Shiny Forest Ghost Sticker Series - Up In the Tree

in art •  8 months ago

❤ ❤ ❤ Hello Dear Steemit Friends! ❤ ❤ ❤

Here's another, kinda mysterious piece starring a Shiny Forest ghost:


Pen and ink on paper, digitally processed in GIMP, 21x29,7 cm

I enjoy imagining forest ghosts in their natural habitat, but so far I've portrayed them almost always half-hidden, still, wary and observing only. Now I've started drawing them in relaxed, playful poses. I'm calling that a progress (and also my subconscious is demanding more rest, I guess ;P)


Where do the forest ghosts stay at night? Do they have tiny houses scarced around the forest or do they sleep in some hidings of natural origin?

This one is staying inside the tree for the night. Nights in the forest can be very dark. In the background of my drawings you can see the ever-present darkness, lit with some sources of light, like trees, stars etc. This reminds me of the impression I have when thinking of dreams- like they're void of light and there's an underlying darkness in them, despite the presence of spot light. A situation that is actually typical for this universe, right?

This drawing wasn't easy to finish. I fought with my markers and pens but the result wasn't satisfactory. I even thought that this poor forest ghost may become a project to be forgotten and to be put somewhere deep in a desk drawer.

The texture was really bad, as the medium (stock paper) hasn't got a very good quality and I wasn't patient enough to craft beautiful, organized lines in the trunk of the tree. Luckily, in GIMP I trust, so I decided to treat my little buddy digitally. I found the final result to be quite promising. There is this faint touch of realism in the drawing, that feels mysterious, enticing... I'm encouraged even more to strive for a proper digital art education :)

Fortunately, some good folks of Steem Artists Discord Channel have recommended me the Design Cinema Youtube Channel as a great source of knowledge. I haven't had a chance to look into their tutorials yet, but I will probably have time at the end of April for that.

I'm very curious, how have your beginnings with digital art looked?

And now to tell something about the process of drawing :)


  • First, there was a sketchy sketch-sketch with a pencil!


  • Then there was redrawing with pen and correcting some of the imbalances in the tree's outline :)


  • Next, there was an initial shading (the dot technique is called stippling) and textures!


  • This was the point, where shading and texturing intensified... The tree bark sure looked strange at this point.


  • And it was at this stage that I realized I won't be able to obtain any better result with markers and pen only. I was too disorganized and undisciplined with my pen and the texture in the tree bark looked really fatal to me. I decided to treat my drawing with some GIMP tools.


  • After desaturation of the scan in GIMP and using a wide range of sizes, shapes and opacity levels of a brush tool, I managed to achieve the intensity, texture and depth that wouldn't be possible to obtain with traditional methods in this case.


And that's all, folks! This sticker was supposed to look scary, but I don't think that the ghost looks very afraid.


  • And here's a gif animation showing the process behind the final result.

GHOST 4.gif

Here you can see all the previous Shiny Forest ghost Stickers:

I hope you've enjoyed my Shiny Forest ghost up in the tree :)

I'm very grateful for all the kindness, support and inspiration I've received so far here on Steemit! I appreciate that a lot, guys, and as always...

footer 1.jpg



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Oh nooooooo I missed this beautiful post of yours.

This is adoarable as usual and I like it as well with less darkness in the tree trunk. Of course, that is what is so great about digital, have it both ways! :)

I love it! The textures on the tree look so goo and, of course, the ghost is cute as ever <3

I never tried digital art. I hope one day I can make one. Anyway, this is my first time to see your shiny forest ghost and I like it. Looking forward to see some of your works.


Thank you :)))

Wow Shiny! Another lovely art piece! I know that that ghost is pretty comfy up there.

This would be great on a Tshirt :)
Consistent quality young master, keep it up!


Ah, dear @zeroooc, how I miss thee. How are you lately?
I think it's actually a great idea to put in on a T-shirt One day... :)
Thank you and love,

Love your work as always @shinyforest :)


Your approval means a lot to me, @jungwatercolor! Thank you so much for your kind support! I love your art and your talent so I can really appreciate that :) BTW I love your bunny and dog, from now on I'm going to follow you more closely, this was my intention from the first time I followed you but sometimes it's hard to stay organized and focused on Steemit...
Anyway, it's great to hear from you and I look forward to follow closely your beautiful artwork, Dunja.


Yes, I know what you mean with keeping up with following here, have the same problem. If I miss someone I like and hadn't upvoted something truly good. But there is also life out of Steemit so we should not forget that either @shinyforest :)
And you are doing great art as I said so it's mine pleasure to enjoy in it :)

I am fascinated by digital art, but I haven't yet given it a try, beyond editing photos and just regular old graphics. I will check out the tutorial you suggested, though.

I LOVE your little ghost characters!


Thank you so much @byn, I really appreciate your kind support. It's so wonderful how Steemit allows us to continue creating and learning new skills, and big part of how it helps me are friendly words of support like yours. I'm very happy that you like the ghosts, they like you very much too <3


You're most welcome. The encouragement here has been a tremendous boost to my creative self as well! It's a wonderful place :)

Charming! I can imagine cartoon with it!


Hello and thank you, @balabastic :) I appreciate your kind words, cartoon would be great one day ;)
Welcome to Steemit and I wish you a lot of success here!
Perhaps you'll find my old post with tips and guidelines helpful:
All the best,

Nice work @shinyforest. Lovely illustration, I love the detailed steps


Thank you @abmakko, it means a lot to receive support from a pro like yourself! Thank you for visiting :)
All the best,

Aww, this little ghost looks so cute! <3
May I hug him, hehe... ^.^


Thank you Katalina <3 Of course you may! :)

hiding in his hole like that makes him even more adorable * ___ * i wanna hug him and hug him and hug him XD



The ghost wants to hug you tooooo, @veryspider <3

Nice, I like the fact that you turned it into a gif to show the progress.


Thank you for stopping by, @chr7is :) I appreciate the support! The gif is always my favourite part of my artwork posts :)

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"Miao"- said by the ghost

:D will try to doodle this in my notebook


Hello @notimetospace, thank you :) please show me if you do!
All the best,

I love the details and this is very detailed! Nice work as usual 🍓⚡♥️

Oh, I love this little guy! Wishing him a peaceful night sleep in his tree <3
I am sure you're gonna ace digital art and probably an online course would be enough, as you already have the talent & skills <3
I first studied Photoshop back in my fashion design studies, it was so long ago, it was Photoshop 4 back then ;D We learned how to creat patterns and textures for our fabrics and then placed them into our scanned designs. Since then, Photoshop and I grew together and though there are always new features & possibilities to learn, it comes so naturally, that instructions are no longer needed ;) I then taught myself also Illustrator and InDesign and only when I cannot find the option that I'm looking for, I search online for the solution. These kind of programs are usually very easy to use, so I am positive you will do great!


Thank you dear Shlomit for such kind words and for sharing your experience, it's very uplifting! I'm sure that with Steemit I will be able to move on with this topic, I think that the first thing I should do is to decide what to draw and then just execute the idea :P Just start. I would love to see your projects of fabrics! Sounds very interesting!
Thank you <3


Yup, just start! :D <3 Looking forward to see what you will create :)

Oh, those were so old and I'm pretty sure that the files did not survive the times.. maybe they exist somewhere on an old floppy A which cannot be opened on any computer anymore ,:D

Hugs <3