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charcoal on panel, 40 x 50 cm - roughly 16 x 20 inches - 2018

for all images: right click and select 'open in new tab' to view larger size

This charcoal drawing does not exist anymore!

Starting middle of April I worked on it in my studio at the Kunstquartier Wien in Meidling. At that time I meant it to be the under-drawing for a painting, but as usual with me, I could not stop with the details. The process included spraying the charcoal with water, and manipulating it while wet, in a somewhat similar manner as the David Heskin method of Mana Prima. I then further work the image with sandpaper, various erasers (hard typewriter pencil erasers and electric erasers). I planned on giving it a imprimatura and then highlighting and glazing. Alas, I did not fix it properly: I should have used several coats of fixative as well as sprayed a clear coat acrylic medium on it. What happened was that it mostly got washed out. I am glad I recorded the steps, including the final you see here, so at least I can get prints off it.

For prints, I just posted it on my Pixels site:
Bogomil's Avatar Revisited - Progress

The Steps


Day One - April 12th 2018


Day Two - April 16th 2018


The details of the final step on April 16th before the "disaster" - and I am glad I recorded it all. And no, I am not showing how it eventually turned out, because I leave this for the future post of the first step of my painting, once finished.


for all images: right click and select 'open in new tab' to view larger size

for the record, this is my avatar on deviantArt, based on a old drawing of which I don't have a clear picture, so it only works for a small size. I've been on deviantArt for over 11 years, and never changed my profile picture.

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Note: I am an Austrian Artist living in Vienna
I post many of my blogs under the tag #steemit-austria

About my Work


Good thing I read this one over several times: there was a typo in the date, which I now corrected! I started this drawing about a month ago - not 2008 as I typed .... but I really wish I could go back, 10 years younger!

What a sophisticated technique you have! I like it very much! But what is an electric erasers? First time I hear about this.

this is the brand I use - you should find it in any good art supply store - maybe need to ask:

the presenter is a terrible artist though, but you get the drift

Up to 582 upvotes! Congrats Otto! You're on a role ;)

thanks - the attention this is getting is way out of proportion actually for what it is - I posted some time ago a huge drawing that took me well over a month to complete (now in the collection of a Slovenian Industrialist and Art Patron) - and that did barely register. Ah well, I might just sneak it in another time within a different context (like: artwork I should not have sold, since I put way too much effort into it to let them go).
A few years ago I sat with Ernst Fuchs at the Kinsky Auction house where a early drawing of his reached the highest price for a living Austrian artist - and he told me: "I don't have enough money to buy back my own art". He passed on now, but I always have to think about that tone of regret in his voice.
Creating merchandise for sale is one thing, but creating art - that is like your own children!

Beautiful. Resteemed

It's about time I thanked you for the resteem @mira13

Hab endlich die Kommentarfunktion auf Steemit gefunden! :) Was soll ich sagen, bin einfach ein technisches Genie XD. Nutze diese Gelegenheit gleich um dir an dieser Stelle mein Kompliment auszusprechen! Finde die Zeichnung genial. Etwas schräg, vielleicht sogar ein bisschen gruselig? aber absulut genial!

und Leo hilf Dir nicht dabei? Musst mal selber was einstellen! Freut mich aber dass Du hier bist!
Gruselig? Da hast aber keine Ahnung wie gruselig ich einmal war, haha - Du weißt ja von persönlicher Erfahrung dass ich aber wirklich ein liebenswerter Charakter bin 😉

It's really interesting to me how detailed this is and how my eye wanders over it. Each time I think I see the whole of the picture, it shifts on me. Like, the 'goat's horn' suddenly becomes a koi to me. Not sure if that was your intent, but it's pretty wonderful.

It just happens - when I draw, it is a trip for me, and I rarely plan anything, except there used to be a decades old drawing of mine of which I don't have a good image (nor do I know where it is), so I decided to "revive" it. But I didn't copy it, because that would be boring.

Someone somewhere is tripping his balls off on acid looking at your works! :D I'm trying to implement components from your and the style of mister Schmid and of corse myself.

thank you - I am flattered .... myself, I learned from watching the best, but then trying to figure stuff out myself.

Wow, very interesting piece of art! I can keep looking at it. The textures are really amazing.

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