Illustration 101 - Lesson 2

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The Brief

An illustration assignment or project brief is a document outlining the task at hand. Usually an outline of what is needed will be supplied by the client. But in many cases, the illustrator will need to do it themselves. A brief will consist of three parts:
The Rationale - Why are you undertaking the task.
The Aim - What are you planning to do.
The Objective - How are you planning to do it.

Illustration 2-2.jpg

The Rationale

The Rationale explains the purpose of why there is a need for the specific illustration. It should explain why you are doing what you are doing, and why it is necessary for the project to be done. The illustration should aim to accomplish one of the following:

Professional practice area of context. This can include things like, advertisements, album covers, slideshows, and anything that a business might require in a visual format. The context must be clearly established before any work can proceed. You cannot work on something unless you know what it is meant to do.

A question that needs to be answered. This usually requires much more research. An academic essay would need to be drawn up showing sufficient research into the subject. An example would include, why is the sky blue? To answer this, the illustrator will need to consult various topics, which include scientific theories, as well as historical myths and beliefs. These findings must all be included in the rationale in order to show that the illustrator has sufficient knowledge to proceed with the task.

The Aim

The nature and goal of the work should be clearly set out. One should state what outcomes should be achieved. Here one will state the amount of research that will be necessary in order to fully understand the topic. Who the target audience will be and how one will proceed in presenting the final work to them. As well as, what the planned imagery will look like and how it will be achieved.

The Objectives

This is a technical document outlining the timeline of the project. One should plan when and where specific outcomes take place. The objectives should also state how the intended work will facilitate professional and academic outcomes.

Illustration 2-3.jpg


The Brief is a document that outlines the project. It is a guideline of what should be done, how it should be done, and why it should be done.

The next lesson will cover how the illustrator goes about solving the brief, so follow me. AND DON'T FORGET TO UPVOTE MY LESSONS.


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