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Here's a little something different from my usual ball point pen doodling.

This used to be a white matte finish rock until I used my prisma color pencils on it.

Here's the other side of it.

I also tried drawing on the stones with sharpie markers. Its a bit tricky as the ink likes to bleed easily into the stone.

Here's the other side of the stone. Perhaps in the future I'll post more elaborate doodle stones or carve one with my dremel.

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I tried drilling a hole through a stone with a dremel and found I didn't have the patience for it. I'd love to see what you can do carving one!

Trick is using softer stone, these ones are pretty easy to drill through.

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Wow, this is so nice. Looks like coloured egg at first glance. 😀
I would love to see more of your doodle stones.

I've been wanting to get a thick goose egg to color sometime.

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I know a couple of stone artists who use the paint pens that you can buy in sets of different colors. Those might be worth trying for you.
Nice work on the stones!

Yeah the paint pens would be better for getting into the tiny little pitted areas. I tried sharpening my pencils as mich as possible but still they couldn't get into the little white areas.

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Wonderful idea, freind! I love this!

Next test will be a dremmel carving of these rocks. I just have to figure out how to contain the dust.

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Nice rocks. I have seen, and done, some chalk on concrete/asphalt drawing but don't see many rocks drawn on. The occasional painted rock does pop up but these penciled ones have a different look to them.