my comic: Android Blues 106 first look

in art •  3 months ago


Here's the next page in my graphic novel, just finished.

Lisa and Elvis continue discussing whether they have a future together or not.

Then - suddenly...


Thanks for watching!

Previous pages:
First page:

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Keep up the great work!

Oh will Elvis explain that when busted?

Amazing work, as always, @stahlberg!

It's obvious the kid doesn't want to be alone anymore, he's got a stunning lady to show off, now! Ah ah ah!

As always buddy. You're art is dope. I'm looking forward to the completion of this graphic novel.

Nice, I like the way the whole story is flowing, and now wondering who is tap tap tapping at his door. ?Sister, Father, Mother, or the chasers. We will see and learn, could be friend, foe or unknown.

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I like this page the most. You used a very explicit approach at before but now the history develops on deeper ideas. Also, sexual tension can still be present without requiring to nude the girl. Actually, I find a lot of human fragility in your female character's anatomy. Why do you keep her that fragile for so long?

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I really like your artwork, I have to confess that I just stare at the pictures and watch how you created such levels of detail on the male character's hair. Have you ever thought about creating premium tutorials leveraged on the Steem Blockchain? If you ever get to that write my name first on the waitlist. Best regards.