I DRAW THE CRYPTO FUTUR WORLD ! Chapter I : The Steemit space highway

in art •  10 months ago

Hello to all the community of cryptos, I am quite new and welcome you to my art page.

After lots of time spent on Instagram to promote my work as an Artist, I discovered with big fascination Steemit and I am convinced that the blockchain and the concept of decentralization will provoke the next big revolution of art.

This is my very first post and I hope it is also the beginning of a long series of artwork on the fantastic world of cryptos if this post gets supported!

My purpose is not to be realistic but rather to create a fantastic universe which makes us dream on the world of cryptos and their world in the future. I also want that my work is more accessible and amusing this universe even though it is so complex and still hard to understand for a lot of people.
I also intend to expose this artistic work outside of Steemit to attract more people for Steemit and Cryptos, as I think that art being a good way of reassuring and attracting people who can be suspicious of the cryptos.


I want to invite people to comment/share there vision, dream and idea of a "crypto future world"! I haven’t decided what is going to be on my next artwork … maybe a futuristic Ethereum city? A Bitcoin spaceship ? A Ripple monster? The secret forests of Dash? An IOTA Robot ?

Let's go guys!
Art To the moon !

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Hi @tanguyjestin! Welcome to Steem! We're glad to have you here!

I am a Steem curator, and creator of the series "The Fresh 5" where I pick five new Steemians to share with my followers that they should know about. I have selected you as one of my five for today. Your post has been featured in my post you can find here: The Fresh 5.

I would encourage you to come over and visit my post and say hi in the comments to get to know some of the folks reading my daily digest. You are welcome to tell us more about yourself there and encourage my readers to come and check you out!

Have a great day! Looking forward to seeing more of you on the platform!!


I seriously think you are one cool Steemian dude for doing this for people.



Hello, thank you sooo much for the push, i am very grateful !! :)

Wow! This is so cool and one of the reasons I formed @slothicorn, so I could support artists who create crypto art! Check us out, and see if you are interested.


Hello stellabelle, thank you so much, i would appreciate any kind of push for my Artwork !

Welcome! Your art is really cool n.n I hope you success here and we all win!;)

Whatever you decide to draw next is gonna be awesome, right?!:D

Check @slothicorn mision!


Hahaha, Art to the Moon!!! That is the best!

Your art is so good. I hope some of the bigger accounts notice you here so they might use your art when they write their posts (and reference you of course)... welcome to the platform, I think you'll be an amazing addition!

Let me know if you have any questions or are confused about anything!


Thank you, yes the begining is very confusing but i am already fell in love with this platform !
People are very motivating and passionate !

welcome to steemit, you will soon find out that this is way better than instagram and facebook! have patience at first and interact with others and you will succeed!

Hello and welcome to Steemit, @tanguyjestin! You have a great idea with the crypto future artwork and I look forward to seeing what interesting work you have in store for us.

Hello! :)

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Thank you very much, i would appreciate any kind of help to start my story illustrations series !

I am going to encourage you to post under the tag #creativecommons! And if you do make any art that is free to use, please use the cc-(name of crypto), like eg : cc-steem, cc-bitcoin!

Plus check out @slothicorn
Pushing the creative commons crypto art to greater heights!

And the reason I say ALL of this, is mainly because I want to use your art and support you in that way!
Read all about it here : https://steemit.com/art/@ashleykalila/yessss-found-another-way-to-give-back-to-the-steemit-community

If you have any questions, please reach out!

Hi I'm @suhendi
Welcome to steemit,
may you be comfortable in steemit
We are always waiting for you best work results


Thanks dude :)


You are welcome

Welcome to Steemit!

As a fellow creative, I'm looking forward to what you're going to bring and add to this platform.

I like your style! Both the art, as well as the colors. It feels very retro and futuristic at the same time.

Of course, I don't mind seeing Steemit at the top (of a mountain), way above the clouds. This could either be seen as a positive or a negative. It's (concept is) hard to grasp, as is the blockchain. For years, everybody talked about 'the cloud', now more and more people are talking about cryptocurrency / the crypto space. Hopefully, the same will happen to Steemit. And I feel artists - like you - could have a powerful role in that.

Alright, I could go on and on. You excited me with your post and art, but let's end with the following question:

Who is that person standing on the edge of the cliff? Is it you? Or perhaps the people who aren't into cryptos (yet ;)

Keep up the good work!


Love the intensity of the colors! Makes you think of a bright future indeed.

Nice introduction! I think you have a good crypto future here on steemit! I'll follow you to share this future crypto space xD (I'm loving all the artist that are joinin' this community)


Thank you so much for your creative motivation aha

Wow this is really awesome great piece. Cryptos and weird landscapes I'm in !!!

You have the power man¡!!!

Wow! This is wonderful. You're so talented. Thanks for the help u render out

Happy Steeming*

welcome nice to have you here! I have an art contest weekly I'd love you to join, your style is really cool, I hope you enjoy steemit!

How about IOTA nanobots? I would think they represent transactions on a micro level.

Welcome! This is good stuff. We have similar visions. Check out www.sfeos.io (a future player owned game built on EOS). Looking for artists...

Cats are never much enough =・ω・=