Shiny Forest Ghost Sticker Series - Behind the Plants

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❤ ❤ ❤ Hello Dear Friends! ❤ ❤ ❤

Here's today's finished artwork for you- two forest ghosts' tête-à-tête behind some bushes:


Pen and ink on paper, 21x29,7 cm

I enjoy imagining forest ghosts in their natural habitat, but so far I've portrayed them almost always half-hidden, still, wary and observing only. Now I've started drawing them in relaxed, playful poses. I'm calling that a progress (and also my subconscious is demanding more rest, I guess ;P)

Yeah, the longer I think about it, the more sure I am that I'll be working even from my own grave :>


Source of the original meme. The joke is translated from Polish meme that I saw somewhere on the Internet some time ago :)


Forest ghosts have been seeing each other for a while now, I gather. They look surprised that they're being watched, I think we'd better leave them alone!

Today I will be still talking about sparrows, guys :) I've told you about their love affairs and hardships in my last post, but now I have some good news!

There was an event called "Wróbliczenie" (a crude translation would be something like Sparrowcounting) in Warsaw this weekend, started by Psubraty Charity Organization (literal translation would be something like Dogbrothers ;) ), and I participated in this action. The aim was to estimate the number of sparrows around the city, to get to know their living conditions, and to draw some initial conclusions on the topic. Well, I live in a fairly new and affluent part of the city, but the problem is, Wilanów District isn't a very friendly and inviting environment for small birds like sparrows, blue tits and others, because of how dense the urban development is, how sparse and confined are the green parts of the city, and what a rare occurrence are any forms of direct support to the birds- meaning nesting boxes or bird feeders. And spring is the time when sparrows build nests (not an easy or safe job in the city) and they need places for this purpose.

I will be putting some nesting boxes in the vicinity next week, and I have to pick a safe location (not in a direct sun, high on the tree, close to hidings like bushes and trees etc.). One must be careful when picking a nesting box and a location for it- a proper box is made of solid wood, has an oblong shape, small hole protected with additional layers of wood (so that the predators won't be able to stick their paw inside and pull out eggs or chicks), located high up the box. A bad nesting box is simply a deadly trap for birds.


Source: my father's photography site- as you can see, the love for birds is inheritant. BTW, the longer I look at this photo the more I think it's going to be an inspiration for a drawing to me

Please keep your fingers crossed for poor little sparrows, guys! :) A lot can be done and I'm very optimistic (and fiercely determined, hehe). Helping them isn't a very difficult or impossible task.

And sparrows are just soooo adorable! I'm travelling mostly by bike in Warsaw, no matter what the weather is like, and it's always obvious when I'm approaching a bush full of sparrows, as you can hear their cute chirping from quite a distance. They look very cute too, small cheerful brown balls jumping from a twig to twig, quarreling, singing and checking out the world from their bush. They remind me of a yellow-colored LocoRoco from LocoRoco game for PSX, called Kulche.



If you love this kind of kawaii just as I do, I totally recommend checking out this cutest game ever, guys, it's worth it! Here's a gameplay to check it out:

I remember stealing my little brother's PSX to play this compelling game, it really was something special! Very creative, entertaining and also sort of refreshing.

When it comes to my artistic endeavours, today I'll be very concise with you, guys! Below you've got some very uneventful progress GIF, showing the stages of my artwork :)


ghost 9.gif

Here you can see all the previous Shiny Forest ghost Stickers:

I hope you've enjoyed my Shiny Forest ghosts in love :)

I'm very grateful for all the kindness, support and inspiration I've received so far here on Steemit! I appreciate that a lot, guys, and as always...

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Oh goodness! The ghosts are getting spicy :O

I love that you are putting up nest boxes. It's amazing how slight differences make it the right box for the right bird.

It is amazing to observe how your ghost evolve and are filled with life. I am waiting for the book full of stories and sketches with them :-D
In my vicinity we have similar projects, counting songbirds and providing boxes for nesting and food. I so love these fluffy rotund little birds, hopefully there populations will grow again <3

Sweet artwork and I wish you the best of luck helping out the birds! What a great initiative!



Thank you @byn for this encouragement, I'm thinking really a lot about birds lately and hopefully I'll be able to help them a bit! :)

That is really wonderful, what you are doing for these sparrows! Hopefully soon you're gonna see a lot of cute babies ^_^
Your dad's photo is wonderful <3 That sure is one adorable little fluff ball :D
And your ghosts "cought in the act" are so cute too! <3