A Colorful Morning by #drawingqueen

in art •  15 days ago

The best Sunrise I have ever seen in a while. Yes...I am referring to the hand made drawing, colouring , painting by #drawingqueen.


With the mixture of Three colour she made my masterpiece yesterday evening. When she started the drawing , I only saw she was making some semi-circle with yellow colour on her drawing book. I expected she was upto something beautiful. Because the way she was putting the concentration the Color I guessed it. But, in the mean time I have to visit the market to fetch some grocery. So I unable to get the complete steps.

However, when I came back later, she shows me this beautiful painting. Which have all the three colour perfectly blended into a Beautiful Sunrise view . On above it, she made a beautiful tree branch that have two birds perfectly cozying up together. At first I took a upside down picture but later realising the birds sitting on the branches.


I corrected it. 😉, The main thing I liked is how beautifully, she made those semi circles, simple through hand. I watched her rubbing those crayon horizontally on to the sheet . One, Two, and Three semi-circle and of different shades. Perfection at best. The White , Orange and the Red.

This is how she make use of her spare time, when not studying , then make something beautiful....The Best👌

Note: #drawingqueen is just 11 years old

Stay Calm....

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wow it is beautiful @steemflow
you have great art my friend..

Wow beautiful art, Really like it

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Amazing picture!
I like sunrisecolors)))

I like it, very emotive

I like the contrast between the colors!

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Love the beautiful idea of dark branches on a sunrise, she is an awesome artist 👌👌

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She is so talented, and thinking of cool details like the birds , which of course look better right side up :)

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Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


I like the contrast of the colors! And with those birds just hanging out in the tree watching the sunrise it has a real peaceful feeling to it. Nicely done!

Beautiful sunrise! The ones that depict romance and a promising tomorrow. That bright warmth telling us tomorrow will be a nice day. Great job, awesome work. Fine art to be proud of :)


Ohhhh lovely...you have beautify it with such a lovely comment. She just made me proud. She has few more work but I didn't manage to take the steps. I have the final image only

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Lovely! It is awesome to cherish and encourage her to be so creative ^_^


Indeed...best way to encourage what they like...and let them free to explore their likings.

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She is very talented! I like this drawing very much and am glad you suggested that I come look at it.


Thanks ..😊 I told you she is good...I did shared her painting and also she is very good in making use of waste material...like she made a pen stand using old CDs and bangles...and Christmas bells using old plastic bottles and many other thing. I have few pics of her drawing hope to make post and share here.

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She sounds like she's very talented and it will be fun to see you post things from her as she grows up.