd attemptat steampunk.
I had a quick glance at your hats and they are amazing (loving the Dr who ones!). I have followed you and will pop back tonight when i have more time and voting power.
Have an amazing day.

I do believe I see a familiar phoenix on the horizon. I use to be a littleblacwolf10 in another life but am now reincarnated into a rabbit. @Merej99 recruited me to Steemit. Lovely to see you. And I love the book cover. That's really neat. I love Steampunk style. Very creative.


eeeeek I'm so glad you got here, I've been going through my friends list on fb for weeks trying to remember who you where to say get you wolfy butt over here. ( i know that sounds bad but i added a few from bubblews and got used to real names pretty quickly ). time for some wobbly ninja dancing.


I'm happy to see you! And I've got a new fictional diner! lol. It's still in its infancy but I'm having fun with it and finding all the fun crazy people around these parts. I'm following now to keep up with you.

AWEsome!! @phoenixmaid this is fun stuff. You and I would have a blast doing some play with all these tidbits of things. What a noble cause as well--sending @merej99 to Steemfest. Way to share the love and yourself around!

I know you gave me a sneak peek into this but it's absolutely GORGEOUS! And I am over the moon about the gift and the donation! I beg you, love, if you're shipping that over, use the liquid steem to help offset the cost. Resteeming!


hehe the book is actually a lot smaller than it looks in the pictures so won't cost much in shipping lovely.

The cover looks that was built with heavy metal and its priceless... awesome


Thanks newtechie

Upvote and resteem to send Meredith to Steemfest !
and your skills are great !


Thanks @chrisaiki I'd love her to get there, even though i'll be waving from wales.

Looks great so far!

That is an awesome piece of work!


Thank s Moondancer, I'm really enjoying working on this one.

@Merej99 sent me your way! Stating I would love your work, indeed she was very correct!!!
LOVE your journal and your art!!
Fellow artist also, new here to Steemit. So great to find other like minded art souls here!!
Following & looking forward to seeing more of your work.


You have the spookiest timing izabellablu, I had just loaded your blog page and was squealing because your a ephemera addict to when the notification came through.


WOAH!!! That is so cool!!! Synchronicity is very strong force! We need to listen to that small whisper of the universe :)
I need to post more of my art, just so busy with life stuff these days.

It looks amazing, well done :)


Thanks Karen. once i got past the troll puke stage I was dancing with excitement.


I bet you were, it looks very professional :)

great work keep it up dear :)

Beautiful!!! Do you make a lot of things in this style? I love how you made it look worn and lovely.


This is my second attempt at steampunk and my second book, but i'll be making a lot more of both as it's so much fun. although my next book cover conversion will hopefully be into a mobile phone holder.

Wow. Beautiful work. I love books and you have done a great job with this. Upvoted and followed


Thank you snooway.