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[Start from the Beginning!]

Salutions Fellow Steemians!
Things have gotten a little messy as of late. Probably not according to plan...
As first impressions go, it could have probably worked out a little better ;]
Gives a whole new meaning to 'blind rage'...


Peeks behind the curtain


The initial rough pass was going to be a lot louder and more feral but we decided to tone it down. This was mainly because of two things: 1) Gild doesn't like loud noises, so it wouldn't make sense for him to be so calm & 2) Despite Ayşe's evident disapproval, we also wanted to make sure that she exhibited a decent amount of fear regarding Theo.
In short, she's a terrified firecracker.


I removed any reference for loud noises, but the expression changewas yet to be implemented. I really enjoyed making the messier panels. It was an indirect way of hinting at the chaos of the current scene ;D


@painted-bees' facial tweaks really worked well! I do enjoy how she was able to fine tune the emotional output in the end. A++


I guess everyone has been formally introduced somewhat by this point, albeit in a less than cordial manner _(┐「ε:) _♡



Hehehe nice page. It flows nicely from the previous page and all the characters are excellently drawn in their poses and expressions. Good job you two :).

Thank you so much 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 !!!

Great work. But why do you need to publish it, while I am sleeping? Where are you from again, @seanbon?

Mwehehe~ I live in Thailand aka the Indochina timezone and I tend to post around lunch. I am thinking of posting later on in the day though since I am less hurried.

Ah, now it makes perfect sense. No wonder I am sleeping at that time!!! 😂

This time around I'm attempting the next post at roughly 9pm Indochina time.
We'll see if it's more accommodating to the general populace~ ;D

At this time I am awake and kicking! 🙌

Forget this. I answered to myself instead of answering you. 😣

She is very feisty, alright ! From her father, you say? INTERESTING ! Will we see a back story unfolding, soon??? :D

Love how Gild is still smiling and happy, even as she punches and attacks Theo so ferociously as if he's just pulling a kitten away from doing something slightly naughty XD...

That chomp looks like it's going to hurt, though (hahahah)

I really love how you keep capturing her blindness so consistently with her expression, the eyes are expressively unfocussed and I really like such consistent characterization work... People don't really understand the length of detailed consideration that comic artists go to, but these small kinds of details are the ones that really give a character their full persona, in the long run :)

Love it, Sean <3

They'll be quite a bit of story to unpack in the next few chapters. For now, we just need to entice folks just a wee bit when it comes to her and Theo's dynamics.
I'm glad you appreciate Gild's reaction to the whole kerfuffle XD He's a resilient lad, even when it comes to bites~

As for Ayse's expressions, we've got @painted-bees to thank for the refined look. My rough expressions tend to be over exaggerated for the sake of getting the mood across, and she does a great job of toning them down to suit the story XD

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