Frozen in the time, inktober day 4

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This is my contribution to the inktober Day 4 FREEZE, it is inspired by Back to the future movies, that's why I used the photo of doc brown.

A couple of travelers in time a scientist and his octopus friend in a dystopic future make a stop in a public toilet, while one pees the other tries to fix the time machine that took them to that place, at the same time a robot police is about to catch them , What will happen? to be continue...



I hope enjoy it and feel free to comment. ✌

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Very cool, I love your illustration style :) I have included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Oh great! thank you @juliakponsford!

Really cool, the story the characters and your style of working:) Looking forward to see the rest of the story, octopus are quite clever so i guess a smart move is sure:)

Haha thanks, I love the comic and manga stuff, I would like to have more time to draw more. Thanks for the support!


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Keep up the great work!


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Great job. I love the crisp lines and Doc is spot on, Following and resteemed

Thank you @ammonite for the support 🙏

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Wow I love this, super creative :) Octopi for the win

hey bro thanks for the support!!

This is awesome. Congrats on the prize.

thank you @derangedvisions