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RE: My #maysketchaday Sketches [Part 2]

in #art2 years ago

Wow amazing arts my friend, this is mind blowing and I must say this is unique. So nice my friend, so nice . Absolutely gorgeous
I haven’t heard about the elephant man, I’d go read about him . Thanks for sharing


Thanks for your feedback, but you should definitely not upvote your own comments, when you want to get an upvote from me. It's kind of against the Steemit netiquette (and should only be used, when you need your comment to become more visible, because you have something very important to say.)

Oh my bad , I’m quite sorry about that . I corrected it, thanks for the clarification. You’re much appreciated

Thanks for your cooperation, it's mostly to prevent abuse. You should rather use your voting power to share the love, than just being selfish ;-)

Totally understood, thanks once again