Art Captured in a Sphere

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If you're a follower, you know I find this art inside 3D spheres. I use a 3D program to create and modify hexagons and other types of polyhedra. With lights and a virtual Camera inside the sphere, I explore by moving the camera around and changing it's lenses. I always find something unique and surprising! Here is a closeup detail shot and some other images found in the same sphere:





Right-click on these and open in a new tab to see them larger.

If you want to see more images I find, I'll be posting more everyday. Thanks for taking a look!

These images were previously posted by me on Twitter and Instagram. Here are links to my accounts:


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Those are great images indeed, very beautiful and seem to come from another reality. I used to do something similar in the past, with a 3d render application called BRYCE: I created a simple 3d terrain and some objects, applied textures on them and then, I created a liquid object in front of the camera, covering its view. I then tweaked the texture of that object, its transparency, translucency, the colors, its surface granularity etc and it was like seeing the landscape through a distortion lens.

It is very enjoyable to explore such digital environments and find beautiful pictures, sometimes what you find is very surprising.

I also used Bryce a few years ago, but never experimented the way you describe, using refraction to add distortion. That's an interesting method. All of my images are created with a camera inside of a sphere, which I tweak and manipulate, and then with some added processing in Photoshop.

Thanks for your compliments, and taking the time to look at my post!

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