Work in progress title- "Mermaid"

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Welp, here we go again


I started this painting last Friday. It was 1 in the morning, I started to draw, just like I would do on paper, start from somewhere, get a shape that I like and expand from there. But my brain crashed, for 2 hours I had nothing, I was just drawing, erasing and drawing again, repeat.
This is what I had on it before a friend of mine jumped in chat while I was drawing and suggested that I should go for the fine shapes of a lady, my intention was not that, I wanted to draw something ugly... But I gave in. :D

When I was painting yesterday I decided to make the lady a mermaid, the closest thing to that was a robo-shark. It's going to be underwater or something similar, maybe even space :P who knows :D

Today I'll get more work done on the piece, will probably work on the body, I need to play around with pose and I'll apply the advice that my teacher gave me about female bodies and giving them a bit more sex appeal.
I already have an idea for a story based on it, but first, I need to finish the painting first. So, be patient... image.png

Tools used: Wacom Intuos pen Small & Photoshop cc2018

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Very impressive, like the way you showed shining effect and reflection :)

Thank you! Yeah, I'm trying to not go as dark as I'm used to

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I like your work and if I could, I would look through what you have for sale to buy one.

All I can do is give you all the upvotes I can.

Thank you very much!
I'm the same way, don't worry about it :P So many great artists... :D

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