Short Range Air Defense

in art •  last year

The roots of this image go way back, to when I was painting in oils in the 80's. I already made several versions back then. If I remember correctly I re-painted on top of the existing image once or twice. Sadly this painting is long gone, I think it was stolen by the asshole who rented my apartment in one town, when I went to art school in another town.

Many years later I recreated it in digital, it was one of my first paintings in Photoshop. At that time I had been working in digital for a while, but more on the 3d side of things.

And again, I created multiple versions, I think this is version 4. Perhaps you can see that one of my major early influences was Frank Frazetta. :)


Thanks for watching!
Yay it's Friday!

Links to some of my other art:


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Wow this is epic!
I love how the light blast is seen a bit through the right wing.
And the perspective angle is amazing!
This honestly gave me chills.


Thank you!

another amazing painting. sorry for the dumb ass that stole it but that's life :P


lol yes that be true :)

So much talent - how long did it take you to create it?


Thanks! This one took a very long time, I made multiple attempts but was never really happy with it. I found it extremely tricky to get the maximum impact out of the explosive energy release I envisioned... and getting the anatomy of the wings right, I'd never tried painting dragons or bats before at that time...
I also found it tricky to balance the "down" force of the monster with the opposing "up" force of the shot. And the lighting of course. :)


I'd say you managed perfectly. Looking forward to see more from you. And yes ... MORE DRAGONS please!

Yeah, Frazetta in the roughness of the subjects, and Valejo in the way you use colors and lights -- the beam showing through the wing membrane, for example, excellent effect!


Thanks! Yeah Boris is really good too, though he wasn't an early influence,
have you seen his sketches or pencils? They're even better than his paintings imho

Magnificent work! I'm a fan.

I am an not an expert, but this is Awesome. I am a fantasy and sci-fi fan, and you my friend created a dragon killing death ray. Kudos, kudos 😄 I can really see how the original was made in the 80ies. Background for this is in my head is heavy metal.


Thanks! Yes I read a lot of "Metal Hurlant" and "Fluide Glacial" back then :)

Wow very nice sketches you made. That's really amazing .. you are very talented in terms of ink .. Congratulations to work always good luck

Made me think on "Reign of Fire" flick hehe
Awesome painting as usual @stahlberg 😎

Awesome! You caught the kill shot !!

Another great piece. Interesting that you were able to duplicate it in digital now. We're their significant differences between the outcome of the oil original and this one in digital? In terms of colour or mood, mostly.


Thanks! Yes I think so, but I don't remember the older one clearly. But I was more naive and less skilled back then. I remember using the strongest colors I could squeeze out of the tubes. :)

I love the beam showing through the wing membranes, and the crocodilian shape of the creature's head!

I've been watching you, @stahlberg. Your art kicks some major ass. I'm looking for a cover artist for part 1 of my historical graphic novel, Polis: The Trial of Socrates. Would you have any interest in that? Have you done comic covers before?

You'd have to let me know your rate - and I'd pay in either fiat or steem - whatever works best for you.

Here's a link to one of the pages, so you can see what it's all about:

(Funny enough, the artist on the pages is also in Australia...)


I've been following your Lesbian Zombies too, great stuff!
Sounds interesting, tell me more what you want. I'd do it for SBD,
I don't want to gouge, how high's your pain threshhold? :)


SBD can definitely work. Let's talk through email - it'll be easier to go into details. Mine is - and my first name's Jave.


Mine is
but I already emailed you :)

um... please don't mind me, I am just testing this out. I am not spamming, really. I'll be on my way now. oh yes... I just upvoted you by the way. Stephard Tester, superoo7/superoo7-dev

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fantastic 💯


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A dragon - yeah! :D