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acrylic glazes and egg tempera on canvas, 2012

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VISIONARY ALCHEMY Exhibition - New York - April 29th to May 13th, 2017

I am in very good company: exhibiting with some great artists from the AOI

Poster VA Alchemy.jpg






The Process

Fomorii Incubator - Stages-1600-web.jpg

I only have the first stage, imprimatura with white highlights, the next stages would be yellow and blue glazes with highlights, the final stage you see here in the second image, local color added and additional highlights

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Note: I am an Austrian Artist living in Vienna
I post many of my blogs under the tag #steemit-austria

About my Work

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lovely art @thermoplastic
thank you for sharing


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Your technique is so...unique! I could stare for hours. To create dimension and art within art (like microcosms within your painting) is wonderful!


thank you - there are quite a few artists that paint in a similar technique - called Mische. My friend Miguel Tio writes a good explanation of it: Miguel Tio -Mische Technique
his is actually the purest version, myself, I paint with acrylics and adapted it to that way of painting.
But what is also part of this painting is that it is based on Decalcomania (in the first stage).


Thank you for the information, I love learning about art but I really am not well versed...looking forward to discovering more about the art world

WAS IST DAS FÜR EIN FOTO.... Der Lugner? :-))))


haha, ja, da hatten wir eine Weihnachtsausstellung im Palais Chotek, schon einige Jahre her (2012). Der Richard ist auch gekommen, hat blöde Witze erzählt, die Mädels von der Dirndlherz Fashion Show belästigt, aber gekauft hat er nix.

About Fotos: damit es nicht fad wird habe ich mich entschlossen auf jeden Kunstblog ein anderes Foto von mir einzustellen (auch Gruppenfotos mit Freunden so wie dieses usw).


Süsse Idee :-)))

I like this one Otto! looks like you are looking inside the body!

Love how your methods give the work physical dimensions. I need to see more exhibits like this in LA. I know the Hive had a visionary show last year.


it is unfortunate that a show we had in SF should have gone to LA as well, but the gallery folded before that happened. So there was just this one show in SF, and getting the work back was a pain in the ass. Long story ..... anyway, this show: https://www.visionaryartexhibition.com/dreams--divinities-blog/a-quick-update-about-the-fernal-launch-at-bash-contemporary-gallery


Bah gorgeous; I neet to find more galleries like that in LA. (To view the art)


been to Copro in Santa Monica? http://www.copronason.com/


Yeah, they have great shows, even if their space is rather small. I went to Bergomot station last week to check out the recent show but it was closed. Saw some great art in other galleries there though:)IMG_20180515_130343053.jpg. IMG_20180515_130643457.jpg

what a wonderful piece of art

Very interesting style.