My #maysketchaday Sketches [Part 2]

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Dear friends,

as you might know, I'm participating in this year's #maysketchaday, where I basically "exercise daily to build immunity to perfectionism. Any medium, anything goes."

After I posted the first batch of sketches a few days ago, I now want to show you my latest sketches. Let's go!

May, 12th


This piece is part of a visual communication with @kalemandra at Here is an overview of the whole convo:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-18 um 09.41.16.png

I did every second sketch, after @kalemandra started and you can see it in full size here.

The same day I made my second sketch after @kalemandra replied again:


May, 13th

The next day, I did another:


May, 14th


On that day, I made a sketch using the Sketchpad App called "Elephant Man", because it reminded me of Joseph Merrick

Joseph Merrick carte de visite photo, c. 1889.jpg
By Unknown - The image hosted at the Sideshow Wiki (direct image link) is a copy of an original carte de visite of Joseph Merrick that is owned by Royal London Hospital Archives, Public Domain, Link

Joseph Carey Merrick (5 August 1862 – 11 April 1890), often incorrectly called John Merrick, was an English man with very severe face and body deformities who was first exhibited at a freak show as the "Elephant Man", and then went to live at the London Hospital after he met Dr. Frederick Treves, subsequently becoming well known in London society.


@gussiefinknottle, who saw my sketch at twitter, recommended to listen to "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber (taken from David Lynch's movie about the Elephant Man) to see the resemblance. Here it is:

The Elephant Man OST - 10 - Adagio for Strings

I was surprised to see, that there was also a play about the Elephant Man featuring David Bowie:

David Bowie - Scenes from The Elephant Man, 1980-1981

May, 15th

At that day I shared a sketch, I had done using the SketchesPro App on my iPhone. I wasn't exaclty sure about putting it upside down or not. @gussiefinknottle thought, it would even work horizontally.

IMG_9969 2.jpg

IMG_9969 2.jpg

May, 16th

On that day I did two sketches again. The first one was another reaction to the visual dada convo with kalemandra.


And the second piece was this sketch done with the Sketchpad App:


May, 17th

Yesterday I did this colorful sketch using Corel Painter Essentials and I'm still looking for a title for this work.


I thought about "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear", but I'm not sure, if that makes sense.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed my second batch of #maysketchaday - even though I did some of them very quickly to post them at my twitter before the day ended. It's a very good exercise to practise daily and if you ever have a chance to participate in a daily drawing challenge, you should definitely give it a try.

As I'm going on a city trip next week, it will probably be a bit challenging to keep posting, but I will certainly continue to create a daily sketch. Please appoligize, when I'm not very active at Steemit during the next few days, I'll be back!

Which one is your favorite? Please tell me in the comments!

Thanks for watching!




Dear JXxX-x (I love anynomity)

I have thought about what to write (yes, I use far to much time on comments, but this one I wanted to get right, so I didn't write yesterday). Then Youtube slowly through Johnny Otis, Nat King Cole and Esperanza Spalding took me to this:

Listen to the long introduction. It says all about inhibitions, perfectionism et all. I think that the most important thing to have in mind is that we can only give ourselves and we can never know what it means. Bob Dylan makes these mediocre paintings, he can't sing, but somehow he simply did himself in front of everybody. That's it. Our admiration for the masters will keep us on our toes, but it isn't meant to keep us on the ground.

I like the linework drawings most, especially Elephant man.

EDIT: P.S. Now I wrote a whole complicated post about this.

Dear Mr. McCoy,
thanks a lot for your encouragement.

I use far to much time on comments

Me too :-) IMHO the comment section is the heart of the platform and it makes me happy, that (besides all this Commentphant approved nonsense) there's some real meaningful interaction here.

It's probably a lot easier to broadcast your own ideas in a post, than actually listen to the thoughts of someone else, think about them and write a meaningful reply.

And wow, what a reply you wrote.

I think that the most important thing to have in mind is that we can only give ourselves and we can never know what it means.

Boom! That went straight into my heart, I will have to transform it into some kind of mantra for me.

I was (like a lot of Christians) raised with the "original sin"-mantra, that kept telling me, I'm imperfect and I will always be (until a higher authority would eventually have mercy and forgave my sins).

Under this influence I should have learned to accept my desperate aspiration for perfection. But I didn't.

Our admiration for the masters will keep us on our toes, but it isn't meant to keep us on the ground.

I often ask myself, if I will ever be "good enough" to be satisfied with what I do and it's not because I admire the work of the masters so much. I guess, it's because I need these doubts as an incentive to grow and to proove all those manipulative brainwasher's of my youth wrong.

Because imperfection is the new perfection!

I fell a tag coming on :)

Glad you liked it, I did find it uncomfortably well articulated, when my real feelings about the subject is so hazy and confused. I suppose I will have to work on this question myself until I die... unless God shows himself to me. (That would be a game changer).

But everything that makes me move ahead in a way that also makes me create is accepted as a good working thesis.

Because imperfection is the new perfection!


I highly applaud and totally support drawing daily. I started the practice a few years back, mainly because of #inktober, and the habit stuck. is great for this too, your daily sketching. I'm just back on now and have missed it a bit and see you have been 'chatting' with fellow stemmians there, which is great to do!

Great job and keep up the daily! It's such a good habit to form.

Thanks for your feedback! I certainly will try to keep up that habit. Dada is a great tool for doing so, because you don't have to be 'perfect' to participate and you always have a chance for some great visual feedback.

Excellent, this really seems to work for you. First & last are my favorites.

"exercise daily to build immunity to perfectionism. Any medium, anything goes."

Thanks a lot! It's great to develop the habit of daily practise (although my inner censor often says, that it's not good enough for posting). It also helps me to post the daily result at twitter and I'm quite happy to be able to do a summary of the works every week or so at Steemit.

Another great series :)
Love the collaboration with @kalemandra!

Thanks :-) Dada is really cool and unique regarding this kind of collabs.

those art work are impressive and you have shown about the elephant man. and made after @kalemandra reply is best choice for me.

Thanks for your appreciation :-)

All sketches are so good !
I liked may 14 th sketch " elephant man " .

Enjoy this post .😇
Happy journey ...For your trip !!

Thanks for your feedback and the good wish!

Your entry is superb, the painting and the drawing were awesome and cool, keep the good work flowing man.

Thanks, will do :-)

Wow amazing arts my friend, this is mind blowing and I must say this is unique. So nice my friend, so nice . Absolutely gorgeous
I haven’t heard about the elephant man, I’d go read about him . Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your feedback, but you should definitely not upvote your own comments, when you want to get an upvote from me. It's kind of against the Steemit netiquette (and should only be used, when you need your comment to become more visible, because you have something very important to say.)

Oh my bad , I’m quite sorry about that . I corrected it, thanks for the clarification. You’re much appreciated

Thanks for your cooperation, it's mostly to prevent abuse. You should rather use your voting power to share the love, than just being selfish ;-)

Totally understood, thanks once again

These are cool.
I have this idea, maybe you already tried this one.
I got an idea from one of my favorite Steemians @zen-art, she was rock-painting, so now me and my daughter are plotting a perfect day to visit a beach, find some nice roundish stones and hit them with some paint.
I don't know how it will turn out, that miniature painting, but we will try.
Have a wonderful day.

Thank you, that‘s a wonderful idea! Maybe I will give it a try ;-)

They all look amazing! But I think I am amazed with the one in May 15th. Did you sketche that entire thing in your kinda tiny iphone?

Thanks for your positive feedback! Yes, #15 is completely done on iPhone. It’s quite easy, if you use the right app (just drawing with your finger).

with just fingers and your imagination they are your great weapons! Hope you do well at #maysketchaday

Thanks again! It‘s a great exercise to do a daily artwork :-)

I come back to tell you this is how much you motivated someone to be creative. I never sketch and especially with iphone and finger but now i did HAHAHA
Thanks for your inspiration.

How cool! Thanks for sharing this beautiful sketch - you‘re quite talented :-) And I just love to inspire!

Hypnotizing conversation. I'd love to be active on Dada as well, but no chance to manage that...

Thank you! You should really try it out one day. It‘s a very unique experience. ;-)

Go go beat them alllll @shortcut, I love to see your spirit. I like the May 15th and May 17th most.

Thanks a lot for your encouragement :-)

beautifully present about your digital art work and first one is color indeed.

Thanks, you're probably talking about the last one...

your image is like a symbol, is that right?

Which one do you mean? This one?

No, I had no symbol in mind, when drawing these. I just tried to react to the drawings of @kalemandra and add something new to it. That's the way, these collabs work at dada.

Creative and unique sketches your sketch are an expression of artistic ideas . My favorite sketch is the last sketch because it shows a male and female in the background of the sketch and it is an expression of real art @shortcut

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like it :-)
(It is still very uncommons to upvote your own comments [until you have a very good reason to do so])

I fully support this daily artistic outlet. Being involved in the spreading of art at any level is admirable and does so much good for the world. More good than we as humans could ever actually see with our limited awareness.

Thanks for your comment! (I would even have upvoted it, if you wouldn't have already upvoted it by yourself)
I would like to see more people seeing, understanding and valuing the impact of art to the world.

Amazing..... All art work are so meaningful

Amazing art work there so nice to see those very unique :D

One of the great thing the lord as given us is knowledge to do all things and art been one of the things we get from this knowledge makes the world a beautiful place for us to live in. Thanks for sharing this drawings

Thanks, but I don’t believe in a lord, who made me do this.

Really amazing......

Its amazing art brother great job.