Week in Review: Feb 25-March 3

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An overview of my creative works made during the past week.


No Future by Joan Pope

Long Line To See The Blindness Healer by Joan Pope

Birth - Death - Rebirth by Joan Pope

Mother of God by Joan Pope

end of the world_sexdeathrebirth.JPG
Eschatology by Joan Pope

Interwar Magician by Joan Pope


Giorgio de Chirico sexdeathrebirth 1.jpg
stills from the Angel of Love // inspired by Giorgio de Chirico

For bonus section of the Surrealist Erotica series and for the What is Surrealism series, I made a video based on a re-creation of a dress Giorgio de Chirico designed for a ballet.

Joan Pope as Marcel Duchamp

Re-created Rotoreliefs

Again, for the Surrealist Erotica series and for the What is Surrealism series, I created a video inspired by Marcel Duchamp.

dora maar joan pope.JPG
still from Guernica // inspired by Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso

I also created 2 videos for the Surrealist Erotica series and for the What is Surrealism series inspired by photographer Dora Maar and her lover Pablo Picasso. This is a still from one of the videos.

I added 2 videos to the Erotic Collection as well:



I also put together a video using found footage of The Hanging Mystery:


I spent Saturday in Cold Spring shopping for some props I will be putting to use this week...

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Amazing body of work as always. Wish more people were seeing your posts.

Thank you! Story of my life right there... always existing in the shadows..

I dont think so. Keep creating at this pace and you will be seen.

There's no way you can remain undiscovered for long. Your work is too good.

Time will tell.. ⏳

Uh oh, I just found my favorite steemian. I will be coming back with full voting power to do you some justice.

😇 thank you!

Oo Lala

Its really Hot show here without NSFW

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