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This painting is one of my favorites. It was in my imagination, then I had to make the artwork. I painted it in 2018. A woman, who is a fan of the art bought this painting, because she is also a cat lover. She sent me a pucture of her cat, who is posing next to the painting. It might be a little bit strange because of the white eyes of the cats, buy they are cute I think and it makes this artwork more interesting and misterious.

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If it's their eyelids that are white, they seem to have closed eyes and meditating ^_^
If this is their eyes, well, they seem out of the world ...but in both case, the painting is beautiful =))

Thanks :) I tried to express that they are out of the world, as two creatures with white and innocent souls.

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Very mystical, there is a strong presence in this piece <3 I love how the title is Vision but that the cats' eyes are all white.... as if they are seeing things we cannot see or comprehend... So lovely !

Yup, I even think it was called Wisdom before. During the exhibition in Sevlievo... Yes?

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Thank you, I'm excited because of your comment! <3

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Welcome to the platform. As time progresses, if you share new pieces with us and post a few progress shots, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the reaction from the community. Great piece @silver.art.

Thank you so much! :)

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